Will President Trump Bow


By James E. Horn, Jan 21, 2017


President Trump will have his hands full for quite a while, and dealing decisively with some contentious opponents and issues will be on the burner.  It will be interesting to watch.


Just before President Trump was sworn in, the U.S. Press Corps threw down the gauntlet saying that they will “set the rules” (whatever they are – presumably in dealing with the media), not him.  Early in in the presidential campaign, certain members of the press apparently said unkind things about Trump that caused his combative personality to respond by calling the MSM (Main Street Media) out as liars.

During the campaign, a few self-important reporters thought they were extra privileged.  During media events, they interrupted proceedings and called out questions when they had not been called on.  They were out of line.  Candidate Trump essentially set them straight because they had violated rules of decorum (waiting their turn) and behaving in a respectful and civil manner.  Jorge Ramos was arrogant and demanding, and Candidate Trump kicked him out of a press conference in august, 2015.

Just before being sworn in, President-Elect Trump was holding a press conference when CNN’s Jim Acosta rudely started interrupting when Trump was in the midst of a question form another reporter, and Acosta arrogantly demanded that Trump take his question immediately.  Trump shot back at him pointing out that Acosta needed to wait his turn.  When Acosta kept interrupting, Trump responded that he (Acosta) makes “fake” news and that his organization (CNN) was terrible.  Acosta never had his demand answered.

These media elites may have bitten off more than they can chew because President Trump knows how to deal with problems. First, his Chief-of-Staff, Reince Preibus indicated that they were considering moving press events out of the White House where there is seating for just 40+ members of the press, the “big guys”.  Press events will be moved to the next door Executive Office Building where a couple of hundred can be accommodated.  This will open things up for more media coverage that may be more fair, competitive, and reasonable.

Also, seating for the media can be assigned and controlled.  Then, whoever is at the podium can have a chart indicating who is in which seat and deny questions from those considered problems because of in accurate or fictional reporting (lies).  This can continue for weeks if necessary until those members of the press “see the light” and start reporting honestly and factually.  This could start very soon.


Many mayors, city councils and law enforcement officers could or should soon find themselves in handcuffs doing “perp walks”.  These are those who harbor and protect criminals that some just like to downplay by calling them “illegals”.  Among these are murderers, rapists, robbers, drug peddlers, etc.  When push comes to shove, anyone who enters the United States illegally has committed a criminal offense.  Most just came to try to eke out a living for their families, but among them are substantial numbers of really bad players.

Technically, these public officials are willfully and knowingly breaking the one or more laws by harboring and protecting criminals, a federal offense involving being Accessories to Murder in some cases.  The murder of Kate Steinle by a five-times deported criminal is one case in point.  The Mayor and Chief of police of San Francisco, by refusing to apprehend and turn this criminal over to Federal authorities are accessories to Kate Steinle’s murder.

By sending thousands of violent, dangerous criminals (who often prey on simple border jumpers – their own people) back to the southern side of the border, they will again appropriately become Mexico’s problems, for the Mexicans to deal with.

For decades Mexico has shipped their problems to (dumped them on) America leaving America acting as a pressure release valve for Mexico’s problems.  This has been an enormous burden on the American people costing many billions of dollars over those decades.  (I discuss this at some length in my book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM – in the chapters devoted to the Mexican issues and problems.  In that book, I also discussed using Mexicans in America to build the wall and thus “earning” green cards.  After all, if a wall is good in protecting ‘el Presidentes’ in Mexico, the wall will be fine in protecting Americans from Mexico’s problems.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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