Oh! SWEDEN, A Lamentation and a Challenge

OH! Sweden: I am torn. I am so disappointed.
OH! Sweden! Where should I begin this sad but hopeful letter?
OH! Sweden! How can I express my feelings, or is it passion for you, OH! Sweden!?
OH! Sweden! I am an American. I have never – my big, strong, fair skinned, blond, blue-eyed body has never been on the soil of Sweden.
Emma Stina was born in Sweden. I don’t know the city of her birth or the circumstances. Her early life and coming to America are an unknown story for me, a mystery. Was she from a rich family? Was Emma from an impoverished family. I do not know. Did she leave Sweden or did she flee Sweden?
Emma came to America with a sister. They were young, perhaps mere teenagers. Alone? Intrepid? Just two sisters in a new land. Were they afraid? Brave? Yes, Emma and her sister were brave, very brave.
This I know:
Emma came to Northern Minnesota to work as a servant. She worked for Edwin Bjontegard, a widower with young children, I don’t know how many. Edwin was a Lutheran missionary who had gone to Northern Minnesota to minister to Swedish and Norwegian timber workers engaged in harvesting from the great forests. Edwin’s church was located near Virginia, Minnesota, at a lumber camp.
Emma took care of Edwin’s children and his house, a log cabin. Emma escorted Edwin’s younger children to and from their school, about two kilometers distant carrying a .38 revolver used to shoot wolves that came too close to the children and her.
The eldest of the children, Thorvald, was a just couple of years younger than Emma. When he was twelve, he took over the armed escort duties so that Emma could pursue her household duties.
In Time, Thorvald graduated from the Duluth, Minnesota campus of the University of Minnesota as the class valedictorian. The other children grew to maturity, often looking after one-another until Edwin passed away, and then went on their way.
Later, Emma and Thorvald got married and started their own family. I have seen their early photographs. Emma was very pretty. Thorvald was homely.
Emma, Pretty Emma brought six children (three boys and three girls) into the world after she and Thorvald settled in Minneapolis. One of the girls died during a childhood illness.
With a wife and children at home, Thorvald was turned away from service in the U.S. Army in the First World War.
Emma and Thorvald’s five children (Margaret, Dean Russel, Kathryn, and Richard), half Swede and half Norwegian in the great melting pot of America survived to adulthood.
Three served in World War II: One in U.S. Army in North Africa; one, as a sailor in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific; and one as a Machine Gunner in the Infantry in Europe. The youngest served in the U.S. Air Force in the Koran war. All served with distinction and courage befitting their great Viking heritage.
Kathryn was my mother. She, like Emma was very pretty. My mother married an Army man whose lineage was mixed and lacked any Viking blood. Their marriage did not endure. Because she had me, my mother could not serve in the military, but she found work in a huge factory that made big guns for the Navy.
So, here I am, an offspring of Vikings whose lineage is ¼ Swedish and ¼ Norwegian.
Later, Christopher Christensen came into my life when he and my mother paired up in an off-and-on relationship. Chris’ lineage was Danish. Chris was a very highly decorated (Viking) Warrior in Europe from the day he scaled the cliffs at Normandy until the last day of the war. Chris was a man to be admired, a man to be looked up to and he played a vital role in my conflicted early years.
While my mother worked, my beloved, precious grandmother, Emma took care of me, protecting me and nurtured me.
OH! Sweden! Your beautiful Emma passed from this world when I was twelve. As I write this, tears cascade down my cheeks as I remember my precious Emma. After more than sixty years, there remains a void in my heart where my beloved Swede still lives.
OH! Sweden! You were not a part of my educational. On my own, I studied and learned about some of the Swedish Viking Blood in my veins.
OH! Sweden when my time came, I served proudly and with distinction in South East Asia and the Arab World earning recognition for VALOR when I fought like a Berserker and cowed Moslems just as my Viking ancestors did.
OH! Sweden! Your Vikings were the earliest of European lineage to visit America.
OH! Sweden! Your unfaltering, fearless Vikings dominated parts of Europe for centuries.
OH! Sweden! Your intrepid Vikings traversed the Rhine and the Danube rivers to the Black Sea, through Constantinople where your awesome warriors defeated Moslems, and many Vikings remained as personal palace guards to the Sultan, the Caliph of Islam. Today, pure Turks show their lineage with blue eyes, red or blond hair, and fair complexions.
Other Vikings settled in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa where that same lineage of blue eyes, blond, red hair, fair complexions live, and are called the Berbers.
OH! Sweden! You conquered the vastness of Russia and brought organized, disciplined leadership to that great European and Asian land. Remains of intrepid European (Viking) explorers have been found in distant China.
OH! Sweden! You dominated the world for centuries. People respected, feared, and honored Vikings throughout the world.
OH! Sweden! What has happened to my once awesome ancestral homeland, the land that spawned greatness, commanded enormous respect?
OH! Sweden! The heart of the Viking was abandoned when you became “neutral” during and after the Napoleonic wars. Being neutral in not wanting to squander lives in fruitless war is one thing, but being neutral as in neutering oneself is another, shameful action.
OH! Sweden! I once admired and respected you because of your greatness, a fabulous greatness. OH! Sweden! that your fearless, renowned Vikings brought about. OH! Sweden! I WAS enormously proud of my heritage for many years.
OH! Sweden! I now finding myself ashamed to admit that I have Swedish blood running in my veins. Over recent decades, my beloved Sweden has become a shameful shell of what was once great. OH! Sweden you are but a pitiful shell populated by what I can only, and with great sorrow, refer to as willfully ignorant self-hating cowards.
OH! Sweden! Your generosity has been taken advantage of and abused by ungrateful, hostile, demanding refugees, colonizers. OH! Sweden! You know this, but yet you continue doing what will soon bring about your destruction as a culture, a once proud civilization of great and wonderful people.
OH! Sweden! Your leaders are willfully ignorant cowards of the worst order. Your leaders are leading you, all of you down the path to perdition (undergang?).
OH! Sweden! your tolerance of those “refugees” who are not refugees but colonizing invaders who despise you in your own house. It is a terrible, frightful form of undeserved submission to that which is evil, Mohammedism.
OH! Sweden! Your Moslem “guests” are taking over parts of Sweden and creating hostile outposts where Moslems are waging warfare on you in your own house. And, you do so little to defend yourselves. OH! Sweden! This is suicidal!
OH! Sweden! Your colonizing Moslem “guests” have fortified themselves in your land and promote a culture of incitement, violence, and hatred directed at you.
OH! Sweden! do you not see this? OH! Sweden! do you not see the proverbial writing on the wall? The message is very clear. It spells out and forecasts your death.

Pretend to be nice, hospitable
Establish mosques
Create an Enclave
Refuse to Assimilate
Grow the Moslem population
Resist host Government Authorities
Resist host country’s customs
Exploit lawfare, use laws against hosts
Claim Victimhood
Institute shariah
Take Control
Shed the blood of innocent people
Turn the conquered land into a place of misery, suffering,
poverty, fear, depravity and degradation.

OH! Sweden! Where are your mighty Viking hearts? I know that they are there demanding to come out. OH! Sweden! What are your incredibly fearless, powerful, ferocious Berserker Viking warriors going to do about this war to utterly destroy each and every one of you, to enslave and abuse your women, your children?

OH! Sweden! Are you going to be the worst of cowards and accept a Swedish Genocide where your men will be tortured and murdered, your beautiful young women stripped naked to be raped for weeks on end before being sold into slavery or thrown into piles on your streets to be set fire and burned alive?

OH! Sweden, the time is here, today, for you to rouse your Viking souls and drive the Mohammedan heathens out and away or kill them before they kill you.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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