Growing Stench of the Swamp Beasts

Were it not so tragic, the view of fawning of Senators and Representatives of both political parties at the feet of bigoted, biased, liberal Mark Zuckerberg during his two day visit to the D.C. swamp was shameful. Zuckerberg took names for sure, and bountiful contributions from Facebook’s Sugar Mountain (Zucker = sugar in German, and berg in German = mountain) to campaigns of those feeble-minded butt kissing politicians will surely flow. The First Amendment rights of millions – yes MILLIONS of American citizens are being trampled on and our corrupt, stench trailing Congress (with some few exceptions – honorable men) is letting this happen. This is a travesty of justice.

Hillary’s acolyte, the discredited, fired for cause swamp dweller, former FBI Director Comey has launched his first “What Happened” fairy tale blaming it on President Trump. Reportedly, his despicable, lie infested book is bombing at booksellers. The swamp stench is all over Comey.

Every morning upon awakening, I check the news to see if President Trump has further cleaned the stench of the swamp from his Executive Branch and I am disappointed.

Department of Justice sub-honcho, Rob Rosenstein reaffirmed his despicable behavior by authorizing the FBI to take the unprecedented measure of raiding the home (to hell with the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments) and offices of President Trump’s personal attorney, Cohen to obtain information on his dealings with a porn star/hooker. There is no doubt in my mind that this was done at the behest of Robert Mueller in his increasingly desperate quest to create or to find dirt on President Trump. It is a certainty that this went far beyond Mueller’s mandate to investigate possible but so far unfounded election collusion between President Trump and Russia.

Because of this gross violation of the President’s 4th Amendment rights and attorney-client privilege, any consideration that the President may sit and meet with Mueller is done. Good.

Not an insider, I am dismayed that the President permits this level of continuing perverted overreaching abuse to continue. What’s next? Will the disgusting pervert, Mueller instigate a raid on the President’s New York home to investigate Melania’s and Ivanka’s undergarments?

Mueller has no – zero credibility. He’s clearly a bigoted, biased crook whose goal is to destroy another (yes, another) wonderful man.

Mueller’s perversions and corruption go waaaayyy back. When he was an agent in Boston, Mueller heartlessly and ruthlessly caused four apparently innocent men to be jailed for so long that two of them died in jail. Mueller’s close personal ties to the famous gangster ‘Whitey’ Bulger are well known, and Mueller’s wealth may have become well enhanced with this relationship. It’s not too late to investigate Mueller in this regard.

Mueller was the Director of the FBI when an excellent training program that was doing a great job of educating FBI agents about the threats of political Islam was dismantled and the Special FBI Agent, John Guandolo, who ran this very effective program was driven out of the FBI. I believe that Mueller did this at the behest of America’s most deadly adversary, the Moslem Brotherhood and its criminal enterprise, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Concurrently, Mueller seemingly allowed hundreds of America hating Islamists to become special agents of the FBI. This begs an investigation. I discuss in some detail and connect the dots of the Islamists being allowed into all National Security agencies in my book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM.

Mueller is a GROSS failure. His all-out investigation to find even a shred of evidence about any Trump-Putin collusion has garnered a big fat ZERO. Rosenstein is likely guilty of collusion with Comey, the Democratic machine, Hillary, Obama, and many other members of the swamp.

President Trump is the most successful, pro-American citizen President that we have had in years. Those working so diligently to bring President Trump down are simply rotten and need to leave or be pushed out of their positions NOW.
President Trump has been dumped on and abused terribly. Everyone has told tales of woe if he dared to fire anyone else. Because of their open hatred of the President, real decency, and the abuses of Mueller and Rosenstein principally, the President would be well justified in cleaning house. It’s time that President Trump dumped back, to set the rudder of justice back on track. President Trump is the CEO and as such he is responsible for what is taking place in Washington. Being responsible, President Trump has the authority to secretly gather a large team of U.S. Marshalls or others and to lead them in an 0600 raid of both the top floors of the Justice Department and the FBI buildings, and the homes of those top floor denizens in Washington, to grab all files, documents, data and hold it for a new investigation of those swamp dwellers.

A full, broad based and comprehensive investigation of Hillary, Willy and their illegal dealings is more than justified. People who have worked against Hillary have died. Justice is overdue.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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