Something That Trump May Want To Fix
By James E. Horn (

House Un-American Activities Committee
I have been around this place for a while and have developed some strong political and people instincts. With years comes a degree of wisdom connected to a knowledge of history and social anthropology. After many years working in the American Intelligence and National Security community, I have a reasonably clear understanding of the threats facing our precious Republic, the United States of America. I study available information, facts, and figures from multiple sources and form my own opinions.

Armed with knowledge and cognitive skills, with an ability to connect dots, I am therefore a pro-American Patriot first and foremost. I support Donald Trump for President.

Over the past sixty or so years, I have seen a gradual transformation of America from a strong, self-confident nation of doers and fixers to something that makes me feel sorry for our future, the future generations who may one day wake up to find themselves enslaved.

Our written and broadcast news media used to provide factual information relatively free of bias. Journalists received educations and proceeded to report the news fairly and objectively. Over the years however, liberals (Communists, Socialists, and their fellow travelers) have greatly influenced the educational system and changed it from what taught journalists to reason things out open mindedly and to think, to a system that indoctrinates students to be narrow minded and hypocritical, and to report in a biased manner – to ignore the truth and to propagandize. We see this in biased polls from major media outlets, to “putting the fix in” with “moderators” to the disadvantage of one candidate and to benefit another in debates and TV interviews. I would hope that Donald Trump, as President would provide some consequences to these poisonously biased and bigoted propaganda organizations and individuals.

I avoid watching some of these propaganda organizations and individuals on TV or reading their written words. I’ve found that I can get more accurate information from non-American outlets over the internet. I can only speculate that this is why the liberals (Obama, Hillary, and others) want so desperately to cede control of the internet to un-American entities that hate our precious Constitution and want to censor the information that we get.

America is for Americans. We need to get foreign influences out of our media. We need to make sure that only Americans own our media and sit in editorial rooms and boards of directors, not surrogates owned and controlled by the haters. Legislation will be needed, and then citizen investigators who report on such un-American activities get rewarded. For starters, the petrol funded or controlled, civilizationophobes such as the 67 members of the OIC who now run the UN (and fund Islamo-terrorism worldwide) should be forced to divest their investments in our American media or have them seized.

The world’s need for energy has created a huge thirst for petroleum, and with the establishment of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cartel charging usury prices for energy, this is a major and urgent problem.

The OPEC members have not only stashed their trillions of dollars in western banks, they have bought huge quantities of stocks, even controlling quantities in those banks. Every non-Moslem nation needs to step up and force divestment from our banks and return control to the decent, hard-working, honest citizens of their countries.

In America and elsewhere, the OPEC has paid out billions in under-the-table bribes to politicians – dozens of Senators, hundreds of Congressmen, Governors, and state legislators – to ensure that we remain energy dependent. Obama and Hillary (and bought and paid for political hacks) are beneficiaries of these monies and this is clearly the basis for their steadfast opposition to things like the Keystone pipeline and blocking American oil companies from federal lands (another reason why Obama has seized hundreds and hundreds of thousands of acres of land from various owners and many states to stop exploitation of our vast energy resources).

In 1938 the Congress established the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) which worked to uncover disloyal subversives and traitors in America as we were heading for war with the AXIS. The Committee also undertook to investigate what they found to be a far more ominous threat – Communism. During this tumultuous period, Communist traitors and subversives such as the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss were uncovered. Communist subversives were identified, and admittedly, there were excesses that were widely condemned at the time but which have been ultimately proven to be generally accurate.

The HUAC was renamed the Internal Security Committee (ISC) in 1969. As the ISC, the focus changed to terrorism and radicalism, something that we desperately need today. The Committee was roundly hated by many Democrats and Civil-Libertarians who had direct as well as indirect ties to Communism, along with being very sympathetic to others who hated America. The left succeeded in killing the ISC off in 1975 during the 94th session of the U.S. Congress which was under control of the Democratic Party. Liberal Democrat, Carl Albert was the presiding Speaker of the House when this un-American action took place. Years later, it was learned that some of our top nuclear scientists such as Robert Oppenheimer were committed Communists who (thanks to the Liberals, Socialists, and Communists in our Congress managed to turn over our nuclear secrets to the USSR.

In recent years, William Clinton has released technology to places such as China; Jimmy Carter divulged critical rocketry and nuclear secrets to the Mullah’s in Iran and to the Pakistanis. Obama has bent over backward to surreptitiously enable the North Koreans and Iranians to enhance their rocketry and nuclear capabilities to the point where they can soon pose a genuine threat to the Americas.

We can no longer put a military jet fighter or helicopter in the air that doesn’t have Chinese made electronics. It is critical that we regain our technological leads and start making these critical components here, in America with cleared American workers. We should never have to beg the Chinese for parts and pieces to keep our aircraft airworthy enough to challenge the Chinese for air superiority.

Hillary Clinton has lied to Congressional and Senatorial committees and federal agencies such as the FBI about her role in Benghazi, Libya, releases of classified information over insecure communications channels, and more. She is at this point an unindicted felon, and Obama is protecting this elitist from the same type of prosecution and punishment afforded to four-star generals and rear rank privates. How can any person who has a shred of decency and morality in their bodies vote for this woman?

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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