Learn just bit to understand Islam better

*Terms, practices, or words used regularly in Mosques in the USA, in dealings with Americans, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

Arabic/Islamic words and terms that we Kufar (kafirs), dhimmi, non-Moslem infidels will find helpful and clarifying.

Understanding Moslem values and ethics will remove your confusion and inability to comprehend Moslem thinking.

Arab word meaning Slave. Abdulla, Abdalla and other derivatives means a man who is a slave to Allah.

Chutzpah, audacity, arrogance

Arab word meaning female Slave to Allah.
There are over forty (40) words in Arabic describing female slaves. These words serve to categorize female slaves (farm hands, house servants sex toys, etc.) and provide an identifiable classification helpful in determining their value. To learn more details, please read the book: MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN.

Arab word for negro, slave. There is no differentiation in Arabic for slave or for black African. The two are synonymous. Mohammed derisively referred to blacks as raisin heads.

Moslem self-segregation in western, civilized societies.

Title of Islamic supreme leaders following the death of Mohammed. There is no Caliph today. A goal of Islam is a restoration of the Caliphate, a harsh and unrelenting ruling of the world WITHOUT the consent of those governed, i.e. world-wide slavery where females and non-Moslems are subject to all of the primitive physical, political, and mental barbarity that Islam has historically bestowed on people.

In Koran 4:34 – Mohammed tells Moslems to “beat” disobedient wives. This is a divine sanction established by Mohammed who in his Hadiths gives lessons on when, why, and how to beat a woman, generally (but not always) using a firm (solid, heavy), freshly cut branch from a tree.

DARURA (see also taqiyyah)*
“Darura” in Arabic means “necessity.” The Arabs and Muslims understand this idea. “Necessity” can even justify violating explicit Islamic prohibitions. A Moslem may, if starving, eat pork. A Moslem should, to protect the faith or his/herself or any other indiscretion, lie to Infidels — lie about Islam itself, lie about their own belief in Islam, even lie about Mohammed. It’s called Taqiyyah, and it’s used to seduce ignorant, foolish people.

Land of war, arena of battle. Regions or people not under Islamic rule, i.e. the United States, Europe, China, etc.

Lands of Submission/peace. Regions, or people under Islamic control.

Islamist missionary who0se mission is to convert non-Moslems to Islam by whatever means, mostly based on deception. (See Takiyya)

DHIMMI (The Insulted Ones)*
The inferior, second/third-class status of non-Muslims. Dhimmis are to be oppressed and must passively accept this. They are compelled to be servile and are subjected to rules delineating their lower status vis-à-vis Moslems, special taxes, confiscation of property, including children (such as conscription into military service such as the Iranians and Iraqis have done in recent decades with Jews and Christians used to clear mine fields), forced marriages of children (girls only) to Moslems, few rights, and very limited privileges, etc. Dhimmis are to be subjected daily to humiliation or more to include robbery, beatings, imposition of harsh rules, mistreatment, even mutilation and death. There is no punishment of Islamists/Moslems for what they do to Dhimmis.

Dhimmis do not believe that Mohammed was a prophet, but they never (under threat of death) say or do anything that would displease a Moslem or offend Islam. Dhimmis are obliged to condemn any analysis that is critical of Islam. Fearful of retribution, they often don’t want to discuss Islam. Out of fear of retribution, dhimmis will often fiercely protect Islam (Stockholm Syndrome, Mohammed Syndrome).

In Darb al Harb: Many fools outside of Islam have seemingly already begun accepting dhimmi status to Moslem superiority or dominance which will eventually lead to Islamist dominance whereby the dhimmis will accept oppression – of forsaking the will and dignity to resist. These dhimmis are often ignorant liberals such as Britain’s Prince Charles, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others who seem to remain willfully ignorant of Islam. An apologist for Islam, a political dhimmi outside of Moslem territory is a useful fool, a tool for destroying civilized cultures. This would include any non-Moslem politician who parrots the Darura and Taqiyyah (lies and deception) that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Islam has been hijacked by a very few violent terrorists.

An important element of a marriage, it is in fact the purchase price for the woman being sold into bondage by her family.

There are several ‘eid’ festivals for a variety of reasons. Most are subject to the appearance of the moon, etc. This practice dates back to early pagan Arab worship of the moon, and this “moon worship” seems to have been retained by Mohammed to become Islamic festivals.

An Islamic political or religious ruling issued by a Moslim clerical leader, often a condemnation of an individual who does or says anything insulting or offensive about the Koran or Mohammed. It may include a sentence of death upon, and include a bounty for that person’s death. Such was the case when the Ayatollah Khomeni issued a fatwa calling for the death of Salmon Rushdie who wrote a book in which he ridiculed Islam and Mohammed. (Dozens of Rushdie’s collaborators have been murdered.) This very glossary is offensive to Islam, the Koran, Mohammed, Moslems, etc., and may be worthy of a fatwa.

The pride, honor, self-respect, and sacred jealousy of Moslem men: Is about the absolute control of a woman’s body and sexuality in all of its forms.

HADITH (AHADITH is the plural)*
The collected anecdotal, treated as gospel reports of words, pronouncements, and deeds of Mohammed. There are five major collections, one numbering about 7,000. The Ahadith are primary in importance to the Koran which is mostly about allah. The Ahadiths are all about Mohammed, and include how he wanted women and minorities Dhimmnis to be treated. They support the Koran and Shari laws. They are basically the rules governing all Moslem thinking, behavior, law, economics, warfare, etc.
People can insult the Koran and allah and often get a pass, but nobody dares to insult Mohammed. Mohammed is more important in Islam than allah.

Mandatory once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca and the Kabba. The Kabba is a prehistoric black stone that is sacred to Islamists.

Sharia approved. Halal meat must be killed in approved fashion by slitting the animal’s throat and letting it slowly bleed to death. Halal cooking is special.
Halal banking is Sharia approved discrimination where Moslems get banking privileges, interest rates, preferences that non-Moslems don’t get. FYI: Moslems have taken a controlling interest in many, many U.S. and European banks and are installing elements of Sharia financing. Sharia is seditious in that it promotes a violent overthrow of the U.S. constitution and government. Sharia finance does not meet standards of accountability and transparency with traceability. Some profits from Sharia finance are required to be sent to Islamic charities, which in turn support terrorist acts directed against the United States.

Forbidden. Many things in Islamic societies are Haram, a term not to be taken lightly because Haram is enforced, and can be justification for harsh forms of discipline such as public flogging, prison, even hanging or being beheaded.
In Moslem countries, it is haram for Christians to own a copy of or to study the Koran.
It is haram to question (study, analyze) or criticize Islam, Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, or allah.
It is haram to express one’s free thoughts or exercise one’s freedom of expression. Under Islam it is haram to exercise one’s rights of expression as laid out in the First Amendment to our Constitution.

Assassin. Often under the influence of drugs such as hashish, thus the root of the word hashassin – assassin. Today they are mostly suicide bombers. Highly recruited are those found to be HIV positive or harboring other blood borne diseases, so their blood spatter and debris can infect others.

Also hejira or higra. Mohammed’s hasty night time skulking departure from Mecca in 622 A.D. to avoid being put to death. This date marks the beginning of the Moslem (lunar) calendar.
Any mass movement of Moslems is a hijra, intended to invade, conquer, subjugate the local. Indigenous populations.

The term Hirabah refers to public terrorism in a stealth war against society and civilization. In legal terminology, it is defined as “spreading mischief in the land,” but its precise meaning, as defined by Professor Khalid Abou el Fadl, is “killing or destroying by stealth and targeting a defenseless victim in a way intended to cause terror in society.” This is the Islamic definition of terrorism.
Hirabah includes filing lawsuits (lawfare) against Americans for any deed they proclaim is hurtful to them. Anything that offends them is something they can and will file a suit over, calling honest discussions hate speech. Referring to historical facts that may be unpleasant for Islamists are hate speech.

A treaty during jihad based on deception. A treaty that gives Islamists a break, a time to back off, to regroup, and prepare for a new attack.

Slave to the will of Allah – The real but complex meaning of this is Hurriyya is the so-called freedom to be a totally mindless (and willfully ignorant of other things) follower of Islam in all things, religious, cultural, political, emotional, etc.

Arabic for Satan

Spiritual leader of a Mosque (sunni).

Unbeliever, Non-Moslem, Kafir, Enemy of allah or Mohammed, such as Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, etc.
Infidels are to be despised, cheated, made war upon, etc.

According to Islamic doctrine, only Moslems can be innocent. All infidels/kafirs are unclean and cannot be considered innocent under any circumstances.
Thus, when a kafir or infidel (Jewish Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, etc.) child or infant is murdered by a Moslem, it is OK, because the victim was not innocent in any case. Or, when an Afghani, Iraqi, Arab, or any other Moslem carrying a rifle and shooting at American soldiers is killed, the Moslem is an innocent civilian. The 9/11 attacks resulted in the deaths of nineteen (19) “innocents” (the hijackers), and about 3000 guilty or condemned non-Moslems

Anything referred to as an Interfaith Dialogue, Coexist coalition, etc. is a beguiling Trojan Horse charade to be used to advance the cause of Islam. All who are involved who are not Moslems, are destined to become dhimmis.

The Arabic word “islam” is defined as submission, or surrender: The people who have completely surrendered their free will as thinking, reasoning, moral human beings, and who are wholly and completely submissive to the harsh, unrelenting rules that Mohammed claimed were handed down to him by allah.

A modern word coined by an Islamist organization with the intent of imposing contempt and ridicule on anyone who stands opposed to Islam and it’s political, cultural, fascist, militant, colonial goals in subjugating the world to Islamist law (sharia).

Established by the Ottoman Turks. Janissaries were sons of conquered people who were forcefully recruited (jizya blood tax, below) from the dhimmi class of Christians and Jews into a military force serving the Sultan. They were then trained from childhood to become efficient, brutal fighters in a disciplined military force reportedly renowned for their vicious savagery which earned them privileges, respect, and acceptance when they eventually became Moslems.
Moslem Turkish officers and noncoms in fact followed the Janissaries into battle and any who faltered were killed by their “leaders”. So, the Janissaries fought savagely for their very lives.
This is the same tactic that the Turks used in places like Korea with Kurdish and Christian conscripts who likewise earned reputations for being fearless, formidable, and ferocious. The Turkish Kurds/Christians knew that if they faltered their Turkish superiors would shoot them in the back. Like the Janissaries, the Turkish Christian, Jewish, and Kurdish conscripts were desperately fighting for their very lives.

ALL Moslems are required to participate in jihad either as a warrior or in a support role. It refers to the ‘struggle one must undertake to impose Islam on all non-Muslims’ by hook or by crook; by the sword if necessary. This is a requirement of the Koran. Jihadists who kill or who are killed in war are promised immediate acceptance into paradise, with its’ ever-flowing rivers of wine, milk, and honey, lovely young virgins and a luxurious existence. Some of the hadith specify 72 ever virgin maidens, slaves, plus 28 pre-pubescent boys for the jihadist’s wanton sexual pleasure. Jihad also but very (distantly) secondarily means the “struggle” one deals with to control one’s desires, passions and natural impulses.

Arabic for “spirit”. A ghost.

A special tax (protection money – much like the early American Mafia/gangsters required of shopkeepers – the precursor to modern insurance) levied against Kafirs who have chosen to submit to the domination of Islam rather than to fight and/or die. Typically this is about 20% of one’s annual earnings. A blood jizya can also be collected: It entails the surrender of one of a family’s children for forced conversion to Islam, to be a servant (slave), forced into an undesired marriage (concubine), forced military service (such as the Turks’ janissaries), etc.

The stone cubical building in the heart of Mecca, the holiest site of Islam which contains a black stone, once a centerpiece of pagan worship. Draped in black curtains, the Kabba has been around much longer than Islam. Some claims state it was built by Abraham, or even by Adam. In Mohammed’s day the Kabba featured up to 360 pagan idols and was regarded as a holy site and destination of pagan pilgrims. When Mohammed conquered Mecca in about 630, he destroyed all of the idols except the black rock representing the moon god, Il-Allah.

KAFIR (Kufaar is plural)*
Soiled or dirty. A Christian, a dog, a pig, a Jew, a Hindu, Buddhist, etc. An Infidel. Defined as an unbeliever, but unbeliever is only a very small part of its meaning. It is the Koran that defines the word “kafir” and it says the most terrible things can be allowed to happen to them (can be done to them by Islamists). The Koranic doctrine about kafirs says they are hated and are Satan’s friends. Kafirs can be robbed, killed, tortured, raped, mocked, cursed, condemned and plotted against. The valid sections of the Koran do not have one good thing to say about kafirs. For over the last 1400 years, 270 million or more kafirs have died as a result of the political doctrine of hatred under Islam. Rarely have their deaths been easy. It is the biggest single source of suffering in the history of the world, and continues to this day. The word kafir is the worst word in the human language. It is far worse than the n-word, because the n-word is a personal opinion, whereas, kafir is Mohammed’s Koranic decree. Nearly two thirds of the Koran is devoted to the kafir. Islam is fixated on the kafir, and the moderate Muslim thinks that you are a kafir. How moderate is that?

A Moslem Martyr is one who has died in the act of killing non-Moslems. This is the exact opposite of what civilized people believe a martyr to be; an innocent person who has suffered and died for his or her non-Moslem beliefs.

MOSLEM / MUSLIM: There are two words used (they are in the dictionary) to describe a person who follows Islam. I mention this because Islamists have called me out for using the word: “Moslem” because of its definition. They claim that I should always use “Muslim” because they want us dhimmis to use that because of its definition. I use “Moslem” because it alloys Islamists.

MOSLEM is the spelling (and term) that I prefer to use because it has its own special meaning, “one who is evil and unjust”. Moslem is pronounced as Mozlem with a z. The meaning is true.
MUSLIM (to adherents of Islam) means “one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam, as if that is more sacred. The meaning is the same as a Moslem
.A Moslem or Muslim are one and the same, followers of the bigoted, biased ideology of Mohammed, called Islam.

Jihad fighters

Is a temporary suspension of Islamic – sharia law in order that Muslims can appear or pretend to be moderate and friendly. In other words, Muslims may act friendly in order to get their way, to befuddle others. But, by Islamic decree they’re not permitted to be your friend, because a kafir (Infidel, Dhimmi) is not supposed to be their equal, but their subservient. Muruna is cultural espionage. Murna is hateful deception.

A Catastrophe: Example: The establishment of the free democratic nation of Israel in 1948, the only truly free nation in the Middle East is, to Islamists, a catastrophe.

Islamic rules of marriage which permit (MUT’A) paid for sham marriages for a single night, a few hours, or a couple of days. This is legalized prostitution where brokers (pimps) arrange the liaisons (‘marriages’) with girls as young as three (3) years old. This is slavery, pedophilia, and prostitution plain and simple as it also includes human (slave) trafficking. In this activity, the “groom” provides a “dowry”, which may be money, jewelry, fabrics, etc. The marriage is ended by the groom proclaiming “I divorce thee” three times. The bride gets to keep the “dowry” (payment, most of which is taken from the “bride” by her pimp) and is free to “marry” again. This sanctioned form of prostitution makes forbidden out-of-wedlock sex and prostitution unnecessary. In this light, many of those sham affairs are rapes committed by pedophiles.

Abrogation, Cancellation. All religious faiths that existed before Islam are Naskh, and their existence today is corruption, an abomination. Several earlier verses of the Koran are in fact Naskh, meaningless as they were overridden by a fickle Mohammed claiming allah changed his mind.

Pronounced koran by westerners. It is a non-chronological collection of ‘revelations’ by Mohammed that he claimed were passed down to him by his god, il-Allah, through an angel, “Gibriel”. This is regarded as the actual words of allah by gullible Muslims. There were riots in Islamic countries because non-Moslem American military prison guards at Guantanamo Bay reportedly mishandled Korans. The American guards are kufar and their handling of the Koran was in itself considered offensive. But, it’s OK for Moslems to abuse Holy Bibles, Torah’s, and other scriptures, often using pages as toilet paper. Many in the civilized world believe that the Koran is merely Satan’s response to Christianity. The Koran is the antithesis of Christianity.

A “rabat” is an armory. Modern Islamic facilities such as madrassas (schools), masjids, mosques, Islamic Centers, and other Islamic facilities may house secret rabats – armories where weapons, ammunition, swords and knives, high explosives, biological, chemical and other hazardous materials of mayhem or mass destruction may be stored.

A month-long period of sunrise to sunset fasting. Ramadan falls on a different date each year because the Moslems still follow a pagan lunar calendar of twelve 28-day months which create a 336 day year. This is a further affirmation of Islam’s roots in moon worship.

Slavery is very important in the world of Islam which has very detailed and explicit language depicting a complete and sophisticated system of slavery:
-abd, a slave, usually a black slave.
-abd is also the word for any African or any black person.
-abiq, a fugitive slave.
-amah, a female slave
-ghilman, a male sex slave, usually a boy
-ghulam, a modern term for slave
-ghurrah, a slave worth a specific sum of currency
-ibnu baydailjabin, the son of a mother with a white forehead (a free mother).
-ibnu, jurratin, the son of a free mother.
istilad, a legal term signifying that a Moslem master has freed a female slave who has born a child.
-istibara, the waiting period for determining whether the female sex slave is pregnant or not.
-jariya, meaning ‘concubine’ or ‘sex slave’.
-khaadim, a servant slave.
-kinn, a slave who is not mukatab, nor mudabbar, nor umm walad, not mubaad, but entirely unfree.
-kitaba, a form of a slave buying their freedom.
-madhun lahu, a slave who can make business agreements for his master.
-mamluk, a slave, usually white.
-ma malakat aimanukum, that which your right hand (the sword hand) possesses, a slave taken in jihad.
-maula, a term used in Islamic law for a slave.
-mubaad, a slave with several owners.
-mudabbar, a slave who is freed on his master’s death.
-mukaras, people having slave mothers among their ancestors.
-mukatab, slaves who ransom themselves from their master.
-mustabad, slave
-mutaq, a freed slave.
-qinn, a slave born from slave parents.
-raqabah, the term used for a captured slave.
-raqiiq, slave
-surrihat, a kafir woman used for sex. She may be bought, kidnapped, taken as a captive, or descended from a slave.
-ubidiyah, slavery.
-ummu al walad, a legal term for a slave who has borne the master’s child.
-umm walad, the enslaved mother married to a slave, who gives birth to his child.
-wala, when freed slaves die, their estate goes back to the one who freed them.
-walau I ataqah, the relationship between a master and the freed slave.
-zall, a fugitive child slave.

Five daily prayers recited by Moslems always offered facing Mecca. They are supposed to do these at certain times of the day, but if they cannot do this, Koranic sharia law permits that they may perform make-up prayers. When Moslems claim that it’s a must that they knock off from work or other duties to “pray” at certain times, it’s really balderdash on their part.

A statement which makes one a Moslem forever when spoken three times in Arabic in the presence of a witness. This contradicts another claim that all Christians and Jews are Moslem at birth but just don’t know it. In fact, Mohammed taught that we were all born Moslems, so one does not “convert” to Islam; one “reverts” to Islam.

To say anything that a Moslem would dislike – slander

Sharia (Islam’s laws) are derived from the Koran and the Sunnah (precedents handed down by Mohammed) which establishes the legal code of allah for all of mankind. There are no options. Sharia is Islamic laws which boil down to a codified form of the most crude and brutal laws of the jungle and the survival of the fittest or most savage, which treat Moslems differently from non-Moslems. The best definition of Sharia is Jim Crow law.

Idolatry or blasphemy against Allah or Mohammed.

Although this is an English word, I put this in to clarify how Islamists think: We westerners consider slander to be the telling of lies about someone.
For Islamists however, slander is NOT about lying about someone, but telling truths that they don’t like or want others to know about. They like to use “blaspheme” against critics.

A chapter of the Koran (which contains 114 suras), each representing a specific “revelation” recited by Mohammed.

Repudiate. The Koran allows that when a Moslem man says: ”Talaq” three times in succession, he is divorcing his wife. There are many other rules regarding divorce, but this declaration initiates the divorce and can lead to permanence.

TAQIYYA (see darura)*
Taqiyya which means deception in Arabic is the cornerstone of Muslim relations with Kafirs (non-Muslims). Muslims are encouraged to deceive Kafirs all along. The Taqiyya technique was consistently used in warfare by Muslims and it was this which gave them victory over non-Muslims in addition to their schizophrenic savagery.

Takiyya is the proven practice of deception or concealment to fool, beguile, or to confuse the enemy, the infidel, the kafir, Christians, etc. It is an approved tactic of Islam to lie, to conceal, to cheat, to misinform, to mislead when dealing with non-Moslems. This is a well-established, even desirable practice of dawa (missionary efforts) and is conducted on a regular basis in the USA and elsewhere in the non-Muslim world.

Doctrine of Taysir allows Islamists to further practice their deception (befuddling non-Moslems) by permitting Islamists to do things against sharia law in order to further Islam. In certain circumstances, they need not follow Islamic dress codes in non-Moslem countries, may eat pork products, can attend Christian or Jewish services, can skip their five daily prayers, and participate in a number activities ordinarily prohibited to Moslems.
When a Moslem is subjected to a polygraph, their core belief in the fundamentals of taqiyyah can let them lie and to actually defeat the polygraph. They believe their own lies.
A Moslem can pretend to be friends with non-Moslems in order to gain advantages.
Moslems may dispute this because this (false friendship) is required of them. They may say that lying is permissible in only three circumstances, one of them being war. Well, anyone/anyplace that is not under Moslem control (Dar-al-Harb) is a field of warfare, Darb-al-Harm.

Full Title: Reliance of the Traveller, The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
The legal rulings of the Shafii school of Islamic law. It contains a legal description of mainstream Islam, a codification of the culture of the Islamic Middle East.
It makes clear the unbridgeable gap between the legal and cultural standards of Islam and America. That means that the more Islamic America becomes, the less American it is.
It shows why a person can be a pious Muslim or a patriotic American but not both. A person who follows what is laid out in this (shairia law) book cannot share American attitudes toward women, sexual preferences, secular government, civil rights, equal opportunity for all regardless of religious belief, military defense of America against Muslim enemies and, above all, freedom of speech. Unchangeable Islamic law as described does not pass Constitutional scrutiny. Islam, as described by this book, is a political system within a religion and should be considered a competitor of our liberal democratic system, not a component of it.

The Moslem political, religious, and cultural community (world of Islam). A Moslem’s being a member of the umma is more important than loyalty as a citizen.

Ablutions such as the washing of one’s feet, hands and face, blowing one’s nose before Moslem prayers or attending services in a mosque. .

Similar to a tithe. An obligatory contribution of money in the support of Islam. Zakat is generally considered to be 2.5% of one’s net worth, each year, excluding the value of one’s home. This means that all Moslems in the United States are required to fork over at least 2.5% of their net worth every year in support of Islamic causes. In most cases, this goes to local Moslem organizations that support the jihad/wars against America and non-Moslem civilization.


Moslems often agree that Christ was a Prophet, but Christ is ranked a far distant second from Mohammed. They agree that Christ was a messenger from God, but his messages of love, peace, decency, humility, and charity are perverted and are thus worthless and meaningless; that Mohammed’s Koranic messages of hatred, anger, lust, greed, and savagery are more true and reliable and important.

The secular separation of church and state is a conceptual distinction for which there is no equal wording or vocabulary in Arabic. If there is no vocabulary or words for a term, there is no conceptual understanding, and thus no acceptance. Thus, Islam does not comprehend nor will Islam accept or tolerate any separation of church and state.

The very
first Christian Crusade was in response to an 846 C.E. Moslem expedition from Sicily which sailed up the Tiber River, attacked and sacked St. Peter’s in Rome. Following this act of barbarity, Christians organized the first of the Crusades.

Moslem depredations have not ceased. Why should the Crusades not continue?


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“Islam” is the Arabic word meaning to submit. An Islamist is one who “submits”.
What or who does an Islamist submit to? An Islamist submits to Allah; an Islamist is a slave to Allah.

The word, “Allah” derives from the pagan Arab moon god, Il-Allah. Mohammed co-opted “Allah” from Il-Allah. Mohammed created Allah, the god of all who submit, Islamists, Moslems.
[A root word for Moslem stems from the word ‘Salem’. Take the first part of Mohammed and the ending part of Salem, and one gets Moslem].

Islamists are required to blindly submit to Allah in every way.
Allah was like a wooden dummy sitting on a ventriloquist’s lap with its wooden jaw flapping while the ventriloquist talks out of the side of his face. Mohammed controlled Allah but used Allah to control the ignorant, superstitious people of Islam who were and remain easily controlled. Before Mohammed, the superstitious pagan Arabs had over 350 ‘gods’ that were abolished by Mohammed.)

Mohammed was the ultimate CONTROL FREAK!

Moslems are required to blindly obey the rules for life, from cradle to grave, set down by the politician and war lord, the intolerant egomaniacal Mohammed who declared that his pronouncements were the perfect words, unchangeable and everlasting.
Mohammed’s Allah declared that Mohammed was the perfect man. By his own words and deeds, Mohammed was an angry, temperamental imperialistic con-man, a thief, a liar, a blood thirsty murderer, jihadist, a rapist, a woman hater, a pedophile, a slaver, a bigamist philanderer, a necrophiliac, a bigot, a racist, a hate monger; all that the non-Moslems of the world equate to being satanic, wrong thinking, insane, evil.

Mohammed created a continuing malignancy called Islam.
Mohammed established a hierarchy placing Moslem men at the top with the “divine” right to rule over all of mankind, the world. Second (a distant second as regarding civil rights) are Moslem women, followed by the “people of the book” Jews and Christians who submit to Islam and have few rights. All other human beings fall to the bottom rung of the hierarchy with no human or civil rights.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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