Political Rape

The Inquisition and Rape of Brett Kavanaugh
By James E. Horn

The swamp cannot tolerate President Trump’s being legitimately elected to the Presidency and anything and everything he is doing, most of which is good, decent, and valuable for the American people

The swamp has gone insane trying to destroy the Trump administration, and are seemingly (hopefully) destroying themselves. They are succeeding in this because they have no redeeming values, no class, no character.

They have adopted the Napoleonic code of an accused being guilty until proven to be innocent.

Their current target is Brett Kavanaugh, his nomination to the Supreme Court, and the likelihood of his being seated on that august bench where he may spend decades passing down judgments based on the Constitution and the laws of men as opposed to liberal legislating from the bench. At some time in the future,

Justice Kavanaugh may (or will) be called on to take another look at murdering babies, aka abortion, aka Roe V. Wade. An expert on Constitutional law, Justice Kavanaugh may take a dim view of murdering the unborn, and his notions of civility, of decency, of caring, is simply intolerable to the Democrats, the left, the New World Order, the swamp scum, the modern Bolsheviks in America.

Democratic rhetoric, threats, and foot stomping failed to block the affirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Facing certain approval of Kavanaugh on the Senate floor, the desperate Democrats went for delay. They wanted to find ways to delay the senate vote until after the November elections hoping to gain control of the Senate.

The only remaining avenue that the Democrats have open to delay the Senate vote is the process of destruction (something they’re pretty good at), of dehumanizing, of politically raping Brett Kavanaugh, of making him into something other than an honorable, respectful (and respected), ethical gentleman who just happens to be a brilliant jurist.

The confirmation hearings which ought to be conducted in a responsible, respectful manner fell apart. One by one, each Democrat on that side of the aisle lost it, telling lies, making false claims, blustering,
obfuscating, declaring their “Spartacus” moment and more, all the while knowing that they had what they thought was an ace named Ford up their sleeve.

Senator Diane Feinstein (dubbed Feineswine by El Rushbo – shame on him for denigrating pigs) knowingly held back a letter, a (now disproved) claim of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh when he was a teenager. Spartacus (Cory Booker, an admitted sex offender) declared: It doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh is “innocent or guilty”. Spartacus Booker just can’t tolerate a decent man on the Supreme Court. Feinstein, Booker and nine others on that Senate committee represent the worst, the most fowl of the swamp stench.

After the Committee hearings ended and the vote went 12-11 for Kavanaugh, Feinstein sprung that letter that she had held back for weeks. When I heard of the letter, and that it was dropped intending to be a bombshell by Feinstein, I smelled a rat. Then I learned of the source of the letter, an extremist liberal professor with a grudge and an agenda who lived in Palo Alto, CA. The rat’s stench grew. It has ultimately been shown that Ford is an addled psychologist with an established reputation for being vindictive who just happened to have grown up in the same community as Kavanaugh. Shazzam, after 36-years Ford suddenly recalled a sexual encounter with Kavanaugh whose judge mother had ruled against the Ford’s family in a court proceeding long ago. Her sorry story bubble ebbed and flowed like the tide – changing all of the time. Nobody corroborated her fakery while dozens have stood up to speak in favor of Kavanaugh’s decency and goodness.
As Ford’s fairytale unraveled in the Senate Judiciary Chambers, a second, and then a third accuser miraculously stepped forward with outlandishly stupid, bizarre tales of their own.

All of this charade is meant to delay, postpone, delay, and postpone the Senate’s vote on seating Kavanaugh on the bench, nothing else.

An impassioned Brett Kavanaugh went before the Senate Judiciary Committee to argue his case on national TV in the face of outrageous lies, fabrications, insults, and frightful abuse – an inquisition. I could see in him his frustration and anger at being so badly treated just because he is a good, responsible, competent man.

The Democrats think they have had a success, even if Kavanaugh is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. The Democrats have behaved so outrageously that they believe that they have set a low standard of intimidation that would cause any future Supreme Court nominee to quake in fear. The Democrats used their crass nastiness to use and to abuse a borderline lunatic – Ford.

We all know, or should understand that federal Judges face scrutiny as they get security clearances on a need to know basis in order to perform their functions. The initial FBI background investigation sends agents to schools to talk to kindergarten teachers and all of the way through to graduation, Sunday schools, coaches, sports teams, music stores, and university professors. The FBI investigators talk to classmates, both friends and foes, neighbors, shopkeepers, anyone and everyone who may have had dealings with the person being investigated. No stone is left unturned. That becomes a massive file, and every time the person gets promoted, or about every five years thereafter a follow-up review is undertaken and then a new investigation from where the previous investigation left off is initiated. Those files contain detailed information that most would gasp at. Kavanaugh has been investigated about six times, each by a different team or set of investigators. His character is squeaky clean.
Any future nominee to the Supreme Court will likely be as thoroughly investigated.

In this awful example of Democratic party Gestapo/Mafia like underhandedness, Republicans must acknowledge that they have new pages in their own playbook courtesy of the Democrats, and that they are obliged to reciprocate.

Senators Grassley, McConnell, and others MUST take steps now to make sure that no future Supreme Court nominee is keel-hauled through the Democratic slime ever again. That means that they need to get dirt on the Democrats either from the FBI or by engaging competent private investigators to gather the information they will need to “persuade” Democrats to behave. With proper “information” the Republicans should be armed and able to drop a heavy shoe on the head of any Democrat who starts a rumble. The Republicans should have “shovel ready” criminal or other felony case files on hand to press charges within an hour against swamp dwellers. Call this whatever you want, blackmail, coercion, or gentle persuasion, as long as it is effective in preventing another “Kavanaugh-Bork Circus”.

Set a hard and fast rule prior to Senate Confirmation Hearings that anyone making derogatory allegations against a nominee will immediately be investigated by both the FBI and/or private investigators and ensure that charges will be filed in any cases of lying, false allegations, or bribe taking, etc. (Ford suddenly gained (got paid) $500,000 from nefarious sources likely including George Soros). In this connection make it clear that no “after the Committee gavel has fallen” allegations will be entertained. Also, set a timeline for people to formally state their objections, and that nothing will be entertained after those dates.

The Republicans and responsible American citizens now have a set-in-stone obligation to protect all future Supreme Court nominees in every way imaginable, even using extra-legal means if necessary.

Only the Lord knows how Justice Kavanaugh would or may pass judgement on cases that may come before him after what the Bolshevik-Democrats have done to damage him. He may be circumspect and professional as he has habitually been for years, in which case Democrats may deservedly wail and gnash their teeth because they have set a precedent that they will forever rue….

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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