President Trump Under Seige

President Trump Under Siege
By James E. Horn,

It seems that every hour of every day there is an attack on President Trump, and these disgustingly ugly, mostly false attacks are coordinated and coming from multiple sources in the media, from politicians, academia, and more.
In just one day, I saw, read, or heard from outlets like Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness; New York Times’ Friedman claiming that we were attacked on Nov. 8, 2016’ just like on 9/11; Libs Still Can’t Process Election; Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach Trump because he allowed Russia to invade North Korea (?*); recurring physical attacks on Trump supporters everywhere; rants about contacts with Russia (while Democrats hob nob with the Russian ambassador at Trump’s address to the Congress last week). Presently, the left are attacking Attorney General Sessions who like Democratic Senators, Feinstein, Schumer met with Russian diplomats
Senator Sessions has been very clear about his meetings with Russian diplomats that he discussed national business, but did NOT talk about President Trump’s political campaign, a fact the left dismisses.
There are signs that President Trump’s dealings with the “lying” media are paying off with headlines and commentary such as: Reprehensible Obama legacy; Proof Obama Admin set up Trump for Russia attacks; Obama bugged Trump phones; Trump is Right About Islamic takeover; Deep State attacks on Trump appointees in efforts to undermine Trump; Reports of Senator Feinstein hosting the Russian Ambassador to lunch in the Senate Dining Room; dozens of reports of Senator Schumer chumming it up with Vladimir Putin; Obama Deep State pals, CAIR, ACLU, Soros being sued for alleged incitement of violence; The Moral Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party; President Trump as True blue as Obama is False
Despite, or in spite of President Trump’s efforts to build bridges, the Democrats are busily torching them. Their hatred is palpable, and serves to keep the chasm between people who cherish our Constitution and those who hate the Constitution wide. The Deep State comprising of Democrats, Communists, Islamists, Socialists, and freeloaders are all being led by a traitorous Barak Hussein Obama followed closely by Hillary Clinton, and others of the Washington Elite (Bilderbergers and Council of Foreign Relations) establishment with Soros’ financing have a very clear agenda. It ain’t pro American.
Last week, I attended a Town Hall type of event with the Riverside County District Attorney. What he and his staff are dealing with are atypical of every county in California, and likely most counties in all fifty states.
Between the state and counties in California, there are 185,000 prison beds, most occupied by hard core long-term confinement criminals. Arrests number in the hundreds of thousands or millions every year. Obviously, there is no space to house all of those criminals, so they are spun loose depending on whimsical beliefs that they won’t recidivate. To mitigate the numbers (not the facts) the California State Legislature and Governor Moonbeam have changed the laws as to what is a crime deserving imprisonment. Those former crimes are now classified as misdemeanors and carry no penalty other than a booking and growing rap sheet. For instance, theft of anything worth less than $950.00 is a misdemeanor and caries no penalties. A criminal can break into a house and steal a gun, get picked up with the stolen gun. If its Pawn Shop value is less than $950.00, the criminal will have his picture taken and be back out on the streets within hours. Drug peddling is considered non-violent and is now just a misdemeanor no matter that thousands of people are victims of drug related crimes which include murder.
Ergo, California and most other states are havens for criminals who understand that they are largely free to pursue their activities. A robbed house or store with dozens of items worth less than $950.oo each may not warrant an arrest.
Phone calls to the police are way up, and are often not responded to for hours after the crime has been committed, unless it is a violent crime. If a police officer responds to a non-violent crime, she or he may just write up a report (or may even ignore the victim) and walk off. Their hands are tied and this galls most of them.
The liberals of California are reluctant to fund the necessary facilities to lock criminals away. For decades, liberal governors have appointed bleeding heart liberal judges to California’s courts. Criminals going before these judges know that there will be little if any consequence for their crimes. Those same liberal judges have forced the release of criminals because they have ruled that prison crowing is inhumane.
The liberals of California actually like crime because in one way it suits their SOCIOFASCIST agenda. This jibes with the ultimate goals of the “Deep State” which is to create anarchy bent on destroying America. They, the SOCIOFASCIST government would then declare some sort of martial law and without a constitution, could arrest, imprison, execute, or whatever anyone who displeases them. That’s what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, North Korea’s Kim dynasty, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, and Mohammed have done. The Deep State wants to establish a Dark State.
Increasing numbers of people are discovering this inhuman plot and are beginning to talk about vigilantism in California (probably in other states as well). Police officers (and veterans, of course) are a part of these patriotic counter-revolutionaries who will do what they can to protect and preserve our Constitution. Can these counter-revolutionaries who are strong, smart, tough, courageous, and willing to resolutely take care of the traitors to our Constitution and way of life, the Obamas of America in one way or another and save the republic that President Trump is striving to Make Great Again?

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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