Disappointed with LDS 2

Disappointed with MORMONISM
By James E Horn

When I was a boy, a Minneapolis neighbor drove west on a vacation, had a heart attack at Salt Lake City, was hospitalized at a Mormon Hospital, cared for and was not charged. I was very impressed.

On one of our three 1950’s TV channels, we were often entertained by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was very impressed.

I’ve learned that over the years, Mormons have done many wonderful things along with wartime sacrifices.

Years later, in the Navy, we had a top electronics technician at one station who was a Mormon, a very nice guy. He was generous, never complained, and refused to test (compete) for a Chief Petty Officer grade because he didn’t want to be a boss. I was very impressed with his humility.

Later when I was married with children, I began to read and learn about LDS propaganda creeping into scouting. My boys wanted to be scouts. I volunteered to be a scout master and otherwise be involved. It was a great experience for the kids. I was also able to keep the Mormon fathers from proselytizing – to make sure everything with religious content was neutral Christian. Other fathers trusted me to protect their sons as I taught woodsmanship and forest husbandry to the boys.

In learning more about the Mormon movement, I discovered that the founder of the LDS movement, Joseph Smith, had opined that he’d like to be the Mohammed of North America. This rang my bell and seriously bothered me. I was already experienced and well-versed regarding Islam. I was very impressed in a different way.

Mormons (like Moslems) were/are polygamous and had to officially disavow polygamy in order for the state of Utah to be admitted into the Union. Many Mormons continued with polygamy after UTAH became a state, but with one official wife for public consumption, and other wives under different guises. Of course, wherever they could, they tapped into various public funding for children and families.

Mormon families are encouraged to have five children (per wife). Given this, the Mormons expect their population will grow faster than Christians. So will the Moslem population who likewise work to have each wife birth up to five children. There are ramifications with this.

Mormons joined many federal, state, and local government agencies, worked diligently, and rose to high positions where they favored fellow Mormons over Christians with recruitment, employment opportunities, promotions, key assignments, financial benefits, etc., and gradually dominated one or more areas of management.

In one country that I served in, a fresh young CIA officer (VT) was assigned to a cover position in my department of the embassy. It was a good cover job that could bring him into contact with Russians, etc. In fact, I had earlier done a favor for members of the Russian embassy regarding the deaths of two Russians. Shortly after VT joined my department, my two Russian contacts came to our warehouse/shops compound to pay for the two sealed body transfer cases that I had provided them. Before they left, they invited VT and I for ‘drinks’.

Just two weeks into his assignment, VT was beside himself with excitement, and hurried off to the Embassy to tell his CIA Station Chief of the encounter.

‘Drinks’ with Russian diplomats were not casual social affairs. They are events with intent.

[Years earlier, I received an invitation to a “soiree” at a Russian embassy in Africa. My very wise ambassador had also been invited. He called me in to teach me: The invitation was intended to get me drunk and learn about me and my sensitive classified embassy duties, to seek vulnerabilities, etc. My ambassador explained what to expect – lots of booze and jovial back slapping camaraderie, etc. He then explained to me how to prepare my mind and body for an onslaught of booze. I did as instructed and together my ambassador and I drank our two hosts under the table, and then drank their second team into oblivion. I passed muster with colors.]

A couple of hours after VT had gone to the embassy, I went to the embassy for business. The CIA Station Chief had left a note with the embassy’s Marine security guard for me to stop by his office. I explained how I had developed my Russian contacts (doing them a favor during a time of need). The Station Chief explained that the Russian KGB Station Chief and the Defense Attache’s wife had been out doing some frisky hanky-panky, hit a parked truck on their way back to their compound, and both had been decapitated. Lacking proper sealed body transfer cases and with a three day wait in hot, humid tropical Burma for an Aeroflot flight to Moscow, the sealed body transfer case loan was a big deal. The CIA Station Chief was aware of my earlier experiences with Russian intelligence officials and asked me to take VT under my wing for this event.

I spent some time teaching VT about what he needed to do to prepare for some serious drinking. I then learned that he was a Mormon (Mormons don’t imbibe.) I explained that he could make an exception for God and country, and he agreed. On the appointed date, I prepared myself, picked VT up and we drove off. The venue was at the dead KGB Chief’s house. We were met by our hosts who were house sitting (I learned that one was a Captain in the KGB, and the other a military GRU (Russian Army) intelligence officer, a Major.) VT and I were ushered upstairs to a room with four easy chairs separated by a coffee table. At one side was a well provisioned buffet counter, and a well stocked bar at the other side.

Two very attractive Russian girls with plenty of exposed jiggling cleavage started serving us snacks and poured a round of drinks (vodka, what else?). After we were served, I dismissed the girls and their temptations. We nibbled on our snacks and the GRU Major initiated the toasts, the first of many. After five rounds, VT turned his glass over indicating that he did not want to imbibe further. I had been betrayed.
That left me in a two on one situation answering the Russians, toast for toast. After the second bottle of Vodka, we went to Scotch, Cognac, and more for about two hours. I stuffed myself at the buffet as we toasted and drank.

The KGB guy went under first as he leaned back comfortably in his chair, crossed his arms and began to snore. The GRU guy cussed the ‘incompetent’ KGB, grabbed an ice bucket, pulled the KGB guy’s pants open and poured the ice. The KGB guy, with his privates soaked with ice only snorted and resumed his snoring. The GRU Major and I had a few more drinks before he stood to go to the toilet and proceeded to walk face first into a wall, I caught him on the rebound and steered him into the toilet where after a minute or so telltale sounds indicated that he might not emerge soon. In this encounter, there was no second team, so VT and I departed.

On the way down the stairs, I saw a nice lithograph on a wall in the stairwell, snatched it and we proceeded to my car. That lithograph hangs in my home office today, a trophy.

A few years later, while stationed at a large American embassy, an unpleasant issue involving Mormons arose.

All American embassies and Consulates have medical practitioners available, outside contractors or American nurses, and at larger places, a doctor. The doctors are either State Department doctors or CIA doctors. I won’t go into details about their clandestine duties.

I became friends with the resident CIA doctor. He was a good guy, a very decent, honest, ethical man. Between us we had five boys of similar ages. We hung out together. After about a year, he came to me with some questions as he was faced with a serious ethical quandary. The wise, experienced, patriotic CIA station Chief had been around a lot and ran his station well. The Mormons who were/are now in the top echelons of the CIA wanted to replace him with one of their own. They told the CIA doctor to find a way, an excuse – to betray – to declare the CIA Station Chief medically unfit so he could be pulled back to Langley and replaced by their chosen Mormon. The CIA Station Chief was in fact quite sound. Well versed in the complex intricacies of federal personnel systems, I coached the doctor in thwarting the CIAs Mormons. (The CIA Station Chief never knew of the subterfuge and continued until the end of his assigned tour.) Pissed, the Mormons dumped on the doctor. Possessed with what he called ‘go-to-hell’ medical credentials, he flipped the bird to the Mormon dominated CIA and was soon well employed in a hospital in the USA and eventually retired to a large mountaintop home.

Former CIA case officer, Robert Baer in his book: See No Evil does not treat the CIA’s Mormons kindly.

After I retired from the Foreign Service and settled in Southern California, a Moslem community started a move towards building a monster Mega-Mosque (44,000 square feet) in a small city near me. I became very much involved in efforts to thwart the Monster Mosque. For months, fellow patriotic Mosque opponents including a Constitutional lawyer and I diligently went to weekly Planning Commission and City Council meetings to present and support our case. Naturally, the Moslems came to present and support their side. They had a cadre of supporters, among them many members of the Mormon community who ardently supported what I realized to be their apparent kindred spirit Moslems. Misguided Christians and even a few Jews also fervently supported the Moslems.

Death threats became something our side had to deal with, and we successfully managed that issue by getting the local police, the sheriff, and the FBI involved.

The Mormons were in cahoots with Moslem Christophobes. Very disappointed with the Mormons, I was by that point in my life not at all surprised with their treachery.
In the end, the side that I helped to lead prevailed, and the monster Mosque was blocked. A mosque 90% smaller (4,000 square feet) was OK’d by the city to avoid being sued into oblivion by Hussein Obama’s Justice Department.

Nevertheless, it must be understood that pro Moslem Mormons have taken control of major segments of America’s national security apparatus. This unholy partnership is very dangerous news.

Concerned Americans need to be aware that Mormons are working hand-in-glove with Moslems to undermine our republic.

I am available to consult with patriots confronting Moslems and their unholy partners.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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2 thoughts on “Disappointed with LDS

  • Kenneth Smith

    A very interesting article. I’m not a fan of Mormonism either or of Jews who support Mormonism (although I have Mormon friends) Jews who support Moslems or Mormons are more than likely secular/cultural Jews.

    • Kenneth Smith

      A very interesting article. I’m not a fan of Mormonism either or of Jews who support Mormonism (although I have Mormon friends) Jews who support Moslems or Mormons are more than likely secular/cultural Jews.