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Rising Crime in Our Back Yard
By James E. Horn

A short time ago, I learned that the City of New York (Mayor de Blasio no doubt with governor Cuomo’s blessing) has been exporting vagrants by buying them one-way airline tickets to over 370 other cities nationwide. Yep, these Democratic leaders are passing the buck – err…. mess on to other cities because they can’t handle their own problems.

We can rest assured that California is being blessed with an ample re-supply of vagrants and problems as if we don’t have enough of them already.

But, whoa! The cesspool gets deeper: Most of our vagrants have heretofore ended up in our Democrat run coastal cities and we all know what that smells like.

Sooo, coastal cities are cooking up deals with the likes of Riverside County Supervisor, Jeff Hewitt, a Democrat. Hewitt is reportedly making plans to transfer some of the flotsam from coastal cities to vulnerable small towns away from the coast such as Beaumont (less than 50,000 people) and other small inland cities. (How much $$$ will he get for his hard work? We know that he won’t do this out of simple kindness.)

No doubt, the bleeding hearts will flock to the aid of and thereby encourage and facilitate the bussed in influx of vagrants, crime, and disease increasing he burden on the ill prepared small cities, law enforcement and emergency services, hospitals, clinics, sanitation services, etc. By bleeding hearts, I refer to many churches and/or so called “Christian” groups who will benefit ($$$$) from participation – until the money runs out and then the vagrants will be spun loose onto the streets.

Rest assured, this is not a unique situation just to Beaumont. If you live in a small to medium city such as Porterville, Victorville, King City, Chico, etc. away from the coast, look around and you will see more and more vagrants every day. This writer lives in a quiet senior community in a small city, and the upsurge in vagrants and petty crime over the past six months has been phenomenal.

Naturally, new laws passed by our Democratic state government decriminalizing thefts of anything valued at less than $950 lets criminal vagrants walk into stores and shops and saunter out with pockets full of loot. Defenseless shopkeepers and stores are getting clobbered by shoplifters thanks to our Democratic leadership.

Not only do these vagrants despoil an area aesthetically, they also bring in drugs, a host of diseases (some Medieval and/or incurable), vermin, and more as they leave drug paraphernalia and feces trails behind them.

These small communities are ill prepared to deal with the rising petty crime such as thefts (that police aren’t allowed to deal with), more violent crimes, drug addled or natural “crazies” wandering around and much more. Ergo, we-the-people both young and old are increasingly at risk as we try to live quietly in our homes and go about our daily lives.

We commoner citizens are more-or less on our own and we will increasingly have to fend for ourselves. I predict that it will get ugly and become desperate.

My neighborhood post office with several hundred P.O. Boxes used to have 24-hour access. No more. Access is limited to business hours because vagrants had taken to setting up their sleeping facilities after Post Office staff leave the premises. Patrons have been harassed and became fearful of dropping off or collecting their mail after hours.

Nice, gated communities may have to remove their attractive shrubbery and create rockscapes to keep vagrants from setting up camps in the bushes. Walls may need to be raised and/or install anti-climbing deterrents like razor ribbons. Install steel bars or grates over windows and on doors. Security alarms. Citizens must get training and then get guns and be prepared to use them.

Shopkeepers will need to arm themselves and perhaps install entry controls (including cages) to keep vagrants out of their property and to control pedestrian traffic.

Welcome to Democrat socialist inspired utopia!

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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