A Slippery Slope Greased With Baby Fat

Prior to publishing this, I sent it to my two California Senators, Feinstein and Boxer.

A boy in high school in the 1950’s, I had a classmate who was pretty. I liked her a lot but was too shy to even talk to her. One day, she stopped showing up for class. Then, there was a funeral. Rumor had it that she bled out after undergoing a coat-hanger style abortion.

Then, along came the ‘pill’ to forestall unwanted pregnancies. I thought that was a wonderful thing – a way to avoid coat hangers. The Pope and the Catholic Church forbade Catholics from using the ’pill’. I opined that the Pope wanted to sell coat hangers and to see women and girls suffer. The debate raged until women essentially told the Pope to stuff it and proceeded to avoid getting pregnant. The sexual revolution had started. The Pope finally shut up and stopped yammering.

Still, foolish women managed to get pregnant in spite of the means to not get pregnant being widely available; or, after getting pregnant wanted to terminate the pregnancy – by having an abortion. With the knowledge of the past and the coat hanger abortion industry, laws were passed and medical procedures were established for legalized abortions. Women suffered less but babies still died. A whole industry evolved called Planned Parenthood that was funded by the government against the will of huge numbers of people. People of good will (mostly Christians) objected to such barbarity and people died and others went to prison. Planned Parenthood went into high gear because by this time, women who got pregnant were largely ignorant (willfully so?) and somebody needed to take care of their mistakes.

It is notable that in 2015, about 90% of abortions are performed on non-whites, mostly on black women. In my mind, politicians who continue to support Planned Parenthood in fact knowingly support killing black babies. This is reprehensible.

Recent revelations depict two instances where hidden cameras captured Planned Parenthood doctors and officials haggling over the price of ‘salvaged’ baby parts which are harvested and sold to the highest bidder for whatever reasons or purposes. These are just two recent videotaped instances of what is likely a widespread activity. To accomplish this, techniques are used to kill the babies at the beginning of the second trimester in a manner that saves the ‘valuable’ parts for which money is paid. In spite of the evidence staring them in the face, pro-barbarity liberals like Democrat Congressman Steny Hoyer deny that it is happening. Other Democrats willfully ignorant of facts will step into line and parrot this blatant lie, and I expect that Hillary Clinton will follow suit. I guess they all hate black babies.

How is this managed? Do they tell young women wanting an abortion to “wait” until a certain date that is most opportune for the harvesting? Are women who get abortions getting paid for providing babies for abortion? Is or will this become an industry where some women will actually become intentional “breeders” to provide fresh babies to this horrible industry?

What about more mature (lat second or even third trimester) babies? Do they salvage baby parts from them as well? If not now, when will this begin to occur? Kermit Gosnell took aborted, often mutilated babies who were still alive and just dumped them someplace where they would just die, or in some cases killed them after the abortion. As I recall, President Obama at one time indicated that he approved of letting born babies who were mangled but still alive be left someplace to just suffer and die.

Another factor that is becoming apparent is the process of post birth abortion – the flat out murder of newborn infants. Will that evolve towards months old babies for parts?

Boys and girls, we are on a slippery slope here. What will be next?

Twenty years ago, barbarian Bosnian Moslems were snatching and dragging young, healthy Serbian (Christians) off of the streets and locking them away where they “harvested” body parts to be sold (until the Christian eventually died because his heart was cut out) which they sold. China incarcerates prisoners who are sentenced to death, and catalogues them for later body part harvesting. When there is a call for body parts, the Chinese execute the prisoner and sell off the parts. ISIS/ISIL is doing the same thing with Christians, Yazidis, and even fellow Moslems. When will we join this parade?

I call on every person in the United States (especially Congresspersons and Senators) to oppose Planned Parenthood/Planned Murder, Inc., and demand that this practice of wholesale murder be banned unless there are valid reasons for an abortion in the early stages of a pregnancy to protect the welfare of the mother. Because of the sexual revolution and rampant promiscuity, young women should be provided with forms of temporary sterilization (such as Norplant) and/or day-after pills to avoid pregnancies that benefit the barbarians.


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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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