An expert on political and cultural Islam, Jim has spoken to hundreds of audiences and radio programs, coast-to-coast.

ISLAM HAS DECLARED WAR WITH AMERICA — war against females and all non-Moslem people on earth.  Islamist terrorism, a man-caused disaster of epic proportions is not a new phenomenon.  You need to hear from JIM HORN.  He held TOP SECRET, SCI (eyes only) security clearances in the diplomatic and national security services for a quarter of a century – a decade living and working in the Middle East.  He thoroughly understands the dangers of Islam and Sharia Law. 
As an Embassy Security Officer specializing in counter-espionage and counter-terrorism, Jim was responsible for keeping our American Embassies safe.  Protocols he developed are employed today at the White House and Supreme Court, but were ignored in Benghazi.  He was selected and trained as a hostage negotiator.

Jim Horn won a number of awards including one of the nation’s highest civilian awards for valor in Cambodia in 1975.  The veracity of what he has to say is confirmed with his writings being censored by the CIA, and by Islamist fatwas to “silence” him.

Jim is currently active with law enforcement Terror Early Warning groups, Terrorism Task Forces, as well as the private sector, in Terrorist Response groups.  If you want to hear fascinating stories and learn how to protect America from the insidious stealth invasion of Islamic colonizers and about Sharia law, Jim Horn is your man, a man much maligned by those who hate our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Jim’s mission is to help Americans understand that Islam is at war with, and intends to destroy civilization. 


Islam is the most deadly existential threat we have ever faced.  We must make one of two choices.  We must decide how to deal with this threat, this bigoted, biased ideology of hatred decisively — or accept that we will bequeath to our future generations miserable lives of suffering, terror, poverty, ignorance, and more.  The time for decision making is upon us now!