Updated, March 11, 2015

By James E. Horn
Retired U.S. Diplomat (Counter Terrorism)
Author: EXPERIENCING ISLAM [Censored by the CIA, Banned by Librarians]

We need to demand that the Congress investigate even deeper into the reasons why Benghazi was attacked by Islamic terrorists. What was really going on in Benghazi that Clinton and Obama are so desperate to bury. Why, with evidence pointing out that Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama knew at least ten days before the attack that the attack was being planned. Do they know who was planning the attack? Was their Moslem Brotherhood pal, Morsi involved?. There are links tying them together that Hillary is trying desperately to make disappear, and more. Some dot connecting is in order.
The Obama administration bereft of moral clarity and decency is demonstrably among the most power hungry, least trustworthy, and most corrupted administrations this country has ever experienced. There may be people who will disagree with this assessment because cognitive skills do happen to escape some people. The buck stops at Hillary’s and Obama’s desks.

Traitors, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Leon Panetta, and dozens more worked tirelessly not to solve the Benghazigate incident which occurred two-and-a-half years ago. They still strive to obfuscate, duck, bob, weave to cover it up. Peole were slaughtered by so-called Ansar Al Sharia Islamic jihadis in Benghazi and Obama, Clinton, and dozens of others lied through their teeth desperately trying to blame the “Innocence of Muslims” video trailer that had already been posted on the internet for several months without notice. Clearly the lies of Obama, Clinton, and others were an intentional attempt to blame innocent people for the terrorist attack committed by an al Qaeda affiliate, and to cover for other nefarious activities.
Reportedly, the Islamic terrorist action at Benghazi took the CIA leadership at Langley by surprise. That’s no surprise. The handicapped CIA is inept in gathering and analyzing sufficient meaningful on-the-ground, human intelligence. The causes of the CIA’s ineptitude are discussed in detail in the (censored by the CIA) book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM and Becoming Islam-Aware.

Here is the probable scenario of this epic failure of Obama and Hillary:

Alawite Moslems (essentially Shiia Moslems) ran Syria with an iron fist even though Sunni Moslems outnumber the Shiia. Under the long and brutal reign of the Assads, the lid had been held tightly clamped, and Sunnis suffered the brunt of the oppression because they were the main source of any opposition.

The various Christians in Syria were left alone so long as they kept their heads low and didn’t get involved in politics offensive to any of the Moslems.

With the much heralded Moslem Brotherhood driven Arab Spring (with the full support of Hillary and Barak), Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia fell like dominoes, and other regimes came under threat or attack, and stepped up to protect themselves. Common sense prevailed in Egypt, and Obama/Hillary friends, the Moslem Brotherhood failed.

One of those countries that came under siege is Syria with its Sunnis joining the fray attacking the Alawites. Al Qaeda, now called ISIS, was one of the significant players, and the house of Saud, fearful of an Al Qaeda victory in Syria lent their support to other than the al Qaeda/ISIS insurgents. In the face of Syrian Army might, the insurgents initially fared rather poorly and were in desperate need of men and materials, armaments. Knowing that men would flow to the materials of war and the money that made things happen; the Saudis launched a campaign to help the pro-Saudi factions.

The Saudis and their Gulf allies have poured hundreds of millions of dollars (illegally) into the political pockets of both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton via their sharia finance manipulations of banks, corporate ownerships in America, etc.
It takes little imagination to understand that a contact was made by the Saudi “Ambassador” where instructions were passed along to make it happen… Bought and paid for, Obama and Hillary were obliged to get those to the Saudi backed factions.

Libya was afloat with all manner of weapons that Obama had provided (at taxpayer expense) to everyone who opposed Muamar Khadaffi, and with Khadaffi gone, they were available for re-acquisition, again at taxpayer expense.

International and American law forbid providing weapons to insurgents such as were operating in Syria. Obama could not openly acquire and ship weapons to the insurgents in Syria. The State Department (Hillary) was tasked to provide cover and administrative backing to the operation, and Christopher Stevens became Hillary’s point man. The CIA was tasked with re-acquiring weapons from Libyans, and consolidating them for shipment.

Sunni Turkey, a long-time recipient of Saudi largess, was selected to act as the middle man, to deliver the weapons to Syrian insurgents in accordance with Saudi instructions. The Turks did their job.

The vast majority of the weapons and munitions were distributed among the various pro-Saudi factions, with a few crumbs to al Qaeda/ISIS to keep them from feeling neglected. However, it didn’t take long for al Qaeda/ISIS to realize they were being shorted on the deal and this is when: Saudi and al Qaeda factions started battling one another in Syria; and al Qaeda in realization that they were being short changed (this affected the balance of power among the insurgents) redoubled their efforts to acquire the weaponry by faking it and doing so successfully. They stole vast quantities of weapons and bamboozled the Americans.
Someone on the Alawite/Shiia side decided to shut down the American weapons acquisition program in Benghazi. As things go in the Middle East, the action was probably backed by Iran who used al Qaeda factions for a false flag operation – a very successful operation – to shut down the transfer of arms to what is presently ISIS.

The Libyan Al Qaeda affiliate, Ansar al Sharia mounted the fateful attack on the Embassy office (it was NOT a Consulate) and CIA annex in Benghazi. That attack shut down Obama’s and Hillary’s criminal operation.

This is what most likely happened:
The Hillary/Obama gang of bumbling fools:
1) Violated international and American laws to supply weaponry to insurgents in Syria, and to continue receiving their very substantial bribes from the Saudis and their partners.
2) For some reason (Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian puppeteer of Obama?) intentionally denied additional security for Ambassador Stevens, and abandoned everyone in Benghazi to their fate.
3) The attack began and it appeared that Ansar Al Sharia carried it out.
4) FA-18 and F-16 fighters were fueled up, fully armed, and seconds from launch in Sicily, a 20-minute high speed flight from Benghazi where they could have bombed and strafed the Islamist attackers, and returned home within the hour to be made ready for a repeat attack if necessary. Additional forces on aircraft carriers and at other locations were standing ready to join the fray and protect or save the lives of American citizens. Shiploads of Marines were nearby ready to deploy. All that it would have taken was a simple ‘execute’ order from the Commander-in Chief – an order that never came.
5) It is quite probable that Hillary and Obama didn’t want Stevens and the others rescued because they simply knew too much, enough in fact that their testimony could have landed both Hillary and Obama behind bars for treason. By letting them die, Obama and Hillary covered their traitorous backsides. This is why the thirty or so survivors, under wraps and facing dire threats to their futures, their lives, and their families well being are in serious jeopardy. They have been silenced under death threats of “omerta”, silence. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!

Like the Mafia, Obama and Clinton have “silenced” the witnesses. After far too long, three testified before the Congress in the summer of 2014, and painted a dire picture. They were honest and believe me, their careers are now toast. Where are the other 25+ witnesses? This stinks! The Clinton/Obama/Rice lies were obviously an amateurish cover up attempt to keep the American public from knowing the depth of the Obama/Clinton involvement and why. Who is pulling their strings?

Unbelievably, Hillary’s State Department even had a contract with another terrorist al Qaeda affiliate to provide security at the consulate office. What level of rank ignorance and stupidity prevailed here? It has been reported that these security folks actually unlocked and opened the gates and fled when the well coordinated attack began.

Once highly respected, Ambassador Thomas Pickering co-chaired the Accountability Review Board review of the attack and murders. His now completely discredited performance was a sellout, a whitewash of Clinton’s and Obama’s treason. Pickering failed (refused) to examine all sides of the story and went for the politically correct action of covering for the Obama and Clinton party line. He sold his honor and integrity, and his name will live only in infamy. Oh, and Hillary reportedly ran this Pickering project closely (up close and personal) in order to control the results.

And, of course, Clinton started firing lower level State Department employees in another wave to deflect attention from her misdeeds.

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From commentator Burt Prelutzky: For sheer irony, it’s hard to beat Hillary Clinton, who campaigned as the person we’d all want to see at the receiving end of a 3 a.m. phone call totally botch the call she got in the wee hours regarding Benghazi. Her intentions for intentionally blowing this are clear.

One of the questions posed to former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell during the Q+A period at the Pensacola Tiger Bay Club on Friday evening, September 19th: “Was the CIA aware of the arrival on July 30, 2012, of a 7-man team of so-called Iranian Red Crescent workers in Benghazi?” Morell issued a denial, saying he was “almost certain” there were no Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Hezbollah operatives in Libya.

Ken Timmerman, author of Dark Forces: the Truth about What Happened in Benghazi uploaded to the book’s interactive reader’s guide website several illustrative pictures confirming the presence of the Iranian Red Crescent Team.

In Dark Forces, Timmerman discussed how the CIA Chief of Base (COB) in Benghazi had picked up chatter in Farsi between two Quds Force operatives they were shadowing. The COB had enlisted agents in the Zintan Militia that controlled the Benghazi Airport to track a seven man team working undercover as an Iranian Red Crescent Medical team. Timmerman alleges that the COB knew these were the “Iranian brains that would command, fund and perhaps actually carry out the attack”.

Moreover, Timmerman’s sources had identified the team commander as Mehdi Rabbani, aka “Mr. Chops” a Major General in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps”.
After the Iranian team landed at Benina International Airport, the Zintan Militia surveillance reports tracked them to the Tibesti Hotel for an Iftar dinner with local Red Crescent Representatives, as it was Ramadan.

Then at one in the morning on July 31st, the Iranian Red Crescent team was ambushed by militia driving six Toyota pickup trucks with mounted .50-caliber machine guns. They “forced the Iranians to get out, cuffed them, then bundled them into a pair of Jeep Cherokees and promptly sped off”. An apparent kidnapping? Or was it cover?

Timmerman cites an Agence France Press report by a Libyan security official saying: “Members of the brigade holding the Iranians are questioning them to determine whether their activities and intentions aimed to spread the doctrine of Shiite Islam. They will be released after the investigation is concluded”.
Timmerman wrote that the COB suggested that the Red Crescent team included both Quds Force and MOIS officers with orders “to kidnap or kill the US ambassador to Libya”. Allegedly that blew the Red Crescent team’s cover and they were taken off the street. Timmerman cites the former CIA deputy chief of station in Baghdad, John Maguire saying that the Quds Force “is very good at deception operations”.

Following our post on Morell’s Pensacola Tiger Bay Club presentation, Timmerman uploaded pictures of the Iranian Red Crescent team upon arrival in Benghazi on July 30, 2012 and upon their release from the faked kidnapping on October 5th.
Iranian Red Crescent Team members upon release from kidnapping with Libyan delegation, October 5, 2012
Source: Libyan Herald
These photos were drawn from open sources, Iranian Press TV and the Libyan Herald, “Iranians Freed in Benghazi”. The Libyan Herald article confirms the two month hiatus between the “kidnapping” of the undercover Red Crescent ‘medical team’ early on the morning of July 31st and their release on October 5th, 2012. Note what was reported by the Libyan Herald:
The seven Iranian Red Crescent officials who were kidnapped over two months ago in Benghazi were finally freed there today. The move came a day after the Secretary General of the Libyan Red Cross, Abdulhamid Elmedani, called for their release.

According to Qais Al-Fahkry from the Libyan Red Crescent, their freedom was negotiated by the Benghazi local council and a number of Benghazi security bodies.

“At 6 o’clock we were called by Benghazi local council to go to (Benghazi’s) Benina Airport where we saw the Iranians,” Fahkry continued. He said that they had declared themselves to be in “excellent health” and were “very happy to be free”. There were no signs indicating that they have been mistreated or tortured, he added.

The team left Benghazi on a Turkish Airlines flight for Turkey and on to Iran. According to statement from the Iranian ambassador to Libya, they will be met by President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

The Iranian group had arrived in Libya at the invitation of the Benghazi-based Libyan Red Crescent on 30 July. They were kidnapped later during the night while returning from the Red Crescent headquarters to the Tibesti hotel. Their kidnappers never went public as to their motives although immediately after the abduction officials said that they had been told that the seven were being investigated to see if they had come to Libya to propagate Shiism.
It has been widely believed in Benghazi that the kidnappers were Islamist militants and that, despite denials, some officials were well aware of their identities.

The Iranian undercover Red Crescent team “disappearance” covered the period of the fateful attack that took the lives of the four Americans. It gives rise to questions about whether the COB and his agents lost track of the whereabouts of the Iranian team after their kidnapping. Further, there is the question about whether CIA analysts in Langley, Virginia, were engaged in completing the puzzle from published open sources, agent reports and intercepts of the Iranian and local militia communications to discern a picture of what were their intentions?

Timmerman commented: The Muslim Red Crescent Society has a long history of being used by terrorists, from Gaza and the West Bank to Lebanon, Somalia, and the Sudan.

For former acting CIA director Mike Morell to deny the CIA was aware of the Iranian Red Crescent Team in Benghazi, which was public knowledge, Americans should find unacceptable in a senior public official.

Timmerman has briefed House Select Benghazi Committee Chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and the Committee’s Chief Investigator on his book, Dark Forces. Morell appeared under oath to set the record straight (lying and obfuscating) during the Select Committee deliberations.

SUMMARY: Hillary, Obama and their anti-American anti-Semitic associates worked hard to cover up the fact that they violated both American and International laws to provide weapons and more to terrorists. They left Americans to suffer and die when they could have been saved, and then lied about it all. There should also be no questions about both Hillary and Obama being very richly rewarded with tons of cash by terrorist supporting sheikhs.

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