Did Someone Promise Free Healthcare?

It will come with authoritarian chains of frightful bondage

An essay. The author has lived and worked in many countries where he observed a variety of health care programs ranging from great, comprehensive programs in some countries to to nothing in others. Health care in America is consistently rated by the United Nations as the best in the world. All people in America receive healthcare based on various criteria with some getting better care than others. Congressmen, Senators, Generals and others such as the President and Cabinet members get the very best. Others, based on their insurance programs receive excellent care. The vast majority of Americans on Medicare or Medicaid receive top levels of care. Those with no paid medical coverage receive excellent emergency care in hospitals and have a variety of free clinics that they can use. We have choices! If they can pay, thousands of foreigners from countries such as England, France, and Canada with socialized plans come to America where they receive top notch treatment. Socialists, Communists, Democrats, aka statists can’t tolerate that we have a variety wonderful choices of fabulous doctors, hospitals, medical plans, along with great surgical and other treatment options to chose from. “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of a socialized state. ” With a single one-size-fits-all statist controlled system, people will be subjected to draconian control. In Communist China where they practice a social grading system, your medical treatment can vary depending on the whims of others. In the Soviet Union prison hospitals were used in cases of politically incorrect incorrigibles where they were subjected to psychotropic chemical injections that destroyed their minds leaving them as hollow shells. This is what the statists would slowly but inexorably impose on us to control nearly every facet of our lives. Under a statist plan, people would be pigeonholed based on some sort of economical, social, and political rating system. Everyone would know that and strive to act and live accordingly, like obedient peasants. Depending on what pigeonhole you fit, your medical care would be in accordance with pre-ordained determinations. Depending on the whims of others, your care could range from excellent to poor, or even to euthanasia. Seniors no longer paying into (taxes, etc.) the system would receive lesser care or be completely neglected as they often are in European socialized medicine countries, and be given opportunities to self-euthanize themselves. This would save the state from having to pay for care. During the Wuhan (COVID) pandemic in 2020, thousands of seniors were exposed to the virus and then were allowed to suffer agonizing deaths. This took place in New York and surrounding states, and notoriously in the city of New York where thousands perished. Ultimately, the statists would use medical care to usher in a totalitarian state. To get a picture of what they have in mind, please read the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell.
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