Real Culprits at Parkland School

Seventeen Dead at Parkland School
By James E. Horn

Another terrible tragedy has taken place: A brutal school shooting targeting students. So sad. Seventeen dead and fifteen wounded.
Nikolas Cruz, the shooter was/is a terribly troubled person without parents, whose adoptive mother had recently passed away. Was he bereft? Did somebody, or a series of somebodies drop the ball and allow this tragedy to be repeated again?
There is ample evidence that Cruz was a powder keg ready to blow up. The signs were there, were reported, and they were ignored or were improperly handled by people who didn’t seem to care enough to get Cruz the attention that he needed.
He had been expelled from the school for disciplinary issues. Was this and the reasons for his expulsion reported to the police or to other authorities who failed to proceed further to protect lives?
There have been repeated (39 police calls) visits to places where he lived, but the cops never took the next step. The police failed 32-victims.
Social and mental health workers did not pick up on this burning fuse, didn’t report appropriately or take action. They just wrote a standard report, collected their checks and went on their way. Social and Mental Health Services failed 32-vitcims.
He had issues serious enough to be reported to the FBI – in Washington, D.C. In seemingly typical FBI management or mismanagement style, this report was apparently not passed on down the local FBI office. Why? The FBI is regarded as a black hole regarding information. One can feed information into the FBI and the FBI will never provide any feedback. In this case, the FBI failed to even provide information to their own field office. The FBI failed 32-victims.
All of these failures amount to a colossal cumulative failure by all authorities combined. Those cumulative failures led to 32-victims.
Cruz was terribly troubled and whatever reports were out there, none led to the appropriate authorities who could have blocked his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle purchase earlier. Another systemic failure.
Many people dropped the ball that led to the shooting. Will any of them face the music for their neglect? Don’t hold your breath.
Among those 32-victims, some demonstrated uncommon valor as they protected others. Two of those victims were faculty members who, if they had been armed cold have possibly stopped the shooter.
There was an armed officer at the school, a school with over 3,000 students at a sprawling campus. He was rendered ineffective by the size of the place and the location of the shooter on the campus.
Naturally the anti-gun crowd went fully hysterical before the gun smoke even cleared in Florida. In my mind’ eye, I can see the Democratic Nazis jumping for joy with this carnage as it provided them yet another opportunity to blather on about condemning guns and to demand more gun, i.e. people controls.
Hey, nitwits of the left (Democratic Nazis), the gun didn’t shoot anyone, the shooter used the gun as a tool as have other lunatics with guns. I have a 65-year old .38 police special that my mother carried when she was a law enforcement officer. That 65-year old gun has never shot anyone.
Hey, nitwits of the left, there are about as many firearms in America as there are people. 99.99% of those gun owners are responsible gun owners who would never even consider going off like a powder keg. Repeatedly, legitimate gun owners have stopped bad guys, protected their families, fellow citizens, their businesses, and even cops with their firearms. But, the Democratic Nazis and the Socialist media don’t like anyone to know how these wonderful gun owners provide so much safety and security.
Yes, many guns are not registered. Why would sane people register their guns and provide information to nitwits who would seek to use that information to seize their guns. I often tell people how to stash some of their guns and ammo, how to mischaracterize their ammo purchases to confuse Democratic Nazis (nitwits), etc.
Hey, nitwits of the left – how would you take all guns away from everyone? Create a police state and removed everyone’s rights as enumerated by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Are you prepared for gun battles in the streets when and if you ever try? You’ve already tried some awful tactics by trying to declare that every returning combat soldier was now suffering from some form of mental illness so that you could deny those wonderful heroes and Patriots their Second Amendment rights. With this, you reaffirmed that you are America haters.
Let the truth be known, you obviously have more mental hang ups and mental handicaps than genuine, caring citizens and former warriors. You have a frightful single-minded agenda which is to enslave good, decent people and to take away their rights. That brands you Democratic Nazis as the ones with evil intent.
Hey, nitwits of the left, rather than go off like liberal power kegs, why don’t you howl for the scalps of those officials who failed those 32 victims in Florida and the thousands of other victims who have suffered and died because of other systemic failures. At this point oh nitwits of the left, you are a part of that systemic failure because all you have ever done is to jerk your knees, blame guns, and excuse the mistakes.
Yes, nitwits of the left, Democratic Nazis, the blood of those victims is on your hands, your hands alone because of your gross, perhaps willful negligence, ineptitude and hatred of real, legitimate citizens..

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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