Are We Lost in a Jungle? 2

There are conflicting groups in the jungle called America and some of them are very ugly and dangerous.

The most cohesive group would be the Conservatives and Patriots who love and care about our precious Republic:
MAGA & most Republicans; Social and political conservatives, and I wish that I could include all Christians – only some Christians qualify; Supporters of Law and Order who support our Sheriffs and police protecting our citizens and communities, and funding our police; Supporters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; 25+ Constitutional Carry states; Hard working, honest, competent citizens; Schools, colleges, and universities that teach to educate, NOT to brainwash; Red states.

The least cohesive but most dangerous group would be the proverbial “left”:
socially intolerant liberals, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, liberals; Anti-Free Speech and anti-self-defense communities and groups; Ranked voting communities; Those who want free education (brainwashing), free food, free housing, free healthcare, free drugs, etc.; Those who pursue a two-tier justice system; defunded police communities, (proponents include a large number on the left), the BLM, Antifa, and related terrorist groups; Anti-Supreme Court proponents; Pro pervert/trans groups & genocidal maniacs; abortionists; blue governed states; a growing number of people who are openly and even violently hostile to conservatives; some so-called Christians, etc.; The proverbial human vermin inhabited swamp.

The Left is supported by Marxists, BLM, Antifa, The DAVOS gang, the World Economic Forum, the New World Order, Globalists, Communists, greedy Oligarchs and social criminals in general, Democrats, Leninists the Commie PRC, Russia and some former elements of Russia. Then, we can include the UN in general, the WHO, big PHARMA, all purveyors of illegal narcotics; and last, the very evil, stealthy, and powerful Islam.

Does this look kinda one-sided? IMHO, the Conservatives are in serious trouble. Conservatives are better armed if things get hot (and this may come to pass); are more knowledgeable, better educated and possibly better disciplined and organized. But, Conservatives are outnumbered and are being out maneuvered.

The left’s tools are sly and very powerful, wealthy political organizations, the useless, biased MSM, drugs (druggies are erratic and crazy but will make good cannon fodder), and a wide array of anti-Constitution, anti-freedom underground movements.

Both sides have guns.

Russia, China, North Korea, soon to be joined by Iran will have a wide array of frightful nuclear weapons. Anyone who believes that the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and Iranians haven’t moved forward with their Neutron bomb development programs is a fool. Only the Americans were stupid enough to cancel Neutron bomb programs.

We need to understand that China is charging at full speed with their advanced biological weapons programs as are the Russians, North Koreans, and Iranians.

We American civilians know little of or about doomsday weapons. Our swamp led Democratic-Marxist government has done very little in the way of educating or otherwise protecting we-the-people about or from the horrors of CBN attacks. We will be the fodder that the swamp thinks will protect them.
China is aggressively exploiting the world wherever it can for benefits for China, not for others. They are surpassing America in economic development at the expense of the rest of the world as to their gross, greedy environmental polluting; and nobody is doing much of anything about that.
Chinese citizens, workers, and farmers are suffering from pollution that is killing thousands, and crippling others, and their government doesn’t give a whit. Families were locked down with doors welded shut during the COVID pandemic that let millions just suffer or starve and die.

The Chinese citizens, the proletariat, know, understand, resent, and hate their government, knowing that living in a China run by an evil, elite, greedy, well protected cadre of CCP hacks is terrible. Given this, the fearful CCP gives no bullets to their soldiers, and possibly police units. Those highly disciplined marching troops wearing spiffy uniforms tread in perfect lines with empty guns, knowing that their leaders would sacrifice them in a heartbeat would fail in any battle. CCP ground war weapons are untested in the battlefield and like Russia’s likely be inclined to fail. The CCP air forces are impressive and capable but not battle tested. Bill Clinton enabled China to build a world class navy that can cause us harm but cannot defeat us. The CCP is doing all that it can to exploit outer space, but how reliably will their space forces perform?

China has infiltrated America, especially the sciences which they can be expected to use against us. Thousands of military aged single men are in America either legally or otherwise and will be expected by the CCP to obey orders. There are enough of these men to perform assignments as reserves or second or even third battle lines if ordered to destroy America internally. Do we have the strength and resilience to deal with this? China has not changed much in their leadership or management of foot soldiers since the Korean war with non-coms and officers standing by ready to shoot anyone who fails or falters in the back.

With the witless help of America haters and fools among us, Islam has well developed, often fortified FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) with thousands of stronghold FOB’s (Mosques with weapons caches) throughout our nation filled with followers ready to follow the terrifying scripts of Mohammed’s Koran.

Will the CCP build an alliance with the Moslems to work together to overcome us? We can understand that when or if the two overcome us, they’ll quickly be at one-another’s throats. Can any of our leaders be smart enough to foresee and to exploit this built-in friction to our benefit?

Will all of this lead to a new DARK AGES?

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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2 thoughts on “Are We Lost in a Jungle?

  • Steven A. Klein

    James E. Horn … a true AMERICAN … TRUE … James has seen it all, and opposed the evil here, in Asia and Africa. James’ initiative is great, guided by his Love of the America he grew up in. No one, NO ONE can surprise James. Great article. Keep them coming … S.A. KLein