China lies and people die. China cheats and people suffer.

For more than three years, President Trump has been bending over backwards to develop a mutually respectful relationship between China and the USA. He has been very respectful of China’s President Xi, even complimentary as he worked to level the playing field.

Last fall, the COVID-19 (Wuhan China virus) started killing people in China and news of the outbreak was muted for months before courageous people started to inform the world. Chinese were jailed, killed, or disappeared as the virus spread.

China has no respect for the greatest President that America has ever had, or for America, and this treachery clearly shows that.

President Trump has been betrayed. We Americans have been betrayed

We’ve had toxic adulterated baby formula, toxic drywall, leaded paint on children’s toys, toxic adulteration of pet food, toxic candy & tooth paste, carcinogenic fish, MERS, Swine Flu, Asian Flu, SARS, H1N1, and now the Wuhan china virus, aka COVID-19. The above list is likely a short list. There will be more to come.

China’s Wuhan virus is an escaped TOP SECRET biological weapon that was not yet perfected. Careless handling at the highest level of biological (P-4) containment facility let it loose.

This is a blessing in disguise. Had the Chinese Wuhan virus been perfected and then released (as opposed to escaping) in America and the west, the effects would have been gruesomely devastating, providing an agenda 21 form of the Malthus Theory of extinction.

Given time, the Chinese would have perfected their Wuhan virus by whatever name du jour and then developed a vaccination for their own people, but not available to the world. For anyone or any nation to obtain that critical vaccination, they would have to supplicate themselves, submit to blackmail, and convert to Chinese style Communism or suffer horrible consequences.

Let this be a wake-up call to review and update all of our emergency planning and preparedness.

We need to renew and vastly improve our intelligence gathering in China (and elsewhere) so that we know what’s going on. Jimmy Carter destroyed some of our intelligence capabilities in this area, and we still need to overcome that deficiency.

We must STOP depending on China or any other country for our vital medical equipment and medical supplies. Our American industries need to streamline and modernize in order to rapidly provide sufficient quality and quantities of materials and supplies, including, vaccines as well as prescription and non-prescription medications at competitive prices. This would include taxing the hell out of certain imports (China today, and whoever is next) that are illegally subsidized or have below market prices based on other forms of currency manipulation and skullduggery.

We must be prepared to deal effectively in times of pandemic or related biological, nuclear, or chemical war inflicted emergencies. To be effective, we must have appropriate triage training to identify and to deal adequately with the genuinely ill, the well but worried, and the hypochondriacs.

We have a shortage of hospital beds. We must be reminded that Obama moved to curtail the construction of new hospitals which is now a deadly rooster coming home to roost with a shortage of hospital beds. We need more private hospitals and multi-purpose facilities that can quickly be converted to hospital use such as schools, university dormitories, even hotels. We need portable hospitals that can be rapidly deployed to hot spots.

Our multiple levels and types of first responders at all levels must have priority protection. This is an imperative. At this juncture, we have failed miserably when doctors are being told to wear cloth bandanas for protection.

We are supposed to have a Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) with sufficient fresh stocks of critical medical supplies, equipment, and medications for our nation. What happened to it? How did it get depleted? When did this happen? If the SNS is so minimal or has been depleted, heads at the CDC, the DHS, and HHS need to roll. Inept bureaucrats screwed up big time and innocent people have suffered and even died.

If we are subjected to any form of chemical, radiological, or biological attack, we must be prepared to take care of our 350 million Americans, and to reciprocate promptly with overwhelmingly lethal responses, and all of our foes (not just China and the Russians) need to understand that they will suffer far more serious consequences than anything that they can do to harm us.

It is good that we have overlapping, redundant independent intelligence agencies (China has three competing intelligence agencies; the Russians, two, and others, two or more) involved both defensively as well as offensively in this, a critical national defense interest. Ditto for national health protection. Having Competition is not only good, but it is essential and must be compartmentalized to avoid weakening our efforts.

Our health system needs to be bolstered to provide more timely responses. Initially we did not do well, but stepped up in a very short time and we are responding quickly by identifying and going forward rapidly to care for those most vulnerable to the Wuhan China virus.

We allowed shameful hoarding to take place and empty store shelves. Some outlets set some rules to curb hoarding while others like COSTCO and SAM’S CLUB allowed their shelves to be picked clean.

The only people not seriously affected by these shortages were prudent preppers and Mormons.

We and our responsible political and business leaders at all levels need to look into this mess and to come up with appropriate guidelines to assure that our strategic medical supplies are continuously adequate. We must incentivize local manufacturers and protect them so that we can respond in a timely manner to emergencies.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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