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Biden, Banks, and Fed Conspiring to Control and even pilfer YOUR Money?! Is cash a thing of the past? Not so fast! Orwellian Maoist Biden and the Fed are conspiring to replace the cash dollar with controllable, traceable, programmable digital currency. It’s a bad, bad deal. They will be able to digitally track every penny we earn or spend. If any of us piss them off, they can paralyze us and control our assets. A professed reason is to be able to track criminals. Who’re they kidding? Criminals don’t write checks or use credit cards when they buy drugs, and […]


Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Not a fan of the FBI, NSA, and CIA, etc. who have abused the FISA to spy on Americans such as President Trump without warrants (including me) 278,000 times (probably more). This is a controversial issue, and I have repeatedly stood in opposition to section 702 of the FISA. I have written blog articles critical of the FBI which I believe is seriously compromised and corrupted. My writings alone have likely provoked the FBI to look askance at me, especially since I held the highest levels of TOP SECRET security clearances with special code word access […]