France, dying

France: je ne t’aime plus encore! … (France: I don’t love you any more!)
James E. (Jim) Horn

The French-American love/hate relationship has always been in flux. I’ve traveled to France several times, enjoyed its art, culture, cosine, and night life. I’ve known, partied, and worked with wonderful French people. I won’t consider going there now.

France came to our side during the American revolution which we may not have won without French support. France supported the United States in our other conflicts with the British. For this we love and are forever beholding to France.

We returned the favor – twice:

4,700,000 Americans fought in the horrible European trenches in World War I, 116,516 died and about 320,000 were wounded or became ill.

More than 2,000,0000 Americans served in the European theater during WWII. 275,000 Americans were killed with an estimated 350,000 wounded.

France colonized much of West Africa, parts of North Africa, a small part of South America (an infamously brutal penal colony), and Laos and Vietnam. The French lost most of their colonial empire after WWII, but tried desperately to retain Moslem Algeria, parts of which they annexed but lost in a brutal insurgency that lasted from 1948 until 1962 when the Algerians gained independence.

“France is now a victim of its own excesses and frankly, stupidity that created mass immigration to the great detriment of France and its European citizens. France is no longer French.” — James E. Horn

France is now a victim of its own excesses and frankly, stupidity that created mass immigration to the great detriment of France and its European citizens. France is no longer French.

Citizens of the annexed territories were given a type of French citizenship that allowed them to travel (migrate) freely to France. More than 200,000 French nationals (nicknamed Pied-Noir for their black shoed wardrobes) remained in Algeria as Algerian citizens.

The Moslem Algerians have not assimilated well and are hostile to their French hosts and nation where the fast growing immigrant communities live on welfare in self-imposed sharia governed enclaves-ghettoes that are no-go zones for non-Moslems. About 20% of Paris is no-go

The often willfully blind or ignorant European French are increasingly under attack and may soon be in danger of extinction via their self-imposed multiculturalism. Yet, they still arrogantly vote for the fool, Macron and other leftists from their own shrinking Lalaland communities.

A transformation is in the making as France is being swallowed up and is no longer distinctly French.

France welcomed Jews who fled the Nazis seeking a safe haven that is no longer safe for them. Moslems assault Jews daily. Jewish lives are in jeopardy and they need to hide or to camouflage their Jewishness to avoid being attacked. Synagogues are being abandoned and/or destroyed regularly. France is losing its valuable Jewish members as they flee to safer places.

Christian churches are attacked, profaned, and desecrated daily, whether with graffiti, paint and excrement, hammers, or by arsonists. The most egregious attack was the arson created near-destruction of the fabulous, famous Notre Damme Cathedral that lying, cowardly French authorities claimed was accidental before the first fire brigade arrived at the scene.

Moslem slums abut against some of the Cathedral walls. A robed Moslem was videoed walking on a Cathedral balcony moments before the fire erupted. However, the fire was unintended, accidental, right? If you believe that, I have a tower in Paris for sale.

Appeasement focused French authorities are so cowed that they won’t openly report the multitudes of crimes committed by Moslems. Moslems daily engage in thefts, assaults, rapes, kidnappings with young French women being sold in slave markets. Even some murders occur which the cowed authorities won’t investigate properly or to take appropriate action, or even report properly.

Shamefully, the French people and their government are willingly abetting their own not-so-slow extinction by bureaucratic and cultural suicide. What happened? France, once a great nation had its Charles Martel who defeated the Moslems at Tours – which began the eventual rout of the hateful and despised Moslems from the Iberian Peninsula.

France is not alone in Europe, mostly Western Europe. The British while under the solidly pro-Moslem former Prime Minister Teresa May are going down the tubes as fast as France. Belgium will be Moslem Majority in twenty years. Holland is sickening as is Merkel’s Germany. The rape capital of the world, Sweden, is in serious trouble. But, Scandinavians are slowly awakening and starting to take measures with serious deportations of Moslems and increasing restrictions on their immigration. We may see open civil war against socialists and Islamists in Scandinavia soon, the sooner the better IMHO.

“Eastern Europeans are not only saying no, but hell no to Moslem immigration/migration.” — James E. Horn

Eastern Europeans are not only saying no, but hell no to Moslem immigration/migration. Poland, Belarus, the Czechs, the Slovaks, Croatia, the Romanians, and Hungarians know better. After all, Moslem slave takers seized thousands of “Slavs” (slaves) during their many years trying to conquer Europe. Italy has suffered at the hands of Moslems for centuries. Austrians have experienced Islam with repeated attempts by Turks to conquer Europe through the gateway of Vienna. Russia has been fending off Moslems attacking its southern flank for a thousand years.

A few years ago, I laughed at the term “Eurabia”. Not any longer as the tragic conquest of Europe by Islamic hijra moves further along every day.

I fear that by the time the Cathedral of Notre Dame is rebuilt, it will be a Mosque.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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