9/11 plus 22-years

An octogenarian, I have learned, seen, and experienced things that most people don’t get a chance to do. In this essay, I write to inform, to teach about Islam/Moslems, something that I know and understand well.

Over time, I have assembled a glossary of some Arabic terms that the reader may find useful:

Dar-al-Harb – land of war, battle: America
What is a MOSQUE in Dar-al-Harb? A mosque is, in military terms, a Forward Observation Base (FOB) and a place to indoctrinate and train future terrorists; and a place to stash weapons.

DHIMMI: Second class citizens (mainly Christians because most Jews in the world under Islam have been eliminated) Dhimmis are obliged to condemn any analysis that is critical of Islam. Out of fear of retribution, dhimmis will often fiercely protect Islam (Stockholm Syndrome, Mohammed Syndrome) Many fools outside of Islam have seemingly already begun accepting dhimmi status to Moslem superiority or dominance which will eventually lead to Islamist dominance whereby the dhimmis will accept oppression – of forsaking the will and dignity to resist. These dhimmis are often ignorant liberals such as Britain’s Prince Charles, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others who seem to remain willfully ignorant of Islam. An apologist for Islam, a political dhimmi outside of Moslem territory is a useful fool, a tool for destroying civilized cultures. This would include any non-Moslem politician who parrots the lies and deception that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Islam has been hijacked by a very few violent terrorists.

INFIDEL: Unbeliever, Non-Moslem, Kafir, Enemy of allah or Mohammed, such as Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, etc. Infidels are to be despised, cheated, made war upon, etc.

KAFIR (Kufaar is plural):
Soiled or dirty. A Christian, a dog, a pig, a Jew, a Hindu, Buddhist, etc. An Infidel. Defined as an unbeliever, but unbeliever is only a very small part of its meaning. It is the Koran that defines the word “kafir” and it says the most terrible things can be allowed to happen to them (can be done to them by Islamists). The Koranic doctrine about kafirs says they are hated and are Satan’s friends. Kafirs can be robbed, killed, tortured, raped, mocked, cursed, condemned and plotted against. Valid sections of the Koran do not have one good thing to say about kafirs. For over the last 1400 years, 270 million or more kafirs have died as a result of the political doctrine of hatred under Islam. Rarely have their deaths been easy. It is the biggest single source of suffering in the history of the world and continues to this day. The word kafir is the worst word in the human language. It is far worse than the n-word, because the n-word is a personal opinion, whereas kafir is Mohammed’s Koranic decree. Nearly two thirds of the Koran is devoted to the kafir. Islam is fixated on the kafir, and the moderate Muslim thinks that you are a kafir. How moderate is that?
When I write and speak, I use “Moslem” which annoys Moslems who prefer that we Infidels use the word “Muslim” to show our respect. “Moslem” is disrespectful.

FATWA: an official Islamic injunction or “contract” to eliminate or silence someone who has sufficiently offended Islam. Recently, writer Salmon Rushdie who ridiculed Mohammed 40-years ago was stabbed and seriously injured by someone trying to collect the reward.


My first gleaning of information about Islam and Moslems was when I was about ten, circa 1952. My aunt had served in Algiers, Algeria as a member of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) in World War II. She related that the American women were forbidden to leave their Army compound alone – ever. Some who did vanished, likely into the Casbah’s slave market, a place where thousands of Eruopean women have been marketed over centuries of Moslem trepidations.

In 1962, while I was stationed at the NAVY base in Sigonella, Sicily, I flew as a crew member on a NAVY ani-submarine patrol plane into a NATO base in Libya. The locals were not all friendly.

Ten years later, as a diplomat, I flew into Libya on a French airliner that landed to deplane some passengers and take others on. I remained in the cabin as King Idris had recently been deposed and Muamar Khaddafi had taken over. Twice during that hour on the ground heavily armed Libyan troops stalked into the cabin, jammed their rifles into my face demanding to see my credentials.

Of course, most of us are familiar with Benghazi where four Americans were killed by Moslem attackers during a bloody battle that began on 9/11, 2012. Infidel Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made light of their deaths.

Back in Sicily in 1962, while off base and wandering around the city of Catania with another off-duty sailor, we were attacked by some thugs who spoke in non-Sicilian gibberish (likely Libyan Arabic). I was stabbed twice (not serious wounds) while my colleague got aa knife in his back. During the melee, I grabbed the biggest attacker and proceeded to break his wrist, arm, shoulder, and some fingers causing his followers to flee in fear of me. I hauled my colleague over my back and ran with him to a safe place and caught a taxi back to the base where he was hospitalized, and I was stitched up.

In 1966, I joined the Diplomatic service and was assigned to Istanbul, Turkey. The Turks jacked me around demanding a case of whiskey to get my car released from customs. After I finally got my car, I was driving towards a USAF facility on a Sunday afternoon when a Turk driver drove across a median nearly crashing head on into me. He took umbrage with me, an Infidel, being in his way. He and three men with him came out of his Mercedes Benz armed with knives. At six feet tall, 225 pounds, (and for two years had worked as a steel worker prior to the Diplomatic Service) I had a five-foot length of grade 70 tractor chain. My swinging chain won the day and all four of them were left badly injured and bleeding in the road.

A close by neighbor in Istanbul was a big hard boiled Marine Recon Gunnery Sergeant in charge of the Consulate’s Marine Security guard detail and I often socialized together. At the end of an evening, we would take his daughter’s baby sitter home. After dropping her, the one-way streets route took us past an area where pimps lined the street. Whenever they saw my car coming, they would spit on the car because we never stopped to get a girl from them.

One morning, I picked up a Turk newspaper to see a picture of a woman with bandaged stumps. Her husband/owner had told her to not leave their home. She had gone out to get food for their children. Because she had disobeyed him, he chopped her feet off. Women are property whether a wife or a slave to be used or abused as a Moslem man wished.

The Consulate had a young Greek woman working for us as a translator. The huge Dolmabachi Palace in Istanbul was where Turk sultans had lived in. She explained that the palace had a huge windowless harem space where over a hundred women were kept. This poor Dhimmi Greek explained to me that it was an honor to be a captive harem slave.??!. The sultan had four wives, all with their own bedroom, and whenever the sultan wished, he’d push a buzzer to call one of them to his bed to take care of his sexual needs. Alternately, he had a room in the harem where he could go in and grab a slave girl to satisfy his sexual needs.

I took a ferry across the Bosphorus Strait to the Asian side of Istanbul and drove out of town with a couple of friendly (westernized) Turks. While traveling down a dirt road, I observed, in the distance, what appeared to be a donkey loaded with cargo. It was being driven by a man using a switch to motivate the poor animal. As we got closer and passed, I saw that the beast of burden had two legs – a woman.

One evening after work, I stopped in a small neighborhood bar for a beer on my way home. Sitting in my booth, I overheard some Turks talking in the next booth and listened in. They had some acid that they were going to use on American sailors during a forthcoming fleet visit. I filed my report the next day. When the fleet arrived, the city was crawling with Turkish military police and local police. There were no incidents.

I traveled to the airport weekly to meet couriers. My assigned driver was an elderly Turk, Hari-bey. One day as we rounded a corner we encountered a huge, very rowdy anti-American demonstration blocking the road. Hari-bey quickly got out of the car, talked go the drivers in front and behind us and all three closed ranks, bumpers touching bumpers to hide our car’s diplomatic license plates (In Turkey, each diplomatic mission’s license plates identified their nationality). Hari-bey then mussed my hair, stuck a cigarette in my mouth and told me to slump down and look surly. I did as ordered. The several hundred strong mob passed by without incident. Hari-bey likely saved my life that day.

Later, Hari-bey taught me that as a young boy, he had witnessed some of the horrible acts that took place during the awful Armenian/Christian genocide that took place after the Turks and their German pals were defeated in WWI. After being stripped, beaten and brutally raped, Christian girls were bound, thrown in heaps and set on fire. Other Christians were stripped and driven into rocky deserts with no provisions where they perished. He was not proud to be a Turk.

I made friends with a senior local employee who handled logistics for the Consulate. He was an Armenian who publicly played the role of Dhimmi, and only after getting to know me let on how much he hated the Turks.

Moslems hate dogs. On the western side of the Bosphorous straits is the Sea of Marmara with several islands, one of which is uninhabitable because of no water. Turk authorities regularly gather homeless dogs off of the streets of Istanbul and transport them to that island where they turn them loose where they cannibalize others or get cannibalized themselves. The Turks think that is great fun.

Korean War: Turkey joined and committed troops to the war against North Korea and China. They drafted Moslem Kurds and Christians, provided basic training and sent them into battle in Korea. These “Turks” earned a reputation as ferocious warriors because genuine Turk officers and non-coms stood behind them with machine guns ready to gun them down if they faltered. Those “fierce” warriors were fighting for their lives!

In 1983, Iranian Shia terrorists blew up our Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 241 Marines. This act caused President Reagan to withdraw US forces from Lebanon. Later, a terrorist drove a stolen embassy Chevy Suburban loaded with explosives into the American embassy in Beirut killing 63 embassy staffers, one of them a close friend of mine. Later, they blew up a part of a replacement embassy, and then part of the embassy in Kuwait.

The Congress provided 50-million dollars to the State Department to “do something”. A Special Projects office was established to do something to better protect about fifty of the most vulnerable embassies and consulates. I had experience in earlier projects where I greatly enhanced the security of a few embassies and I volunteered. I immediately became a key member in an office of about fifty assigned to the task. I was assigned as a team leader responsible for embassies in North Africa and the Persian Gulf, was sent to the Army proving grounds in Aberdeen, Maryland, where I spent time making things go boom and learning about blast physics.

We had intelligence that Iranian/Shia terrorists were putting another truck bomb together to target our embassy at Manama in Bahrain. I assembled a team of experts which included engineers, an architect, etc., and off we went. My budget was five million dollars. We wanted to replace the sand and camel dung perimeter wall around the embassy and its compound. We were denied a permit by the city, the landlord and others. The embassy was a 450- year historical property. Frustrated, we had a few beers after dinner and came up with an idea that called for surrounding the property with big, stout re-enforced planter boxes that would stop a tank. Within three days I had a local contractor making and installing more than ninety 3-foot high, 3-food deep, and 9-feet wide boxes graded three inches into the hard laterite ground, tied together with three strands of cable, with steel beams driven four feet into the ground all around the embassy. We filled the boxes with sand dirt, and shrubs. We put in a serpentine approach lined with planter boxes, and installed 3” floating steel pipes with chains tying them in place so that any vehicle going more than three miles per hour would bounce up against a planter, etc. The job was accomplished using only $500,000.

The Persian terrorists gave up and abandoned their truck bomb project and returned to Iran where a fatwa (lifetime contract for my head) was issued.
After I returned to Washington, DC, a copy of those plans were sent to a base in the desert where two of the boxes were constructed and a radio controlled army deuce-and-a half truck loaded with five tons of sand bags was sent to plow into the two planters at 55 MPH. They barely moved and the truck was destroyed.

Within weeks various government entities such as the park service and GSA were installing round, marble clad, attractive planters at the White House, the Supreme Court and other government buildings all over Washington, DC as well as around the country. Unable to drive suicide bomb trucks into buildings, another plan was hatched: hijacked airplanes on 9/11/2001.

The American Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan was in the center of town with no setback from a possible blast. I designed a really sturdy wall with a concave exterior. A truck bomb went later off next to the Consulate and some of our staff were badly shaken up but uninjured. The concave feature directed the blast forces away from our building. Dozens of pedestrians in the street were killed. Parts of the truck carrying the bomb landed a mile away.

I applied my knowledge and understanding and all of the other embassies that I was responsible for ended up well protected.

After retiring and settling in Riverside County in California, I became a volunteer Subject Matter Expert (Islam) with a couple of Sheriff Departments, etc. I participated with the FBI’s Joint Terror Task Force who, I suspect in one instance of alerting Los Angeles area Moslems that I was onto one of their plots. I am no longer an FBI fan because the FBI has been compromised with Moslems among their ranks.

Working together with others, we got British MP and Moslem convert, George Galloway blocked from making a planned trip to San Diego where he was scheduled to address a very large banquet with mostly Afghanis and Pakistanis in the audience. Four of us attended that meeting wearing various body cams and listening devices where we recorded the audience and Galloway on a closed circuit hookup. We were not looked upon kindly.

Later, with a friend, I attended a large Moslem event near Disneyland where Tariq Ramadan (grandson of Moslem Brotherhood founder Hasan al Bana) spoke. We were the only two non-Moslems in the audience. Ramadan told the Moslems to be patient while they grew (insidiously like capillaries or a cancer in our bodies) in numbers sufficient to take over America.

I was invited to Camp Pendleton to speak to about 150 Sergeants and officers who would be leading Marines into battle with Iraqis following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. I spoke, teaching Marine leaders about Moslem thinking, culture, attitudes, and reasoning, etc., and what they might encounter there. General “Mad Dog” Mattis was the Commanding General and after he learned about my appearance, he ordered that I not be invited again. No reason given.

Islamists in Temecula, CA acquired some land and applied for permission to build a 44,000 square foot monster Mosque. I got involved and with several dozen other patriots worked to thwart that monster. Not only did the Moslems but many others involved with the pro-Islam Interfaith community (of Mormons, misguided Dhimmi Infidel Christians, etc.) opposed us.

After a prolonged public debate over several months, the City Council fearing retribution from Obama’s Department of Injustice agreed to a seriously downsized 4,000 square foot Mosque with a host of restrictive covenants and conditions. Another lifetime fatwa was issued against me.

I have worked with patriots across the nation thwarting Mosque projects, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

I had a friend who worked at the World Trade Center in New York. He was out of his office when terrorists destroyed the WTC so he was unscathed. Not too bright Dhimmi President George Bush announced that Islam was a religion of peace.

Barak Hussein Obama set wheels in motion to greatly help in the destruction of America. His Dhimmi sycophant Biden is following Hussein’s orders today. After being sworn in, Dhimmi Biden announced that he would install a Moslem in a high position in every federal agency. We are in big trouble.

WOKEISM is a Moslem tool, and the WOKE leadership at the Pentagon are working hard to eviscerate our armed forces.

We desperately need to elect President Trump again to SAVE AMERICA. Any alternative would be the death knell of our republic.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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