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SHERIFFS CANNOT BE FIRED By James E. Horn, a citizen Sheriffs cannot be fired. Not by the Governor. Not by the State Attorney General. Not by county Supervisors. Not by Senators such as Kamala Harris. Sheriffs are elected and can only be removed in an election in normal circumstances. Police chiefs can be fired. Courageous police chiefs can be fired, but not easily. The Governor of California with the connivance of the California Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governor, the controlling Democratic Nazis in the State Assembly, and the State Senate have knowingly and willfully VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED […]

Real Culprits at Parkland School

Seventeen Dead at Parkland School By James E. Horn Another terrible tragedy has taken place: A brutal school shooting targeting students. So sad. Seventeen dead and fifteen wounded. Nikolas Cruz, the shooter was/is a terribly troubled person without parents, whose adoptive mother had recently passed away. Was he bereft? Did somebody, or a series of somebodies drop the ball and allow this tragedy to be repeated again? There is ample evidence that Cruz was a powder keg ready to blow up. The signs were there, were reported, and they were ignored or were improperly handled by people who didn’t seem […]


TRUST By James E. Horn In reviewing some of my past writings in preparation for some new activities regarding trust, I re-acquainted myself with a couple of comments in my books that are pertinent to many of the people that President Trump is dealing with both within his administration and outside: I learned long ago that when some people say, “trust me” the next words out of their mouths will assuredly be false. How many people that President Trump has trusted have betrayed him? Several years ago, a man I was doing business with said “trust me” and proceeded to […]