Where is Greenpeace, the outfit that chases and dangerously harasses Japanese whaling ships? Where is the Audubon Society? Where is the Nature Conservancy? Where is the National Wildlife Federation? Where the hell are they? Oh, are they just left wing liberal organizations following a different agenda? Ah, it’s to protect the climate, right?


Solar collector fields adversely affect wildlife habitat endangering wildlife populations or can even lead to the extinction of certain species. Solar farms can degrade the land destroying food sources for wildlife, and even degrade biodiversity.

Concentrated solar thermal power using heliostat mirrors is used to focus super hot solar energy on 450+ foot tall towers creating steam for turbines. Birds that fly into the path of high temperature heliostat beams get incinerated which can lead to the extinction of certain species.
Solar collectors don’t work at night, work intermittently during rainy weather, and fail when covered with snow.


Wind power both on land and at sea is both dirty as well as deadly. Birds often fly into whirling blades where they either die instantly or suffer agonizing wounds leading to horribly slow prolonged deaths. Whales (most endangered species) get tangled in underwater cables, anchoring chains, and drown.

Solar turbines cost a lot of money to install and to maintain. Their efficiency in producing electric power is arguable at best. Their toxic (to wildlife) fluids often leak and pollute the ground or sea beneath them. The turbine blades can break off in high winds and otherwise suffer fatigue requiring their being periodically replaced at considerable expense. Broken, used turbine blades cannot be recycled efficiently and are dumped in fields or landfills further polluting the land.


Wind power is a dangerous, high cost rip-off boondoggle that reportedly costs more than it produces; endangers precious wildlife; and mars or leaves horizons looking unnatural and ugly.


The reality is that modern small nuclear power plants are clean, reliable, non-polluting, and cost effective. For years the public has been influenced by people who have agendas that run contrary to clear thinking.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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