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By James E. Horn,



Is our involvement in Syria and Iraq SCHITZOPHRENIC?


Many in leadership positions such as National Security Director McMaster and Secretary of Defense Mattis are woefully ignorant about the ideology of Islam as are most of their staffs and advisors.  They have been Politically Correct for far too long which has led to this willful ignorance of what and who we are dealing with in the Middle East.  This is a tragedy.


Islam has been split between two sides for about 1200 years.  There are two major tribes and their hatred of one-another is intractable.


One tribe are the Sunnis, which includes the Wahhabis and some fellow travelers.  They include most of the Moslem world starting with their chief financier, Saudi Arabia.  For the sake of simplicity here, I’ll call this gang the SS which includes the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan, al Qaeda, ISIS, DAESH, and other alphabet soup monikers.  They are SS.


The other are the Shia of Iran and Iraq which includes the Alawites of Syria.  For the sake of simplicity, I’ll call these the SA.  Hezbollah is a part of the SA.


Both are sharia compliant fundamentalists, hate the civilized west, and live for the death and destruction of us and one-another.


We cannot choose sides because no matter what we do, we will be the fall guy, the hated foreigners sticking our noses into their business, despised by one and all.


President Trump has vowed to destroy ISIS, which is SS, and we’ve been working to do this for years.  This war on SS’s ISIS benefits the SA.

Last week the SA used a WMD in a gas attack on the SS in Syria.

President Trump attacked the SA in Syria which benefitted the SS’s ISIS.


Yeah, take some time to wrap your head around this.  We are now taking both sides – simultaneously helping both tribes while attacking both tribes.  Schizophrenic?


The media, and government officials are claiming that Assad attacked his own people.  TILT!  Fake news!  Willful ignorance at its best!  Assad, a member of the greater SA tribe – in keeping with a long standing 1200-year tradition attacked the hated SS tribe.


We defeated Saddam Hussein, a leader in the SS tribal branch in Iraq and turned the country over to the SA who have been exacting savage, barbaric revenge on SS tribal members for a decade.  It will not stop.


Mosul, in Anbar province has been a homeland to SS tribals for about six hundred years.  We are now helping the SA to ‘liberate’ SS Mosul by driving SS tribal members from a traditional SS homeland.  Does this make sense?  Or, will this become another cause for the SS to wage even more savage warfare against us and the SA.


The Iraq/Syria theatre (in military terms) does not meet the definition of a quagmire (defined as soft, wet ground).  There is no appropriate counter-term that would define what I will now refer to as a sandmire (a sand pit) which aptly describes much of Iraq and Syria.  Include Iran and we can call it the Greater Iran, a creature of our own doing.


We’ve been involved in battles in the sand mire for 27-years, since Iraq invaded Kuwait. [Before that, we assisted SS member Saddam in his long war with SA Iran.] We’ve squandered thousands of precious American lives and multiple billions of our treasure.


Most recently, we’ve been sending increasing numbers of our troops over there to fight (with the SA) against the SS.  But, just this week, we joined forces with the SS to wage war against the SA.


We, our leadership, our media, our ‘intelligentsia’, the elitists in academia, have no real idea regarding who or what we are dealing with after 27-years without a clear victory. Might it be time to pack up and get out until we have a clear understand of who and what we are dealing with regarding this eternal war between the SS and SA tribes.


Who does know and understand:  The Moslem Brotherhood in America.  Russia knows.


The creators of the Balfour Declaration that chopped the Ottoman empire into countries occupied by both SS and SA members understand, too.  For the British and French, it was a classically clever  example of divide and conquer – keep both sides in permanent strife against one another to protect the greater civilized world.


Russia’s involvement is clearly defined and simple.  The SS have attacked Russia’s southern flank for a thousand years, including being allied with Hitler in WWII.  Russia hates the SS – the Turk branch in particular.  Accordingly, allying themselves with the SA makes good strategic sense to them and letting the SS and SA to butcher one-another is fine.  It keeps from killing more Russians.


Our involvement, with great willful ignorance influenced by the Moslem Brotherhood (MB) in America leaves us flopping around all over the place like schizophrenics.


What should we do?  What is actually good for America?

Recognize that the Moslem Brotherhood is a dedicated hard core sharia compliant Civilization phobic organization that has infiltrated our government and insinuated itself all over America.

  • Follow the lead of several relatively level headed, mature, and responsible Moslem nations and outlaw the Moslem Brotherhood and the alphabet soup initials identifying their dozens of subordinate anti-American entities in America. This has been proposed to President Trump who inexplicably has been waffling – which provides great benefit to the America hating MB – the SS whose worldwide SS members finance and support ISIS, al Qaeda and others, and who recruit Moslems from America to engage in hostilities (mostly anti-American or anti-Western) of one form or another all over the world.
  • Take out the SA’s Iranian nuclear weapons programs. The Russians understand that when their honeymoon with the SA eventually ends, the SA (Iran) will unquestionably aim their nukes at Russia.
  • Consider joining with Russia to provide all of the conventional arms to both the SS and SA that they need so that they can keep killing one-another which will reduce their attacks on us. This will also suit the “New World Order’ and Agenda 21 population reduction goals, especially regarding the SA and SS who have enormous birth rates.








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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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