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Kalifornia, Kaliaztlan, or Tierra de Tontos e Idiotas

Kalifornia, Kaliaztlan, or Tierra de Tontos e Idiotas By James E. Horn             Some of the best and brightest(?) have stepped forward with a plan for California. California was not even on Candidate Trump’s radar in 2016 even though California is a gorilla in the room as regards popular votes and the electoral college.  Candidate Trump ignored California and considered it a foregone conclusion that the state was/is a loser. He was right! Now, “Calexit” has an agenda to have California secede from the union.  Sounds like: “I lost and I’m taking my beanie bag and going home, wah, wah, wah!” […]


Will President Trump Bow To NATTERING NABOBS and ACCESSORFIES to MURDER By James E. Horn, Jan 21, 2017   President Trump will have his hands full for quite a while, and dealing decisively with some contentious opponents and issues will be on the burner.  It will be interesting to watch. NABOBS Just before President Trump was sworn in, the U.S. Press Corps threw down the gauntlet saying that they will “set the rules” (whatever they are – presumably in dealing with the media), not him.  Early in in the presidential campaign, certain members of the press apparently said unkind things about […]


MOVING ON … James E. (Jim) Horn, Jan 18 2017 On January 20th, at high noon, Donald J. Trump will place his left hand on a Holy Bible, raise his right hand and will swear an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both domestic and foreign” and with that will become our new President of the United States of America. That sacred oath has been on the back burner for the past eight years. President-Elect Trump has made many promises, and there are many really unhappy folks (on the loser side) in […]