Terrorists, Visas, Babies, Immigrants,

Terrorists, Visas, Babies, Immigrants
By James E. Horn

Presidential candidate Donald Trump told the truth, and all too many in the media and in opposition to him want to twist his words and the meaning of those words into something else.

Most of us have seen them in America. In my case, as unkempt, dusty, quiet men at a grocery store buying a few cans of beer and perhaps some vittles and when done, they quietly disappear into the bushes. These are illegals who work at landscaping, ditch digging, daily labor, and other such menial dirty, noisy, and sometimes dangerous jobs. They work in the fields harvesting strawberries, lettuce (back breaking work), and a host of other products, often being exposed to pesticides in uncontrolled amounts daily.

They are here because they are a source of cheap, expendable labor. Some big Agriculture corporations with New York or Chicago headquarters’ want to maintain this status quo. Who owns big agriculture?

They are here because the Democratic party did away with viable work visa programs decades ago. Later, after they fooled President Reagan into an amnesty program which was to be followed with legislation initiated by Democrat Ted Kennedy. When it came time for Kennedy to do as he promised, he instead just flipped the finger at Reagan and walked away leaving these millions of workers on the lurch. That’s what so many Democrats seem to do, leave decent, hard-working people out there hanging.

So we again have a dozen or so million people, most who have come here to work, who had to ‘jump the border’ and enter America illegally. That means they broke the law. That means they are criminals. Donald Trump wants to do something about this. Other willfully ignorant, deceitful people are trying desperately to turn this into what it isn’t, and I believe that Trump will prevail.


THE WALL – Yes, we really do need that 2,000 mile wall built out of whatever materials work best in whatever part of the border area they are needed. The wall/fence/barricades will stop people from entering America illegally. Yeah, the Mexican government is against this. The Mexican government is a major part of the problem. In dedicated chapters of my book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM, I discussed the border issue, , immigration, visas ad more in detail. This border issue includes the many thousands of OTM’s (Other than Mexicans), which include a substantial number of potential or probable terrorists.

Yes, the Mexican Government will pay for the wall, with tariffs levied on Mexican made products (in American built factories) such as FORDs, DODGEs, Volkswagens, and other products produced in Mexico, because NAFTA will go away… Further, we can stop sending the billions of dollars in foreign assistance money that the Mexican honchos steal and keep for themselves. I think that will garner some attention. We really do need to cancel Vincente Fox’s visa and keep him out of America like we need to do with other Mexican gangsters and criminals.

There are terrorists who may well have already backpacked stockpiles of horrific chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons and materials into America where they are stashed at or near a multitude of Mosques ready to be deployed against you and I.

Nobody said the task would be easy. Recognizing that two earlier Presidents in our history have shipped millions of people out of the country shows that a precedent has already been established. Trump will merely be echoing what they have done.

A really decent man, The Donald will likely apply a much more humane but
nevertheless strict criteria to this.

Recognizing that the vast majority of these illegals are otherwise decent people, Trump can announce that each and every one of them will immediately be eligible for a temporary visa/pink card for periods ranging from one to three years during which they will be required to jump through some hoops.

They will be required to, within ninety days, get themselves documented at INS offices (including temporary INS facilities at police stations, fire stations, etc.) The documentation will include their family and related history, and other materials that will be used for vetting them and culling those deemed undesirable (criminals and fugitives). They will be finger printed and undergo a retinal scan. Their finger prints and retinal identification data can be entered into a national database. They will be issued their ‘pink” cards based on a random lottery and get 1-3 years to accomplish the next task: They will be required to return to their home countries and apply for work visas or immigrant visas, and be placed on waiting lists until they have completed comprehensive physical and mental evaluation to assure that they have no communicable diseases which must be treated before they move to the next step. If they have incurable TB or other such incurable afflictions, or if they are insane they will be permanently disqualified. Criminals will be disqualified.

Criminals in the USA will be rounded up (the use of bounty hunters and other means may need to be applied) and they will be deported, and never allowed to return. The same would apply to criminals exiting prisons who will be put on buses or planes and shipped out immediately.

Sanctuary cities who work against this would lose federal funding for all of their social programs until they joined in the action to protect America.

The issue of U.S. citizen anchor babies can easily be managed. Their parents can take these babies with them. When those children attain the age of eighteen or twenty-one, they can come to the USA, apply to bring parents, siblings, and so forth under long established policies, laws, and rules. However, if they become criminals along the way, nix to that.


The UN (Useless Nations) is now run – controlled – dominated by the 57 nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). To all intents and purposes, it is truly useless to, and is only hurting American interests worldwide.

The arbiter – the honchos who declare who are “refugees” and determine who is to be packed up and shipped out of that Middle Eastern quagmire is the UNHCR which dances to the tune that the Islamists sing. Obama of course thinks this is rickey-tickey cool. Crooked Hillary, the Obama crony and recipient of hundreds of millions of both over – and under the table OIC dollars is already like Pinocchio dancing to the strings that the OIC pulls for her. With thousands slated to come here, and many more on the horizon, this is an unmitigated disaster. Trump will mitigate and stop the flow in its tracks.

A huge number of these “refugees” are not Syrian, but are Iraqi, Jordanian, Turkish, Palestinians, and any number of other America haters, and they are mostly men, aged 16-36 – military aged, and unmarried. They are a Trojan horse coming to deliver wanton mayhem and bloodshed upon our communities.

Regarding any who are already here, the moment they commit any type of felony, they shall be deported. If a court hearing is required, we can install them in one of the FEMA camps for as many years as the legal process takes.

What is terrible about this is that the UNHCR and our own State Department are offering up bunches of these people for refugee resettlement programs where agencies who do the work collect a substantial bounty (up to $15,000) for each refugee they dump in your community. These are VOLAGS (voluntary agencies otherwise known as charitable organizations with names such as Rescue.org, doctors without borders, World Vision, the United States Conferende of Catholic bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, the National Association of Evangelicals, and dozens more. They are NOT doing a Christian service, they are trading humans for money. Once they have delivered the “refugees” on your doorstep, and are off and away from you and your community. They don’t give a whit about what takes place next as long as they get paid.

Regarding these “Syrian” refugees: What do they do? Do they get jobs and start productive lives? Do they go on welfare and start demanding all sorts of freebies and privileges?

Did you follow the news about the 2016 Christmas and New Year’s holiday events at the grand cathedral at Cologne (Germany) and in surrounding area where hundreds of German girls and women were ‘molested beaten and raped) by Moslem immigrants, and the German authorities have despicably tried to hide, to cover this up. Incidents like this are happening all across Europe on a daily basis. Sweden has been identified as the rape capital of Europe because of rampaging “refugees” that the Swedish government authorities (police) are too cowed to confront. Norway has started to crack down and deport them by the hundreds. Some European countries like Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and others are closing their borders, digging ditches (moats), installing electrified fences, and more to keep these horrid “refugees” out of their countries.

Donald Trump will do everything that he can do as President to stop these illegitimate refugee terrorists from entering America. As President, Hillary will (as she has promised already) increase the quota to a half of a million per year.

The “Syrian” refugee crisis is one that the West is imposing on itself, and the result will NOT be good or beneficial to any civilized people, only to those who hate and want to destroy our nation and our culture.

Think about what I have written above. It is the truth, and portends a very dismal future for many Americans if things go the wrong way.

While so many are grubbing after money connected with importing probable Moslem terrorists, hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians are suffering in squalid camps in Crete, Cyprus, and other places.

We need to kick the UNHCR out of America and get them out of the business of exporting terrorists to America. We can start our own humanitarian program and start bringing these desperate Christians to America. They will be eternally grateful, will assimilate, learn our language and customs, get jobs, and rapidly become the type of citizens we can love and appreciate in our communities.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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