James E Horn

Americans who care are following illegitimate, corrupt, ineffective, wasteful, failing depraved White House organized Democratic operatives’ thrashing of serial defendant, President Trump in sham trials in kangaroo courts using lawfare.

Simply, there are no crimes, and there are no victims, except for President Trump perversely being serially victimized.

They may think they have President Trump on trial, but parts of America’s Judiciary are in fact on trial.

In NEW YORK, Attorney General Letty (Letishia) James (campaign paid for by Soros) campaigned saying she would put Trump in jail – over what can best be described as a misdemeanor where NO campaign funds were misused and there are no victims of any crime.
Manhattan District Attorney, Fat Alvin Bragg (owned by Soros) is frothing at the mouth trying to jail Trump. Bragg’s totally corrupt hand-picked judge Merchan is striving to control his kangaroo court in prosecuting the case.

Fat Alvin’s prosecutors are failing miserably with unreliable, often conflicted witnesses which include a porn queen whose stories change regularly; a bitter convicted disbarred felon attorney (two glaring examples), and others who routinely get tripped up by President Trump’s brilliant lawyers.

Merchan can’t silence or control the overwhelming presence of President Trump whose outspokenness, telling body language and more frustrate Merchan. Merchan has repeatedly fined President Trump and threatened to jail him for speaking out [The Secret Service protective detail are absolutely dedicated to protecting President Trump who is guarded 100% of every minute. There is no way that the Secret Service detail would relinquish President Trump to any court officer or insecure jail.]

Fat Alvin’s stacked Democratic jury may betray him.

Every minute that President Trump sits in a courtroom, hundreds of reasonable and fair minded people are showing their disgust of this Democratic kangaroo show trial fiasco. People are stepping up to support President Trump and show pure distain for Barak Hussein’s feeble puppet resident in the White House. The Democratic Main Stream Media can’t hide it. They are bowing to show faux polls showing Trump and Biden polling close with Trump pulling slightly ahead. This is belayed by turnout at rallies where Biden can barely muster a few dozen supporters while at a rally in New Jersey, President Trump mustered an estimated 100,000 thrilled, enthusiastic supporters, and later wowed the NRA convention which was broadcast to millions nationwide.

Exculpatory information is being omitted or even destroyed by ‘prosecutors.

In Georgia, Faahhnee Willis’ rank criminal ineptitude may land her in jail. Among other things, Faahhnee used thousands of taxpayer dollars to hire a stud to satisfy her sexual needs. Her stud with no training or expertise in prosecuting anything related to voter issues was her prosecutor.

In Florida, a bitter Special Prosecutor of questionable authority, Jack Smith was assigned by Democratic Attorney General Merick Garland to find a way to hang President Trump in relation to some classified documents that President Trump had. They were kept in secure storage on his Florida Property, and he apparently had earlier told the National Archives about them and returning them. But, Garland has ignored classified documents carelessly stored in Biden’s garage where who knows who had access to them.

AG Garland sicced the corrupt FBI on President Trump. The FBI then ‘raided’ President Trump’s home in search of the documents and reportedly planted a few more that were contrived to implicate President Trump further. President Trump has indicated that he had declassified the documents in question (the President has ultimate authority to classify or declassify materials). While in President Trumps home, corrupted, twisted FBI agents took the time to rifle through the First ladies’ undergarments in search of evidence.

Jack Smith’s politically motivated vendetta to jail Trump over FBI planted TOP SECRET documents is crumbling.

The American people are learning of despicable judicial corruption and unreliable the courts.

The Obama/Biden campaign ship, overloaded with corruption is floundering.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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