Pressure valve Latin America

Invasion Force Caravan, Pressure Release
By James E. Horn

During my lifetime, I have observed that in order to get some people or animals to do something, the occasional application of a psychological cudgel is needed.

Right now, we are facing a national emergency.

The mob/caravan of invaders heading our way can and should be stopped by either their own governments, by Guatemala, or Mexico, or us. While some of the members of those caravans may be innocent, we cannot determine who are innocent or who are malignant violent career criminals, smugglers, slavers, America hating Moslem terrorists, druggies, pedophiles, rapists, drug dealers, etc.

Are “Typhoid Mary’s’ bringing unimaginable social and communicable diseases? Ailments such as Scabies have invaded our schools and infected our children. We now have a growing plague of anti-biotic resistant Tuberculosis. Very recently a new disease that mimics Polio has started ravaging our young people. No, President Trump didn’t invent them but assuredly the malignant MSM and other leftist loons will try to pin it on him. Where did these terrible afflictions come from? What’s next, will Ebola find its way to our shores. Will a new, as yet unknown or undetermined plague erupt?

We have a sovereign right to protect our borders and the American people. I want my family, friends, and neighbors to be protected.
We are at war and need to address this fact. President Trump has a duty to defend, our nation.

None of those sending countries are kindly disposed towards our great republic. Corrupt to their cores, the leaders (even priests and Imams) of those nations all hate us. They despise and look down on most of their own people. That is why they (Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, and others) are bankrupt as societies and nations.

Because of their corruption and ineptness, those leaders have created and are sitting atop festering discontented populations who hate them as well. Inept and corrupt, they cannot stimulate their economies. They cannot educate their citizens. They cannot always feed their citizens. They cannot fool their citizens. They cannot please their citizens. They lie and deceive their vulnerable unarmed citizens. They cheat them.

Those corrupt governments see the United States as a pressure release valve where they can send/dump their discontented “overstocks” (described in more detail in the censored by the CIA book EXPERIENCING ISLAM).

We’ve been dealing with this festering situation in one way or another for forty or more years. Be reminded that when someone like the United States does the same thing again, and again, and again and gets the same failed results, a very much needed game plan change is in order.

It is essential that we lower the boom on this dumping charade. We need to:
1) Cut off all American taxpayer provided AID or assistance;
2) Cut off all banking – no “repatriation” of monies back to those places;
3) Close our Embassy and Consular visa sections to all but legitimate; immigrant visas – no student, business, tourist, or diplomatic (government officials) visas – nothing;
4) Close our airspaces to their aircraft;
5) Close our ports to their shipping;
6) Deploy people stoppers such as razor ribbons, use Israeli skunk gasses, tear gasses, etc.;
7) Tightly control and restrict any travel within the USA of their diplomats to 25-miles of their diplomatic properties. Seize and impound all of their vehicles where unpaid parking and traffic tickets are outstanding;
8) President Trump has sent and is sending more armed forces members to the border to help. These are administrative and technical types, and cannot serve in any other role;
9) President Trump needs to call out the National Guard and send thousands of armed military personnel to the border and deputize each and every one of them as federal officers with the authority to arrest and detain, and to use the force of arms where and when necessary to protect our borders and our citizens. If any state governor refuses to send National Guard troops from their states, they ought to be arrested, booked, and charged with sedition;
10) Build that wall. While malignant RINOs and Democrats have refused to address this issue seriously, take alternative action until the Congress does their job to serve we-the-people, not their special interest and anti-American paymasters.
Direct the Pentagon to send Army, Marine, Air Force engineers and Navy Seabees to the border to build the wall with military funds. Direct other agencies with surpluses of funds (such as the EPA) to contribute, to transfer 5% of their operating budgets to support the wall building. They can easily pare 5% of their budgets with a long overdue reduction in force and a halt of promotions above their job duties or abilities;
11) Of those who do manage to be allowed into the USA, process them directly into FEMA camps where they can be held indefinitely until they are fully (as in 100%) vetted and then placed on waiting lists (kept in confinement), or decide to return to their origins.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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