Sovereignty is defined as the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

Sovereign nations have the full right and power to protect their citizens, their borders, and all that they govern. There are more than 157 nations on this globe and each and every one of them has sovereign rights to exercise for their own benefit or to ignore at their peril.
Japan has a sovereign right to protect their nation and their people. They are very protective of their sovereignty at their borders, and to protect their sovereign nation, they have a powerful military defense force. Surrounded by water, protecting their borders is less complex than nations with lines drawn on maps.

North Korea is a sovereign state that fiercely protects its borders and people who violate that sovereignty face severe consequences including death by torture.

South Korea is a sovereign nation threatened by its northern neighbor has erected highly effective fences, barricades, and more to protect themselves and their sovereignty.
A six thousand year old culture, China erected the great wall to protect itself from hordes of northern barbarians; uses North Korea as a buffer against western culture, and is advancing in other areas to protect its sovereignty.

China ferociously protects its western frontier from Moslem wannabe invaders. They have been protecting their sovereignty for a thousand years.

Recognizing that Tibet was a weak, vulnerable state, China took that sovereign nation under its wings to protect Tibet’s relative sovereignty from Moslems on its western and northern frontiers. Without China, the Tibet we know would not exist today except as a memory.
China, India, and Pakistan are sovereign nations who have fought fierce battles to protect their sovereignty from one-another.

Burma (Myanmar) is engaged in protecting their sovereignty from Moslem hijra invaders, and many in the world (especially the 57 sovereign Moslem dominated nations of the world) and the witless UN are illegally condemning the Buddhists for maintaining their sovereignty.
Like China, sovereign Russia has very forcefully protected its southern flank from Islamic expansionists for a thousand years.

Sovereign Ukraine did a lousy job of protecting its sovereignty and lost the Russian speaking Crimea to Russia.

Sovereign Israel is besieged by insanely hateful barbarians on all of her borders and has erected appropriate walls, fences, and defenses to protect not only their sovereignty but their civilization and culture.

Egypt is a sovereign nation with some not so well protected borders; but is also dealing with some of the same barbarians in the Gaza strip as Israel. Egypt has a heavily defended frontier with the barbarians of Gaza.

Some formerly sovereign nations of Western Europe (the EU) have forgotten the meaning of sovereignty and are suffering severe consequences of their foolish inattention and duty to protect themselves and their respective citizens. They are pitiful. Italy seems to be stepping forward to regain their independent sovereignty.

Sweden is on the verge of being taken over by hateful Moslems who have turned much of the Swedish population into Dhimmis, living for free, stealing, wantonly raping Swedish women and children while the Swedes sit on their thumbs.

The United Kingdom is close behind the Swedes and their barbarians from South Asia are living on welfare, kill wantonly, raping whoever they please while the simply stupid government jails patriotic citizens who want to stand against the invaders.

Belgium is so far down that the nation will sorrowfully have a Moslem dominant population in the near future. When this happens the citizens of Belgium, including their hapless King will become mere Dhimmis (slaves) to their Moslem masters who will be harsh Koranic rulers indeed.
The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and others are sliding into the abyss of Moslem domination.
Not so sovereign Canada seems determined to join the EU as they witlessly welcome all manner of Islamic barbarians to their shores.

Mexico believes in sovereignty – sort of. They have fences and walls along their southern border to keep invaders out, except for those who bribe Mexican officials to be allowed to transit Mexico to the American border. And more than ever, Americans in Mexico are always in jeopardy of being ripped off by police, robbed, beaten, imprisoned, or killed.

President Trump has taken steps to limit or even reverse the flow of Islamic barbarians not willing to assimilate. President Trump, following the trend started by China and Russia many years ago is rightfully working hard to apply our sovereignty to build a wall on our southern frontier to hold the southern hordes of invaders (and their accompanying Moslem terrorists) held back.

I can only opine that the numbers of foolish people in America (I can’t call any of them patriotic, caring, or responsible citizens.) who for no valid reason seem to hate President Trump and our precious Constitution have fallen into the trap of willful ignorance. They are striving to destroy our sovereignty and our nation. I would like to refer to these willfully ignorant people Bolsheviks, but even Lenin and his followers maintained their sovereignty.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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