Mohammad Schumer, Apostate

Chuckie (Mustapha) Schumer
James E Horn

JINO (Jewish In Name Only) Charles Schumer has been a New York Senator representing thousands of cash paying/donating Moslems since the stone age. He is a despicable person, a traitor, and, in my opinion an apostate.

In 1985, I was assigned to the administrative section of the American Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At that point in my career, I had a lot of acquired credentials, one of them a Consular Commission with authority to issue visas., passports, etc.

Bangladesh was/is a major league shitpit. When life there became overwhelming for many of us, we would take a few days off to travel (it was inexpensive) to the nearby shithole of Calcutta to get away from it all.

The embassy in Dhaka had two regular Consular (Visa) Officers and I was a backup, able to fill in when or if needed.

Every Bangladeshi seemingly wished to be somewhere else. Hundreds would line up outside of the embassy every morning to try to get a visa of some sort by whatever means to go to the United States. Each Consular Officer was obliged to interview ninety visa applicants per day. The main criteria for each applicant was to be able to prove that they were not intending immigrants who would burn their passports the moment they arrived in America and vanish. Most did just that despite their guarantees.

In about 1982, the Embassy started tracking returns to Bangladesh. The return rate was less than 10% which meant that most Bangladeshis who got visas had lied. This was a common trend regarding Asian subcontinent countries.

I was close with both of the Consular Officers who often shared their experiences and knowledge with me. I heard a lot.

In 1987, one of the Consular officers left Dhaka for a vacation, leaving one man to shoulder the load, not uncommon. Just a few days later a parent of the remaining Consular Officer passed away which caused him to take immediate bereavement leave to go to the USA to bury his parent, etc.

With both of the Consular Officers gone, I was called on to step away from some of my regular duties to do visa work, interviewing my quota of ninety visa applicants in just a few hours every day. I allowed each applicant ninety seconds to convince me of their intentions to return. They failed to do so, and accordingly, I set a record of sorts with 100% rejections for two weeks. By the end of those two weeks, the long lines outside of the embassy dwindled to near zero making our embassy Bangladeshi employees and security guards happy.

Many of those rejected visa seekers phoned relatives already in the USA (99% of them Schumer constituents in New York). Those phoned from Bangladesh burned up the phones in turn, and made dozens of office visits to their favorite Senator Schumer’s office. I soon began receiving dozens of messages (I call them nastygrams) under Schumer’s signature demanding issuances, etc. I responded telling his office that they failed to pass muster, etc. Soon, a nastygram came from Schumer himself that was arrogant and insulting. He demanded that I act immediately to issue visas.

I called for the passports of rejected visa seekers, issued visas to each passport but didn’t sign them. I bundled all of them up and shipped them off to Schumer’s office with a cover letter telling him that my sense of integrity didn’t allow me to sign them, but that Schumer by virtue of his being a government officer could sign them himself. They came back and the guy who had been on leave signed off on all of them.

Well, the Senate signs off on all Foreign Service Officer promotions. I never received another promotion.

I was later forced into early retirement with a minimal pension. I paid the price for being a smart ass able to look myself in the mirror every morning when I shaved knowing that I was OK.

Thank You Chuckie. Your time will come.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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