Mexican cartels are clever, innovative, and ruthless. They are rolling in ill gotten money and are willing to spend money or do anything to protect their criminal interests. They will sell, kill, or pimp their mothers, sisters, or daughters to gain an edge.

They own most of the Mexican government and police. They had a Mexican police doctor working for them to revive DEA agent KiKi Camarina a couple of times while they tortured him to death. Torture is a tool.

A few years ago, I spent a few days and nights with others about a hundred yards from the Arizona/Mexican border fence. One morning, we were walking a few feet from the border when a Border Patrol agent joined us. As we ambled along, we saw some bloodied clothes hanging from a barbed wire fence and stopped to stare. After a minute or two, I turned to the Border Patrol agent and asked: “Your snitch?” The agent gasped, blanched. and staggered a bit. Yeah, the snitch had likely been tortured to death.

The cartels have what is arguably the most comprehensive and capable Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations in the world. They use blackmail, drugs, sex, fear, or cash to subvert American politicians (such as Joe Biden, possibly Arizonan governor Hobbs, and others), mayors, bureaucrats, local police, Customs, Immigration, Border Patrol officials, etc.

The cartels fund hospitals, schools, child care centers, churches, wedding celebrations and more to win the hearts and minds of Mexican people who, in turn, protect and report to the cartels. They also fund American politicians.

The cartels have thousands of paid or coerced informants, observers, prostitutes, trackers, and so forth to follow, gather, and collate information on targeted officials and citizens that they can use for their gain, or even sell to third parties such as China, Iran, Zelenskyy, etc.

Their HUMINT teams look for exploitable weaknesses such as gambling, boozers, drug dependence, perverted sex, philandering, anything that will give them opportunities to take control of targets.

They will, if the price is right, contract to murder people for the likes of Putin, Iranians, the Clinton Crime Syndicate [An investigative reporter hounding Hillary, Christopher Sign, recently died of “suicide” – – one of about a hundred Clinton related suicides), the CIA, DHS, FBI, etc.

We’re losing our passive milquetoast hand rubbing defense of our nation. We absolutely must act in our defense to deal decisively with this wicked enemy force attacking and subverting our nation. We need to lock their (our) money up – break their bank. We must close our borders. We need to employ heavily armed A-10’s to attack and destroy their bases, headquarters, training facilities, etc. We must use deadly force with landmines on our frontiers, both southern and northern, booby traps and more on their trails in Mexico.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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