James E. (Jim) Horn, Jan 18 2017

On January 20th, at high noon, Donald J. Trump will place his left hand on a Holy Bible, raise his right hand and will swear an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both domestic and foreign” and with that will become our new President of the United States of America. That sacred oath has been on the back burner for the past eight years.

President-Elect Trump has made many promises, and there are many really unhappy folks (on the loser side) in and out of government who are planning to throw as many boulders in his way as they can. Shame on them. The Washington Times has reported offers of $2,500 for mercenaries to do violent things during or just after the inauguration.

Quite a few entertainers invited to perform at inauguration day events have refused. I have a question: If a bakery can be sued for refusing to bake a cake for someone they objected to, can’t the celebrities who refused gigs to entertain during the inauguration activities be sued as well?

We have serious divisions within our country right now. Donald Trump has overcome many obstacles in his life and career, and these will likewise be overcome. I believe that as President, Trump will start off being as magnanimous as he can and hope that those on the left will accept his presidency.

A confident, determined Donald Trump spoke the truth to overflowing crowds wherever he went, and repeatedly shamed the media for being the liars (propagandists) that they are. Trump went out on twitter reaching millions of Americans with his own news. The left have been confounded with Donald Trump’s tweets with the truth blasting out in 140 characters. “The Donald’s” tweets reached out to millions without media censorship and liberal attempts to twist and spin.

President-Elect Trump changed political ground rules by adroitly overcoming a hostile media and leaving the left befuddled.

The left has been falling all over themselves trying to pass their losing off as Russian intervention and pretending that they are saints. Not a word has come from the left about the millions that George Soros spent trying to defeat Trump with his paid gangsters attacking Republicans and trying to disrupt everything they could; and the many more millions that the Arab Oil sheikhs have provided in direct and under the table contributions for Hillary. Combined, they lost the election all by themselves.

If the Russians did play a role in the election, this is nothing new. Historically, the USG has intervened in the internal affairs and elections of at least 150 other nations at one time or another in the years since WWII. China played a role in getting Willian Jefferson Clinton elected. Barak Hussein Obama received million$$$ from the Arab Middle East. He shoveled millions of taxpayer dollars into the most recent Israeli elections trying to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu.

President-Elect Trump is making a huuuuge statement by ordering the move of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as soon as he is sworn in.

With this one Embassy move, he is telling the “Palestinians”, Iran, and their pals to shove it because he and they know that all they can do is make hollow threats, whine, and complain and do little else besides blow some of their own up. This embassy move is also a clear and powerful statement to the UN that they are indeed a useless bunch merely doing the bidding of the OIC. The most notable criticism is from the dimwitted dhimmi SecState (“gimme a band-aid and a Purple Heart”) Kerry who married his daughter off to the son of an Iranian big wig.

Trump tweeted that his work to build good relations with Russia is better than the left’s desire for bad relations. With 140 characters, he completely shut the left down on this issue.

The Russians (and the Chinese) were likely cheering for Trump because a Hillary presidency with the Saudis having a firm grip on Hillary’s “push the red nuclear button” finger terrified them. (I detail my analysis and reasoning for this in my book EXPERIENCING ISLAM.) With Trump’s Swearing-in, the nuclear Armageddon clock’s minute hand will move backwards.

The Iranians are quaking at the thought of having to deal with a tough professional like Trump who is wise to their not so funny game.

With the departure of Obama, the landscape of America will change with the end to his fascist socialist agenda – Obamacare, his attempts to undermine our Constitution with all manner of illegal and underhanded immigration where he invited the millions of criminals (illegals) to vote for Hillary. [If these illegal votes not been cast, Trump more than likely would have won the popular vote, and possibly even California.]

The “swamp” draining will soon begin with the immediate departure of over 4,000 Obama political appointees, and soon thereafter the relief from positions of authority of millions more in the career bureaucracy and military. This will be good for America.


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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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