Voting is Perilous 2

James E Horn

I have traveled, lived and worked abroad for 25-years as an American diplomat. I learned how different nations conduct their elections/polling where some countries had as many as sixteen political parties. They got their ballots counted on election day.

We are supposed to be a world leader in technology. But when it comes to balloting and tabulating ballots, we are a laughing stock banana republic of the third rank. Corruption abounds! With all of our high technology, it takes weeks to tabulate (weeks to corrupt the process and install fake, manufactured ballots into the insecure electronic systems which can be hacked, manipulated, and corrupted).

Nobody with two functioning brain cells believes in the integrity of our system/s. When people complain that elections have been stolen, they are 100% correct!
We’re using electronic devices made by countries that do NOT have our best interests in mind, that have a vested interest in the outcomes of our elections, who can and likely do manipulate our votes.

We have the capability to do it right. Why aren’t we doing it right?
Democratic, Communist, Marxist, WOKE, and other America freedom and liberty haters will not like this at all.

All foreign made machines must be returned to their manufacturers who must give us a refund on each machine, or simply destroy and dump those pieces of trash.
We need visible hard ballots, either paper or punch cards that can be verified by individual voters or truly non-partisan monitors throughout the process. Everything must be tabulated in an open, viewable process (no black boxes) that does not employ any computerized gadgetry vulnerable to hacking or manipulation.
Our voting/tabulating machines must be:
• American made.
• Transparent covers.
• Stand alone with no external wires or power supply cords.
• Battery powered.
• Tempest protected.
• Shielded from the full spectrum of RF interference.
• Tamper proof.

Everybody with functioning brain cells must rain again and again on any and all officials involved in any way and every way to get the above done, to restore viability, integrity, efficiency, TRUST. This must be done now!

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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2 thoughts on “Voting is Perilous

  • Jenny Snyder

    Since I don’t understand how the political elitists in power do what they do without cheating then I think that we have to start with Kevin McCarthy and the man with the last name of Comer and the twenty that stood their ground thank God and tell them that the old machines have to be gone and destroyed. There has to be people appointed to every single place there is voting in the U.S. to make sure that only paper ballots are used in the future and the machine that the ballot goes through is not corrupted. If there are going to be people counting the ballots rather than a machine then perhaps there can be a test that they take before hand to make sure they have no ill will. Maybe they could be paid a decent amount of money to make this something decent and law abiding people would want to do. I am not sure what process to use, but I know that the machines being destroyed and voter ID and paper ballots will have to be a new law that is put through Congress.