You May Be A Target

America is rapidly becoming a very unsafe place. The rest of the world is becoming increasingly unsafe. When one steps out of their home, workplace, house of worship or elsewhere, even at their homes, bad people lurk.
My mother was a cop. My father was an MP. I had neighbors and close friends who were cops, I’ve worked in National security with law enforcement types. I like cops. I really like good, honest cops who do their sworn duty correctly.
Knife wielding followers of Mohammed’s ideology of hatred have been using knives to carve innocents up all over Europe, and now, increasingly in the Americas.
Innocent Christians are being slaughtered by armed Moslem thugs all over Africa.
Along with Moslem terrorists, Americans are increasingly being confronted being confronted with government (FBI, ATF, IRS and a host of other trigger-happy agents of mayhem.
When the FBI ‘raided” President Trump’s Florida home, they were prepared to kill a lot of unarmed, innocents.
A man, Bryan Malinowsky who collected coins, stamps, and guns, was home sleeping when exuberant ATF thugs (in violation of rules that they wear body cameras), using a contrived warrant kicked in his door conducting an unlawful raid at an unlawful time of the morning and shot him dead when he produced a gun assuming he was being robbed. The ATF leaders who planned and executed this illegal, murderous raid are walking free like Michael Byrd who murdered unarmed Ashley Babbit on January 6th.
Road rage shootings are becoming too common.
Recently an Army Special Forces type was confronted with a trespasser (a Chechan Moslem) stalker on his North Carolina property taking pictures. When confronted the trespasser became belligerent (typical Moslem behavior when confronted doing illegal things), and the the soldier became fearful and rightfully killed him.
A Moslem mob in Illinois just attacked a Jewish assembly while torching an Israeli flag and screaming for the deaths of Jews.
Hundreds of dangerously unruly at best on and off of campus activities calling for the deaths of Jews, the erasure of Israel, death to America, etc. These were scary because it takes little to set a mob off.
Some years ago, a group of brave Christians became very active in successfully blocking the establishment of a huge mosque in a small city. Members of the Christian group received death threats, were stalked, and intimidated. The FBI, Sheriff, and local police became involved to protect the Christians from violence. One man who received multiple death threats called the FBI who hung around his house for a few days doing little to find the perpetrators left, telling the man to call them if he had any problems. He told them that he’d call them after he called the coroner….
Non-moslem children are frequently being attacked all over America, and in some cases badly injured by Moslem students on playgrounds, on the street and elsewhere.
Criminal, illegal migrants are targeting police, authorities, and more throughout the USA, and they’re becoming more aggressive and violent by the day.
Gun control espoused by liberals and progressives is not a viable answer. Just look at the gun violence plaguing many cities with most of the guns obtained illegally. The most dangerous cities are those who have defunded and eviscerated their police forces.
Our once decent, civil society is being plagued by increasingly more intolerance and deadly violence both ‘legally’ and illegally at nearly every turn.
Parents must get children involved in martial arts programs where they can learn to defend themselves is paramount.
Adults need to do two things: Learn and constantly practice situational awareness 24/7 and get armed up and be prepared to protect themselves and their families.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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