The Green, or is it red, or perhaps – whatever deal

The Deal and The Plan
By James E. Horn

Now, there’s the latest new Deal by whatever color. It’s part of the Plan, the Statist Plan.
To begin, I will use the word statist which includes bad actors such as Islam – a political organization that hides behind the façade of being a religion, the Democrats, the Socialists, Progressives, the Communists, and fellow travelers.
When George H. W. Bush returned from a conference Rio in 1992, he was asked about a treaty that he had signed and responded with a snide: “Welcome To The New World Order”. What did that mean? It meant that the President of the United States, a so-called Republican had sold us out to a hydra-headed monster, globalism. He had signed a treaty that was never submitted to the Senate for ratification because that treaty represented consummate evil. However, both leading political parties in the United States have been incrementally implementing bits and pieces of that awful treaty, Agenda 21. States are also working against citizens.
The goal of Agenda 2021/2030 is to reduce and control global populations to “manageable” levels under the domination of the One World Government. That plan has many facets, one being that about 10% of the people would be the “royals” who would ruthlessly control the serfs (we-the-people).
We see one facet (there are many), right here in the United States. By any thinking, it is legalized murder of disposable babies and the elimination by organized neglect of old people who no longer work and “contribute” to the state. Socialized medicine as practiced in many so-called developed countries simply allows bureaucrats to set rules whereby medical care is denied to the elderly in order to reduce costs and eliminate wasteful spending on useless people.
The statists desperately want to impose the brutal, deadly blight of socialized medical care on you, your families, and I. As was done in the Soviet Union, and as is practiced in China, a non-“royal” person must comply, must go along to get along or suffer dire consequences. The same is happening in Europe as we see thousands of wealthy Europeans coming to America for surgeries and other medical care otherwise denied to them.
“Royal” wannabe Al Gore was early onto the statist bandwagon with his Global Warning campaign telling everyone to live frugally like we’re told by him while his mansion (palace?) consumes as much resources as a small city.
“Royal” Moonbeam (Jerry Brown) has worked very hard to rip the fabric of prosperity out of the heartland of California. Water to farmlands has been curtailed (except for those who pay and go along to get along), fisheries have been wiped out as water retention dams have been intentionally destroyed, water rationing has been imposed while water retention needs have been ignored. Were it not for the strength of the real people of California, the state would already be another Venezuela. In parts of California’s cities, the stench of urine and feces permeates the air driving people towards the suburbs which the statists hate because they want everyone to live in small, cramped Orwellian type quarters.
China’s statists are implementing a social credit system (merits and demerits) that American statists want and already have to a certain extent with statist control of social media. That is what Obamacare is/was all about, providing care for the chosen ones (often free as was the case for Moslems) and limiting or cutting care to others deemed to be useless (because they no longer contributed their fair share) or problems.
In American government at all levels, the statists are the swamp. The swamp needs to be exterminated.
Alexandra Ocasio hyphen Cortez is performing as a lightning rod for the statists as she outrageously bloviates with all manner of foolishness. She is treated by many as an ignorant idiot as she garners focused attention aimed at ridiculing her and her antics. Is she really that stupid or is the former barmaid a clever fox? Cortez seems to be focused on being a one-term Congressperson as she has not established an office in the district that elected her, performs little if any constituent services, and does not have anything going towards a re-election process. She is being showered with funds from the likes of sugar daddy George Soros, and will likely be a multi-millionaire in a short period of time. Will her next stop be the casting couches of Hollywood?
Lightning Rod Alexandra Ocasio hyphen Cortez is running interference for other statists who when compared to Alexandra Ocasio hyphen Cortez are considered moderate and therefor more electable. Sneaky critters like Senators Gillebrand, Sanders, Booker and other nasty statists are beginning to seemingly appear “normalized” to the detriment of we-the-people. Each of these statists is a threat to our existence.
Already, loopy Pelosi is viewed by some fools as a moderate player on the statist stage.
ACHTUNG! Statists are an unrelenting existential threat to civilized humanity.
Statists are invasively present in our everyday lives. Almost anyone who has expressed their real thoughts and posted honest, truth and fact based thoughts on social media platforms has suffered consequences of being upright outspoken citizens. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms engage in acts designed to punish, to demean, to harm, or control citizens. They censor what we say, shadow ban our content, and either punish us with time-outs in the social media gulag, or boot us because we displease those control freak statists.
Their abuses have however spawned a host of new social media sites that promise to not censor, ban, or punish anyone for saying what they believe. Thousands are flocking to these new platforms where they can express their First Amendment thoughts and concerns, at MeWe, Freetalk24, MINDS, GAB, and others.
Statists are hard at work trying to re-define the First Amendment, promoting Political Islam’s blasphemy, and limiting our rights of Free expression. They are trying to destroy and deny citizens’ Second Amendment rights and privileges. They already are formulating plans to sentence us to re-education centers (FEMA camps) to punish us for our transgressions. Children are being ripped from the loving arms of their caring, loving parents because some statist just feels like doing so.
New Mexico’s governor signed a goofy law that would force every gun owner to submit to some form of control and deny citizens the right to defend themselves and their loved ones. Fortunately, good Sheriffs who can’t be fired are telling the statist New Mexico governor where she can go. Similar actions are taking place in Maryland. California’s uber statist government is working on a number of onerous gun control measures as are Oregon and Washington. Sensible gun owners are themselves taking measures to protect their guns from statists ( More realistic, sensible states like Oklahoma, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, Vermont, Kentucky, Kansas, Mississippi, Utah, South Carolina, and Texas, are opening up for citizens to pack weapons for their own self defense.
Where statist gun control prevails, crime thrives. Where gun ownership prevails, crime diminishes.
The statists are raging because President Donald J. Trump is a genuine human being, some say an altruist, and definitely not a statist.
President Trump and the growing numbers of real people who like or love him, who think like him, who appreciate what he is doing for our nation, and want to work like him are a serious threat to statism. Trump has indicated that he will run for re-election in 2020, and like millions of others, I rejoice at the thought.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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