The media (the leftists and their Democratic lap dogs) have their pants on fire in a (Russian inspired?) effort to discredit President Trump over so called Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. BooHoo! Why didn’t they raise hell regarding Willie Clinton, Bush/43, and Obama who were very well aware of Russian meddling?
One form of meddling would entail manipulation of data. Did he Russians manipulate data in GOP computers, in DNC computers, Hillary’s computers, in voting databases, in news reports? Or did the Russians merely gather information?
President Trump had the courage to go toe-to-toe with Putin on meddling and a number of other important issues, many of which need to be kept under wraps and away from the FBI, the DOJ, and the swamp. The left and the media are up in arms about some apparently misstatements by President Trump. Perhaps President Trump is saying this, and then that, to toy with them.
There is no doubt that Russians have, in one way or another, along with about 160 other nations tried to meddle (sometimes successfully) in elections. I’m not sure about that 160 figure, but take a look at the lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and how many of them are registered as foreign agents or are receiving money and instructions via third parties – and shazam, we have many hundreds of foreign entities meddling in our elections.
The question begs to be answered: If the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Pakistanis, North Koreans, etc. are all able to access our computer systems, what the hell is wrong with our vaunted cybersecurity?
One of our many security systems is named Kaspersky, and it is a Russian firm with probable ties to Russian intelligence agencies. It’s a highly rated program that millions have bought and installed and presto!, the Russians have millions of unwitting accomplices in their cyber activities because software has been installed on their computers that the Russians can activate and use without the computer owner being aware.
“Meddling” takes many forms which of course include eaves dropping or gathering intelligence via electronic means, or other manner of theft. Propaganda and misinformation is another form. Blackmail comes to mind along with bribery which could possibly be considered with the four-hundred plus million the Russians provided to Hillary in 1916, or the hundreds of millions that China gave to Willie Clinton for his Presidential campaigns; or the uncountable hundreds of millions of laundered dollars to Hussein Obama’s campaigns.
In a TV interview with FOX News’ Chris Matthews regarding meddling and other topics, Putin responded to Matthews and qualified how he would allow FBI and DOJ investigators to interview twelve indicted Russians – in Russia in the presence of Russian officials; and that in turn, he would like to interview American CIA, FBI, and DOJ officers. A reciprocal quid-pro-quo that the Democrats did not like. I think that means that Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller can go pound sand with their now meaningless indictment.
As to other meddling in elections or politics, the Democrats are colluding with Mexico and others to import millions of criminal aliens to vote illegally in our elections. Now, that is serious meddling. Are the Democrats shrieking to the high heavens about this?
President Trump had a private meeting with Putin. President Trump is ….drum roll….. our President, the Chief of State among other things. Frantic Democrats are demanding that Trump come before the Congress to be interrogated about that private, SECRET meeting. Not gonna happen chumps.
The bottom line is that the United States is target number one for all manner of skullduggery. President Trump is the top target of both the Russians and the Democrats along with their fellow travelers in the swamp. Our cybersecurity seems to suck at protecting us.
President Trump’s election threw a huge monkey wrench into the machine of DemoCommunists, Russians, Iranians, Chinese, North Koreans, the socialists, and all of their allied America haters.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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