Unsafe for the Civilized Community:
By James E. Horn

We are many but not enough as individuals. Many are Politically Incorrect. We may be Agnostics and Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu, Shinto, or of any decent, respectful, or even humble belief system or faith not inclined to kick or to push back, until now.

Oh yes, if we were anti-American Communists or Moslem Bolsheviks inclined to go off on a violent, intimidating, bulling, name calling rampage, it would be, and often is quite different. People fear Moslems because they often are, quite simply stated: nasty.

People don’t fear or tremble in the presence of meek Christians, mild Buddhists, respectful Jews, stoic Shintos, or supplicating Hindus.

We have newly rich, fabulously successful companies, conglomerates, and even individuals now who wield tremendously evil Orwellian control and clout with their money. They are reprehensible.

The main issue here is freedom. Freedom of the press. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of choice. Those freedoms are being increasingly abused, ignored, and violated. And our government is sitting on its pratt allowing terrible abuses to occur.
Just recently, Facebook declared that the American Declaration of Independence was hate speech and removed it. That is traitorously hateful, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.

The situation has reached proportions of magnitude that we are facing a national security crisis because 50% of America’s population are being victimized.

Zuckerberg’s facebook supports just about any and all facebook pages that abuse, mistreat, even hurt or damage innocent, decent people who seek truths and facts or want to promulgate facts and truths that Zuckerberg and his coterie of socialists/fascists disapprove of. Shame!

Amazon does not block or interfere with Politically Incorrect Independent Authors’ ability to publish, list, and sell books on AMAZON or KINDLE. This is very good.

Many publishing houses are good citizens and some others are not. They may or may not publish an author’s book depending on what the brass in the front office determines. And, many of these publishers have big time investors who control the front office brass who will (on command) refuse to publish sometimes great books by inconvenient authors whose political, religious, or ideologically incorrect pontifications might annoy the investors.

The same holds true for newspapers, magazines, some TV, etc.

Publishers of the millions of school textbooks purchased every year do serious, possibly irreparable harm by censoring out important historical and other factual knowledge and replacing it with altered (inaccurate) information which includes seriously misleading anti-American Orwellian propaganda.

Big problems for the many patriotic, pro-American politically or culturally incorrect are with the social media who obviously need to be regulated (that’s hard for me, a conservative to call for).

Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are three who have been operating with arrogance and impunity as they violate First Amendment rights of users and subscribers. Oh yeah, they tell use that we sign up and do our posting for free which is horsepookey. Twitter, Google (YouTube’s owner) and Facebook gather all manner of informational data on each and every one of us that they sell or use for other nefarious purposes. Reportedly, Facebook hauls in more than $55 per year for each of the approximately 250 million listed north American subscribers. That’s more than crumbs.

They spend that money:
– Millions of dollars for lobbyists – professional bag men who (whatever you want to call it) bribe politicians and government officials to do their clients’ bidding.

Prior to his recent testimony before the Congress, Mark SugarMountain (English for Zuckerberg) had about a dozen lobbyists (bagmen) employed. He quickly hired about a dozen more bagmen after those hearings. Nobody should doubt for a minute that 46 Congresspeople who threw softball questions at Mark SugarMountain-Zuckerberg have found generous amounts of dollars in increased campaign contributions or PAC donations that support them.

Zuckerberg (SugarMountain) has been widely and correctly criticized for his Facebook’s Bolshevik like coming down hard on and punishing anyone who offended the liberal class or Islamists. Facebook has banned members, cancelled or blocked access to accounts, put subscribers in limbo, aka, ”jail” (suspensions), took Republican Political candidates’ pages down and so forth.

I for one have so far avoided the curmudgeon, Zuckerberg’s heavy cudgel by posting my more provocative materials on my blog, at other social venues that don’t practice Stasi or Gestapo tactics and methodology.

An example of both Twitter’s and Facebook’s Orwellian censorship was one instance where a Jewish man who posted a report of a death threat from Moslems whose Facebook account was suspended for a month (there are a huge amount of similar actions). His post of the death threat was deemed to be “unsafe for the community”. Which community? The general public or even elements of law enforcement who might have a legitimate interest in this, or some Islamist whose significant proboscis fell out of joint?

This same Jewish gentleman was hammered by Twitter: “For violating our rules against hateful conduct.” What about Twitter’s hateful conduct against a Jew?

Another of Zuckerberg’s Gestapo style assaults was regarding a post by a concerned patriot and citizen calling for a rally to protest a caravan of criminals-in-waiting who intended to illegally enter the USA. That post was shut down. Reportedly, Zuckerberg is a zealous anti-American open borders and amnesty advocate.

Zuckerberg, after being confronted by honest Congressmen for his ideological bigotry and bias hired former Attorney General Eric (“white men must pay”) Holder to advise Facebook management regarding bigoted anti-conservative bias. This will be interesting…., or is it a joke?

Things at Facebook are becoming riled where stockholders are even calling the Sugarman to task for his mismanagement of this company. Recently, Facebook stocks have rightfully plummeted in value because of revelations and disclosures about unchecked abuses that lying Zuckerberg tries to shrug off as technical glitches.

Reportedly, Zuckerberg-Facebook is hiring 30,000 additional employees to just censor content. Will those 30,000 monitors/thugs go beyond Facebook to invade our privacy to see what we email one-another about and other personal activities to enforce Islamic anti-blasphemy bullying. At this point, I think that we can be assured that Zuckerberg’s Sozialist Gestapo will continue: Banning/blocking legitimate, decent politicians; providing material support for terrorists such as Hamas, Hezbollah and many other of the 60+ terrorist groups and nations so identified by the Department of State; Aiding and abetting sex gangs (rape teams) in the UK; and much more. Terrorists love Face/book.

Will Zuckerberg/Facebook consider hiring 30,000 honest neutrals or conservatives to act as ombudsmen whenever Facebook acts to block someone to make sure it is not a political block or retaliation? I’d like to hear Zuckerberg’s thoughts on this.

Twitter has likewise taken actions revealing their uber liberal distain for subscribers whose content they don’t like. Project Veritas investigative journalists captured Twitter employees bragging about how they “shadow” block or otherwise abuse subscribers and prevent their content from reaching others.

You Tube’s attacks on anyone or anything that they (who the heck are “they”) deem inappropriate – including comments from real Americans, Patriots, Veterans, and more. YouTube seems to lean towards terrorists and punks.

Google has labeled lovers of the Constitution in California, as “Nazis”.

These social media giants are effectively public utilities not unlike electric, gas, water and other utilities like phone services.

What needs to be done? Are Twitter, Facebook, Google and others so reprehensively abusive and out of control that investigations and legal actions under the RICO act are warranted? Probably. Should they be treated as monopolies to be broken up into smaller companies as Ma Bell was disassembled long ago? I think so.

One uuuuge question remains: Where the hell is the Justice Department in the face of these widely known abuses? Is AG Jeff Sessions asleep at the switch? Again? I know that I supported Sessions’ taking over a corrupted DOJ, but I now wonder if he has fallen asleep at the switch, or does Sessions (with possible corrupting SugarMountain cash in his pockets) agree with abusing or abolishing the First Amendment? How about the FCC? How about the Congress?

The Zuckerberg brand is an arrogant flagship of the left who hurl fowl mouthed expletives at an incredibly successful and effective President Trump, his family, and his team, against Christians, and pro-civilization commentators. They fire Roseanne for one tweet (while under the influence of a medication), and then laudingly show appreciation for misogynistic, racist, hateful excreta laden rants from the likes of Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, an unfunny Griffin, Joy Reid, Bill Maher, jabber mouth Behar, political hack Gillibrand, Samantha Bee (who went off after seeing Ivanka Trump’s sweet mother-son moment picture), not to forget the MSM.

We-the-people who support our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our republic deserve appropriate action to stop this un-American and shameful blocking, censorship, gross abuse, and ignoring of us and our very legitimate concerns.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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