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COMEY FIRED! By James E. Horn, NOTE TO READERS: Shortly after I wrote this, more information surfaced and it is at the bottom of this column. With FBI Director Comey’s firing, many thoughts come to mind: Draining the Swamp and his being the tip of a turd one of them. Oher adjectives come to mind, and everyone is echoing everyone else: SLATE trumpeted that the Trump White house was lying; the Mexican owned New York Times harrumphed and whined about the Russian connection to Trump, etc. What about the Russians? Since 1917, Russia, or the Soviet Union, has been […]

President Trump Under Seige

President Trump Under Siege (OBAMAGATE) By James E. Horn, It seems that every hour of every day there is an attack on President Trump, and these disgustingly ugly, mostly false attacks are coordinated and coming from multiple sources in the media, from politicians, academia, and more. In just one day, I saw, read, or heard from outlets like Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness; New York Times’ Friedman claiming that we were attacked on Nov. 8, 2016’ just like on 9/11; Libs Still Can’t Process Election; Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach Trump because he allowed Russia to invade North Korea […]