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What I am going to write is factual, harsh, stark. It is based on history, teachings, and my personal observations and experiences during twelve years of living and working in the Middle East, and reality. I have devoted most of my life protecting and defending America.

Islam’s princes of chaos live their lives in accordance with Mohammed’s teachings – found in the Koran, Mohammed’s biography, and the Sunnah (the traditions and practices of Mohammed (hereinafter referred to as Mo) that constitute the model for Muslim men to follow.)

The Koran has one ‘author’ while the Holy Bible was written over a period of 1500+ years by forty Godly inspired authors. The Bible contains 2500 prophecies with 2000 that occurred long after the author was dead. It prophesied the birth of Jesus, his resurrection, and his coming return. The Koran contains no prophesies.

There are thousands of devoted hard-core Moslems in the USA who hate you and I, Jews, and all other non-Moslems. Their “brothers”, who started the 2023 Hamas-Israel war and other wars with Israel are now (again) getting beat to a pulp. Moslems wherever they live are prone to let their hate inspired passions overwhelm them. We need to be aware of this as they pose a clear and present and continuing existential danger to one and all. They are convinced that if they die in battle against Infidels, they will jump to paradise with 100 hot, passionate daily renewed virgins awaiting them (72-women and 28-boys).

Fundamentally Jesus taught goodness and charity while Mohammedism teaches violence and evil. Jesus brought many miracles and salvation. Mohammed did not bring even one miracle.

Born, orphaned, and raised in Pagan Mecca, young Mo traveled with caravans. [After tending the animals, boys were often used for the men’s sexual relief.] Sitting around campfires, he likely heard stories about Christ. He learned about Adam and Eve and formed misogynistic negative attitudes towards the first sinner, Eve, a woman, and in his mind a need to castigate women for eternity.

Mo co-opted the Pagan moon god, il-Allah to be his god, Allah. The Pagans had some holidays that were dependent on the appearance of the moon (if there was cloud cover, the festivities were cancelled) that carried over to Mo’s system. Mo continued with the lunar calendar, so all events occur at different times of a given year.

As he became a young man, Mo claimed to be Allah’s last prophet declaring that Jesus was a lesser prophet. He tried to be Christ-like, telling idol worshiping Pagan Meccans to destroy their idols.

In Mecca, he saw a nude three-year old first cousin, Aisha, got the ‘hots’ for her and became engaged with her, married her when she was six. He reportedly enjoying frequent sex with her without vaginal penetration until she was nine when he then raped her. In keeping with Mo’s incestuous inbreeding legacy, child marriage and rape is encouraged within Islam.

Mo had to skulk away from Mecca to avoid being killed and sought safe haven with Jews and Christians in Medina where he tried to convert them to his new ‘religion’. They rejected him.

After about a year of rejection, he determined that his “Christ” like business model wasn’t working. He changed his business model becoming a violent, hateful, vindictive warlord who slaughtered his Jewish and Christian hosts and protectors. In one instance, he had about 800 Medinan Jewish men beheaded after forcing boiling water down their throats while his child bride, Aisha sat by his side; and he then enslaved their women who he used and sold; He lit fires in the armpits of a Jew to learn where treasure was stashed.

His lifestyle became a Koranic model for Moslem men to emulate: [he could not write, so followers etched rocks, animal hides, bark, bones, etc. with his pronouncements and actions.] The actual Koran was put together based on the collection of etchings by Caliph Uthman two hundred years after Mo died. Etchings that Uthman disliked were cast aside leaving the Koran incomplete, bastardized.

Mo died after a prolonged illness, possibly Syphilis. His burial place is unmarked, an unusual, disrespectful practice for a significant leader.

As a warlord, Mo regularly raped and enslaved captured women, tortured, and/or murdered some, setting the tone for his followers to emulate. Two women poets in Mecca sang rimes ridiculing MO who had them murdered. Mo openly disapproved of women singing.
His nickname for black Africans was “raisin head”. Captured or purchased male slaves were violently castrated as is a practice in parts of Africa today.

In at least one instance he raped the corpse of a female relative setting another approved practice for Moslem men, necrophilia.

In a possibly drug addled fantasy world while ‘meditating in a cave, Mo reportedly met Satan where Satan promised Mo fame and fortune. All he needed to do was to use Satan’s powers to assemble an army (Islam) to take over the world. Mo later flew on a winged white mule to the birthplace of Christ – Jerusalem, to heaven, and back.

Mo’s life became one of depravity that defies comprehension leading his followers to rape women – whether alive or dead; to commit violent ‘rape genocide’ (Hamas) mutilating and torturing both men and women. The few survivors of Moslem depravity are so traumatized that some have taken their own lives. [I once made a clandestine incursion into the Darfur region of Sudan with a team of CIA photographers who photo-documented barbarities imposed on Black Africans (raisinheads) by the Sudan’s Moslem Arab Janjaweed.]

Rape is a wicked, violent tool of humiliation, of subjugation used to ‘teach’ infidels and Dhimmis that they are inferior to the master ideology, Islam.

Moslem women enjoy little freedom and have few rights. They can be sexually mutilated with butchered vaginas to prevent them from ‘lusting’. They can be ‘honor murdered’ or beaten (a reason for burkas and face coverings to hide bruises, missing teeth, etc.) for minor infractions such as smiling at another man, celebrating a rainfall, or singing.

Non-Moslem Infidels (heathens with no rights) are permitted to live as Dhimmis obliged to pay special jizya taxes to be allowed to live; are disallowed from military service; and in word and deed must serve and protect Moslems at all times. [Turks would conscript Christian boys, brutalize them, and make them into fearless Janissary warriors.] During the Korean war, Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians as well as Moslem Kurds were conscripted and sent into battle with Turks at their backs to machine gun them if they faltered.

In my many observations of Islam, two things come to mind: 1) For an Eid festival, animals are ‘sacrificed’ and meat is shared with poor Moslems. The animals are securely staked out and following fatherly instructions, boys do the killing of the animals whose deaths are prolonged and painful. It’s training for cutting throats of Infidels. 2) When boys play games or sports, a part of the game is to hurt and make weaker boys cry; training on how to be mean.

Most of Europe is Dhimmified along with far too many Americans and American institutions. We read almost daily of women being raped, people being stabbed and that cowardly authorities are ‘mystified’ regarding motives when the attacker is a Moslem.
In Islam, Jews are described as apes and pigs, Christians as dogs; only Moslems are considered to be human, all non-Moslems (you and I) are considered and treated as subhumans. [Nevertheless, apes, swine, and dogs don’t rape, mutilate, torture, or murder females of their species.]

The Koran teaches that Mo declared that both he and Allah were the greatest of deceivers. Moslems regularly practice Taquia – the art of deception – lying.
Mo taught that treaties or other agreements can be made with Infidels or enemies while the Moslems rebuild their forces. Such agreements can only be valid for ten (10) lunar years after which such agreements are void.

In the self-proclaimed religion of peace, Islam – peace is only possible under the rule of Islam. In Arabic, there are Darb-al-Harb (land of warfare), and Darb-al-Harm (land-of-peace). America is Darb-al-Harb as is Israel and we as free nations or as Dhimmis should have no right to defend ourselves.

There can be no ‘peace’ until the world is ruled by Islam.

Mosques and their accompanying Madrassas are where young Moslems are inculcated with Islam. Mosques outside of the umma (world od Islam) are in fact FORWARD OBSERVATION BASES (FOBs) where all manner of espionage, criminal acts, mayhem, and more takes place. Mosques often have hidden bunkers (called rabats) connected by tunnels where they store weapons, armor, and more. Moslems meet in secret here, plot acts of terror and (because of too much adverse publicity for notorious honor murders out in the open) perform honor murders of those who violate their rules.

I became a leader in a community effort to successfully block a proposed monster 44,000 square foot mosque/FOB in Southern California. The struggle went on for months with we Islam Aware citizens facing cowardly duplicitous useful fool interfaith Jews, Christians, and Mormons plus a contingent of Hamas’ CAIR helpers (CAIR is Hamas in America) who went all out supporting the Moslems. We Islam Aware citizens prevailed with the city giving an OK for a 4,000 square foot mosque (with numerous covenants and restrictions) to avoid being sued by Obama’s DOJ.

Mosques (FOBs) are Trojan horses operating with the intent to cause us harm. In America, thousands of Moslem terrorists come over our borders and vanish – into FOBs.
The American Democrats, aka Communists are busily importing rank hatred – Islam. Then those same America haters appoint or facilitate Moslems into our government. [Biden appointed at least one Moslem into every agency in our federal government. Yes, Obama’s Biden compromised every thread of America’s national security.)

America hating Moslems have infiltrated businesses where they use lawfare to bully and blackmail employers. I wrote a well received and respected guideline for employers on how to thwart such Moslems. Moslem employees at Amazon conspired to first censor my book (and others dealing with Islam), then to remove everything from the Amazon platform, and then to ban me forever.

FOBs need to be ‘decommissioned’ and razed.

In Islam, once a property or territory is conquered and Islamized, it must be ruled by Moslems in perpetuity. This is where Moslems get the notion that the land that God decreed to Jews, Israel, is theirs. They’ll pull that shit here, too.

A tactic in warfare is ‘divide and conquer’ and there’s too much of that taking place with indescribably compromised suicidal Jews supporting Islam; Europeans importing hundreds of thousands of Moslem haters into their midst giving credence to the word, Eurabia. IMHO, Europeans, including an anti-Semitic Pope (who laid a lip lock on an imam demonstrating that elements of the Papacy and Islam are married at the anti-Semitic hip) committing suicide and Europe may well be beyond salvation without incredible bloodshed. Even if the Europeans don’t rise up, they will be raped and slaughtered in the streets, a genocide of millions far beyond the Turk, Nazi or other Moslem genocides.

Communities no longer build recreational pools. Moslems went to them and defecated in the water ruining things for everyone. Now, communities provide splashpads, poor substitutes for pools.

Moslems have infiltrated Mexican cartels and are major elements of the illicit drug trade often using Mosques as a part of their American distribution networks. Our law enforcement agencies need to closely monitor all coming s and goings at Mosques, infiltrate mosques, and much more to preserve our national security. We must use every tool at our disposal (including lawfare) to shut Mosques down.

We Americans are seemingly not prepared to self-subjugate ourselves to Islam, to commit suicide. We have millions who like the Maccabees will never surrender to evil. With more guns in America than people, armed citizens are a vital check and balance in America where we have a GOD given right to defend ourselves and our freedom in every way from psychotic medieval predators. To win, we must forget about trying to reason with Satan’s spawn, drop following the Marquis of Queensbury rules of engagement, and start using rattlesnake rules hitting them hard below the belt. Give them the justice they deserve – destroy them. If we cannot destroy them, they will assuredly destroy us.
We cannot ever negotiate anything with Moslems/Islamists that will result in our favor. Every nation that has tried has lost.

The bastards ONLY understand one thing, A BIG CUDGEL!

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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