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Former FBI director and now partisan hack Robert Mueller is a true boogeyman knowingly in search of a faux boogeyman dubbed Russian collusion based on a contrived (fake) accusation. After more than 500 days of not finding anything to implicate President Trump, Mueller needs to look at himself in a mirror to see a real, genuine enemy of we-the-people’s presidency. Mueller’s gross, failed witch hunt is simply disgusting.
Nobody should doubt for a minute that Russians colluded by paying millions to Hillary and her gangster crew and sent millions to others in order to get their way. They failed. The Russians didn’t provide squat to help Trump, OK? I guess the legions of Russian espionage agents in America didn’t see the light as they attempted to crown Hillary as the Queen. Read on.
During the Cold War, the Russians, Chinese and many others understood where they stood with the United States and our wall of allies. The geopolitical world was relatively stable until President Reagan caused the Iron Curtain to melt and the Soviet Empire to crumble in humiliation. Humiliated foes become very dangerous and spiteful. Reportedly, the numbers of Chinese and Russian agents in Washington, D.C. were not much more than 1,000 before the 1980’s
After globalist George H.W. Bush ascended to the presidency, the remnants of Russia along with China realized that Bush was helping their greatest foes (Islam) to gain a solid foothold in America. That was alarming to them.
After the socialist, Slick Willie, and his crooked crew came to power, the Russians, Chinese and their allies became much more concerned about the world’ political stability. Clinton continued to accommodate the Islamists who established some very serious, sly and aggressive espionage operations in America. In the first year of Clinton’s reign, Russian, Chinese, and to a certain extent some of their allies reportedly increased their intelligence gathering and related espionage activities by about 400+%.
George W. Bush was no different than his father and the Clintons, even with the attacks on 9/11. Following the counsel of his Moslem advisors (controllers), the ignoramus Bush referred to the Saudi funded terrorist attackers who murdered 3,000 innocents as followers of the religion of “peace”. Hah!
Confronted with large and rapidly growing hostile but very subtle Islamofascist stealth operations, the Chinese and Russians doubled down on their intelligence operations with at least one or more agents assigned to monitor every Mosque or related Moslem facility, activity, or enterprise in the United States. Mosques are in fact Islamic Forward Operating Bases, a military term for outposts in hostile territory and there are more than 3,000 of these hostile bases in America.
When the Moslem, Barak Hussein Obama was elected President, the nuclear clock jumped closer to doomsday. The Russians and Chinese were confronted with a Moslem with his finger poised over the launch button. They had long ago made up their minds that they did not intend to lose a nuclear confrontation with a Moslem dominated America and did two things: They doubled down yet again with their intelligence gathering and analyses in order to be right on top of and thoroughly knowledgeable of the decision making processes in the Obama White House; and they determined that if anything was to hit the fan, they would strike first. Yes, they have serious plans and weapons in place to launch a conclusive first strike should Moslems prevail in America’s governance.
Yes, be scared!
The Department of Homeland Security and all affiliated national security agencies are heavily infiltrated by espionage agents of all stripes. Nobody can find them because of their deep cover or other protections. Or, some have been found and elements of the deep state are protecting them as they work against our precious republic. The ability of the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Department of State, DIA and others to protect America is questionable because they all have been compromised with or by very bad actors.
One can rest assured that places like the Pentagon, NSA, the CIA, etc. have many hostile actors stalking their halls every moment of the day and reporting back to Beijing, Riyadh, Moscow, Tehran, Islamabad, the EU, and even the Pope, etc. on a regular basis.
Assuredly, the deep state includes an international conglomeration of hydra headed monsters determined to ruin the presidency of the man who has challenged them and is striving to revive the greatness of America. They have contacts within our federal government, with lobbyists, and other players in the District of Columbia swamp and it should be understood that they do NOT have America’s best interests at heart.
With all of this subterfuge taking place, one has a right to wonder what the DHS, FBI, NSA and other National Security entities like CIA are doing besides trying to destroy President Trump.
I’ve said it before, there is a clear need for a big broom to clean slime out of those agencies; and those agencies need to bring in people dedicated to the United States, not partisan politics.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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