By James E. Horn

On the morning of November 9th, I got up, went outside and faced the American flag in my front yard and shouted: “Good Morning America!” “How are you?” “I’m feeling great too!” I then turned to face northward towards the Riverside National Cemetery just a few miles away, bowed my head in deep respect for all of the heroes interred there, and gave thanks for their sacrifices.

We deplorables did it! Candidate Trump is now President Elect Trump. I can easily get used to the idea of President Trump.

Lying, crooked Hillary and her nasty crew have been vanquished. I am Happy.

For eight years, I have studiously avoided using the name of the soon to be out of the White House Moslem America hater in the same sentence as “President”. On January 20th, 2017, I will be proud to use the name of Donald Trump and President in the same sentence.

Reportedly, over 1000 CEO’s have signed a letter to President Elect Trump urging him to begin the process of healing and reconciling America. This is wonderful, but sometime wounds need to be cauterized or excised before the healing can begin. Draining the swamp will be an essential element of the healing process.

After all of the hatred he spewed towards President Elect Trump, Obama is now calling for forgiveness and unity. Not on his terms, baby. Trump can and should be magnanimous, towards some…., but on his terms, after:
*Getting his ducks lined up for his first day in office, January 20, 2017. He has made many promises and commitments to deal decisively and sternly with issues facing America, and will be watched closely by everyone as he commences draining that swamp:
*Getting his cabinet officers lined up, getting staff for them and beginning operations where these people will both prepare to take their offices, but also, on a daily basis observe and report on what Obama’s officials are doing to undermine President Elect Trump’s administration.
As a first order, President-Elect Trump can order the State Department and Immigration Services to cease granting any type of visas to Syrian/Moslem migrants and stop their flow to the USA as well as cancel any visas that have been issued. With this, he should order an immediate cessation of funding to the dozens of greedy, money grubbing so-called volunteer agencies (such as Catholic World Relief, Lutheran World Services or whatever they are called today) who pay their staffs very handsomely with taxpayer dollars while they import colonizing America haters from the Middle East. In this connection, he can stop all funding for the UNHCR and start restricting their activities in America, including restricting the travel of UNHCR officials to a 20-mile radius of their New York headquarters. Yes, President Elect Trump can legally do this.

There are hundreds of thousands of Christians languishing in misery in refugee camps in Cyprus, Crete, and other places who should start being brought to the USA where they will be grateful, thankful, loyal citizens who will get jobs, assimilate, and become great Americans. Owing to Moslem control of the UN and the UNHCR, these poor unfortunates have been ignored and neglected. It’s time for a change.

Unknown are the numbers of Latin and OTM border jumpers violating our immigration laws. I suggest that those with no criminal records other than coming here illegally to work and provide for their families be given temporary visas (use a lottery system) for a limited period of time (six months to three years) with no extensions. When their visas expire (or before, if they wish), they must return to their homeland and apply for immigrant visas, get in line like everyone else and wait their turns. They can bring their American born anchor children with them. Any with criminal records must be deported immediately – no excuses. My book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM, shows where I offer suggestions, an action plan if you will, on precisely how to deal with these issues.

The bloated Federal bureaucracy is a corrupt monster. A two-year freeze on promotions and new hires should be put into effect immediately. If National Security agencies need to hire, justifications will be required. Our Defense Department should be given the go ahead to recruit and train as we rebuild to defend America from evil.

The IRS is incurably corrupt and depending on which political party dominates, the IRS has been used as a tool to hurt those on the other side for decades. There is a growing chorus calling for abolishment of the IRS because of its abusive history. We need to devise a system using flat taxes and perhaps Value Added Taxes for non-essentials such as TV’s exotic cars, etc., with a premium added for imports.

As is customary, all 4,000 Obama appointee cabinet and high level political appointees, should be told to pack up and get out. Obama has, for eight years, installed additional thousands of anti-American Moslem Brotherhood operatives (whose mission is to undermine our Constitution and to destroy America) in all of our National Security agencies. He will need to assemble a task force of Patriots to ferret these cretins out and get them out of those positions of influence and power. Declaring the Moslem Brotherhood (MB) and all of its subordinate entities as terrorists is a must. Once the and its affiliates are designated as terrorist groups, anyone who is a member of such organizations should be fired. To stoke this fire, a guy named Ayloush, a big shot Moslem operative has declared that the U.S. Government should be overthrown. With this statement alone, he has committed treason, should be arrested, tried, convicted, serve time in prison, and then be deported.

Ted Cruze can be President Obama’s first appointment to the Supreme Court. Ted is as smart as a whip, extraordinarily knowledgeable about our Constitution, probably incorruptible, and eminently well qualified. He is less than appropriately tolerant of others, and this causes many to dislike him. Ability vastly outweighs personality regarding an appointment to the Supreme Court.
Julian Assange caused Hillary to fail. Julian Assange is a fugitive from Sweden, hiding out in the Bolivian embassy in London while the British are ready to honor a Swedish warrant to arrest Assange and deport him to Sweden if he steps outside. Assange is accused of engaging in sexual acts with an underage girl. The Swedes are anxious to pounce on and punish this white man while they ignore the thousands of rapes of underage girls by Moslems living in Sweden. Assange should agree to return to Sweden only after each and every Moslem rapist is arrested, tried, convicted, serve their time in prison. and deported.

Beginning on November 9th, thousands of obviously unemployed, vacuous, nasty, narrow minded people hit the streets all over America, committing acts of vandalism, violence, and civil disobedience. Ignorant and under the influence of the Moslem brotherhood, communists, socialists and more, they were convinced that they should be displeased with the outcome of a horribly corrupted election process loaded with phony ballots for Clinton, compromised voting machines, precincts denying access to Republican voters, and much more. Obama even told illegals – law breakers – to go out and break more laws to vote for crooked Hillary. Obama should face charges for just this alone.

It is more than obvious that our electoral system is broken and that it allows for rampant corruption. President Elect Trump should put in motion a sea change in our balloting process. All voters should have a state issued photo identification card that verifies their citizenship, with retinal scan data and/or finger prints to be allowed to vote. After voting, they should dip their finger into an ink pot to show that they voted – one time only. The bogus claims of racism put forth by racists at the SPLC, BLM, and others should be called what they are: Blatant attempts to disenfranchise legitimate voters.

Despicable parts of media who lied, cheated, and did all that they could to undermine President Elect Trump need to be called to task one way or another. Denial of access to the White House briefing room, and to other agencies for six or more months should be a consequence of lying, each and every time they distort truths and facts.

There must be consequences for the left wing media, academia’s “elites, supported a vast field of ignorance and hatred, Hillary’s nasty machine, jealous, establishment GOP, the Bushes, etc. The rigged balloting process, anti-white racists, anti-Christians, donors of hundreds of millions of Arab petrodollars, the Moslem Brotherhood and its Mullas and Imams across the nation telling their followers to go against Trump in every way need to understand that we, the despicables find them despicable. Corrupt union leadership. CAIR, the SPLC, lying bimbos on Clinton’s payroll, thousands of dead people who voted, the Justice Department leadership and FBI Director Comey should be treated with contempt and more.

I did get a few laughs from Hillary campaigning along with vulgar entertainers such as Jay Z, Katy whats-her-name who cried until her false eyelashes fell off, the over-paid sexually obsessed Megyn Kelley, etc. One and all they call the victory of Trump and the Republicans a disaster. Nope! It’s a victory for liberty, freedom, and our precious constitution.

The Moslem Brotherhood mouthpiece, CAIR has expressed to President Elect Trump that Islam is here to stay, that they will not be intimidated and will not be marginalized. Au contraire!

To be clear: ISLAM HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! This is a fundamental and enduring truth. In accordance with the Koran, we are to be hated and destroyed. President Elect Trump needs to be Jeffersonian in his treatment of our enemies, enemies in America, and let it be known that we Americans will not be intimidated or accept any form of abuse by or from Moslems.

When we’ve been at war with others, we did not invite NAZIS into our government, we purged and prosecuted Communists, we killed British, Mexicans, Japanese, Italians, Germans, North Koreans, Chinese and others when they made war on us. As has been thoroughly demonstrated by ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban and many other Islamists, they will show us no (zero) mercy in their barbarity – under rules handed down by Mohammed. We, not being vicious animals will not engage in harsh torture, will not maim, will not rape, will not burn or commit other Islam approved acts of violence on the Moslems. We will, we must kick all colonizing, imperious Islamists and their supporters and supporting entities out of America to preserve our homeland, our peace, our tranquility, our future generations and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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