Moslem Men Fear Women


Islam is Toxic for Females

The author is recognized as one of the top 100 experts on Islam in America.  He is hated and feared by CAIR, The Moslem Brotherhood, and dozens more, some of who have threatened him.
HATE is what the Islamists are all about and they accuse the author of being a hater, which he dispels in the forward to this invaluable guideline.
Islamist and Moslem haters call people who know too much about Islam Islamophobes which is fake.  People such as this author are in fact Islam-Aware, a term that Islamists hate.
The author has lived and worked abroad for 25+ years as a diplomat.  For over ten years, he has lived and worked in sharia compliant Islamic countries where he has personally witnessed horrifyingly egregious human rights violations directed at girls and women as well as non-Moslems.
This is a fact filled book based on truths that some members of society may find too revealing.
The book does NOT contain explicit pornography of any sort, and is intended for women (especially young women, even teenagers) to read and to learn.  It is also a good read for all decent men so that they can understand pitfalls facing women in modern societies, especially where Moslems are to be encountered.
The book frankly discusses how many if not most Moslem men feel towards women, and why they treat the female species as they do.
Islamic law (sharia) and dogma holds that females are inferior to Moslem men who should own and control females either as family members. or as slaves, sex slaves.
The book lists over forty (40) Moslem/Arabic terms that describe slaves and determines their status and value based on a number of factors. (Moslems still practice slavery today, capturing (kidnapping) boys and women who are sold traded, used as their masters see fit.)  The latest statistic published by the Department of State indicated 800,000 cases of capturing and enslaving people as well as buying and selling slaves.

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