Books by James E. Horn

Please read my books to gain an understanding of the terrors and suffering that Islam offers to humankind, and learn of ways to counter this grievous threat, to protect and to preserve that which is good and decent.  After reading a book, please go to and submit a review of the book.

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mmfw-bSummary of MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN, with the subtitle:   Islam is toxic for females, is a report based on historical precedent and facts regarding the way men of Islam view the female species – as less than men and as property to be owned and used as a Moslem man pleases.  Men of Islam have a “divine” right to control the lives of their females and to commit all manner of acts regarding females.  It is a frank report that some may find disturbing.  It is essential for all females to know and understand what is behind such behavior.  Knowing and understanding Islam’s attitudes towards females can save women’s lives.




ei-bSummary of EXPERIENCING ISLAM (and becoming Islam-aware), an essay censored by the CIA and banned by librarians.  The essay covers many aspects of how bureaucrats operate in National Security agencies in ways that the author regards as detrimental to America and to American people.  The book discusses how Islamic infiltration has achieved successes in determining how and why our national security agencies are so mismanaged and thus fail in their mission. The reader will gain important insight that will help to understand how the Obama regime is undermining our Constitution.  The book explains why Russian and Chinese governments are distrustful of an unstable America and what they plan to do if America fails.



iiw-bSummary of ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE.  Many American companies have fallen for a scam and been sued and forced to submit to Islamic blackmail organized by a known criminal enterprise.  ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE, (Moslems in the Workplace) takes this criminal enterprise, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, on and dissects the bigoted, biased guideline that they have foisted on American companies.  The guideline offers solid guidance on management approaches that will thwart Islamists determined to subjugate, cripple, and even crush American employers.




Summary of DID SOMEONE PROMISE FREE HEALTHCARE?.  The author has lived and worked in many countries where he observed a variety of health care programs ranging from great, comprehensive programs in some countries to to nothing in others. Health care in America is consistently rated by the United Nations as the best in the world. All people in America receive healthcare based on various criteria with some getting better care than others. Congressmen, Senators, Generals and others such as the President and Cabinet members get the very best. Others, based on their insurance programs receive excellent care. The vast majority of Americans on Medicare or Medicaid receive top levels of care.