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My take on COVID With the outbreak of COVID, leaders went off in different directions, mostly in the direction of money. Because so many people were afflicted, I paid close attention. I read a lot. I often retain bits of information. Early on, I read an article claiming that this virus had been under development at an Army biological weapons research facility in Maryland. Reportedly, it was determined that this biological agent was too dangerous to keep around and rather than destroy it, the pathogen was somehow assigned to the Chinese military affiliated Wuhan Institute of Virology. There is a […]


In a shocking revelation that has ignited widespread outrage, Chief Beverly Banks of the Atlanta VA Medical Center Police Department was suspended after an honest audio recording captured her giving an opinion making discriminatory remarks during a staff meeting. The recording, obtained by the FOX 5 I-Team, reveals Chief Banks explicitly stating her reluctance to hire Black or Hispanic female officers, citing unfounded stereotypes about their attitudes. The incriminating audio from the September 13, 2023, command staff meeting paints a troubling picture of the leadership at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. “I am to the point… I don’t want to […]