By James E. Horn

President Trump has been focusing on the infrastructure of America, something that has been sorely neglected or even sabotaged for decades.

Boy, oh boy, do we need to get going on that. Thousands of bridges are obsolete and increasingly frail. We need to replace them or provide serious updates to keep them safe and keep our cars, trucks, and trains moving.

Having a nice car, especially in a place like California is becoming more and more of a liability considering the condition of roads and highways that are deteriorating with minimal repair and nearly zero replacement. Such can cause damage to those nice cars. Soon, we will need to send out rescue teams to drag miniature cars out of growing pot holes. I have a small TSW (tall station wagon, aka SUV) and a 15-year old pickup truck. They are suitable for these awful roads that our democratic leadership have provided for us. Oh, yeah, we’re not supposed to drive anymore, we’re to take busses (if/when they run) or bikes (for our 40-mile commutes) so as to hold to Agenda 2021/2030. Light rail only reaches about 3% of our population.

After decades of foolishness and ineptitude on the part of both elected and appointed officials, our energy producing sector is finally starting to limp back, but again more fools than can be counted are doing all that they can to obstruct pipelines and to impose half-time or part-time production of electricity by inefficient, and costly means such wind (windy days only) and solar (except when it’s cloudy or after nightfall).

Oil and gas are strategic national treasures that when managed properly will provide years of efficient power for our vital industries, and to light our homes. The loony left, of course huff and puff and bloviate more carbon monoxide into the air than fossil fuels with the latest clean technology.
Those same carbon-based fuels are essential to mining and producing our strategic metals and related materials that the President has wisely focused on.

We created nuclear power and then let the world overtake us. How idiotic! A couple of accidents have scared the wits out of the witless. The French (and others) have recycled their nuclear waste for years while we leave it in deteriorating ponds and barrels because our various incompetent and inept experts and leaders can’t decide what to do. [About 80% of France’s electricity is nuclear generated.] I suggest that President Trump can solve this dilemma with a pen and some pink slips.

Well, boys and girls, for about 20-years, we’ve been hearing about miniaturized nuclear power plants – – that are revolutionary. They can be delivered on trucks, planted into the ground (no water needed for cooling) and can serve up to or over 100,000 homes, etc. for many years. They are safe, efficient and deliver electricity at rates that protect the budget, don’t break it.

In this, however, we can probably expect the cupcakes and snowflakes to go apestuff in protesting these. They have been passed out of colleges and universities that neglected to teach critical thinking skills so they’re easily led by their noses. They won’t even know why, they’ll just do as some looney-tunes globalist professor (who likewise lacks critical thinking skills) tells them to do.

Idea, cut the electricity to those educational institutions such as “Havad” that have failed about two generations of people, many of whom are unemployable. Let their jackass professors and Janet Napolitano lead them to their own utopia.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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