Coming to Your Neighborhood
And the FBI is Useless
By James E. Horn

The worst mass murder in recent America history took place at Orlando, Florida, on June 12th, 2016. The murderer was a Moslem, an Islamist, a terrorist. Born in the USA, he was unable to assimilate and be an American. His radicalization began at his home, and Mateen self-identified as an enemy of America, continued his radicalization, made his plans and carried them out.

The President found himself in a quandary: Here was a beloved fellow Moslem who murdered a large number of Obama’s beloved LGBT community. What to do? Obama went ahead and blamed the shootings on civilized Americans, on Christians, on guns, saying anything but telling the truth. Congressman Joe Wilson called Obama out with loud shout “You Lie!” at the 2008 State of The Union address. Things, they haven’t changed.

The Ford Hood murders of 13 Americans, the Little Rock shoot-em-up of a recruiting station, the murders of military personnel at Chattanooga, thirteen civilians at a state office building in San Bernardino, California (all designated as no-gun zones, even for trained and skilled weapons handlers like Army soldiers and Marines) were all deemed by Obama and his administration to be criminal acts when they, each and every one of them, were Islamist terror attacks.

Administration officials refer to these Islamist terrorist savages as “lone wolf” killers. Not so! It’s true that these were all technically loners, but they had been radicalized, in touch with mentors who taught hate, taught how to plan, encouraged them, others who supported them in one way or another, and who then sent them on their bloody paths.

Wherever people gather in America, we need to know that we may be the next targets of Islamist, Moslem terrorists bent on murder, destruction, and mayhem.
Not all Islamist attacks use guns. We have experienced hundreds, even thousands of fires likely initiated by Islamists. Fire investigative reports too often indicate that they don’t know the cause (undetermined) of the fires or that they are man-started with no suspects available. These are costly and dangerous economic crimes and the seeds and details of execution of fires have come from Islamist publications such as Dabiq, and other ISIS/Al Qaeda sources.
Reportedly, these savages were investigated by the FBI at one point or another, and the FBI dropped the ball in each case. This is dismal news of the FBI abjectly failing in their duty. In the fifteen years since 9/11, FBI investigations have led to 101 convictions of Islamist plotters, etc. This is pitiful. I have to acknowledge that the FBI has its hands tied by foolish laws, but just as much if not more so, it involves the extensive infiltration (read INFILTRATION, by Paul Sperry, MOSLEM MAFIA by Dave Gaubatz, my three books listed below) of the FBI by Moslems and sympathizers of Islam who block investigations, muddy the investigative process, intimidate witnesses and others, and cause the ball to be dropped.

Following the lead of Obama, too many leaders – politicians such as House speaker Paul Ryan seem to be willfully naïve about Islam’s intentions in America. These intentions are to destroy our Constitution and to impose Islamic laws, harsh, unforgiving laws with adjudication carried out by religious zealots, not legitimate courts of law.

For a year, I have been telling people that the leading Islamist entity in America, the Moslem Brotherhood has actually been working to keep the lid tamped down on Islamic violence. They don’t want their dear brother, Barak Hussein Obama to be too embarrassed. However, when the new President takes his place in the White House next January, all bets will be off, and truly large-scale attacks will commence. COUNT ON IT!

It seems that a new mosque, masjid, madrasa, Islamic Center or whatever word du jour meaning the same thing is being opened every day or so in America. A recent report claimed over 2300 mosques, and many dozens of no-go zones (Islamberg camps) are fully functioning. The Islamberg style camps are places where Moslems have boot camps, teach shooting, knife usage, martial arts and other deadly skills. Every one of these plus all of the other Islamist facilities should be considered to be FOBs (military style Forward Operating Bases).

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to them as Islamist FOBs. They compel other Moslems to attend activities such as five-times per-day prayer sessions where the FOB leader instructs from the Koran, Mohammed’s biography, and the many volumes of the Hadiths. Those instructions based on Mohammed’s teachings, recitals, actions, and such are all about hating non-Moslems, dominating, using, abusing, and enslaving girls and women. Lessons are about theft, killing, torture, lawfare, tactics, and more. It is all directed at establishing totalitarian control and domination which will result in lives of fear, poverty, misery and suffering such as is found in all 57-Moslem countries.

Do you recall the many reports of “Honor” killings that were taking place where fathers were shooting their daughters, running them over, brothers were killing sisters, and so forth because these girls and women seemed to be happy, too happy. We haven’t read or heard much about these killings any more, have we? Have they suddenly stopped? No! These acts are now being carried out at the FOBs away from public scrutiny or publicity. Girls and women are still being murdered, probably at an increasing pace, and the FBI and other authorities are blind to this. This also sets an example for other Moslem females who may get ideas about becoming free. They will suffer severe consequences.

James E. Horn is a retired Diplomat who served in Islamic countries for over a decade. He is the author of three books: EXPERIENCING ISLAM (becoming Islam-Aware) which was censored by the CIA; MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN (Islam is Toxic for Females); and Islam in the Workplace (Managing Moslems on the job).

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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