Russian Controversy, SecState, Liberals Whining + a couple of facts.

Trump, Russians, SecState, Diplomacy, Clinton Corruption

By James E. Horn

Donald Trump won the election to be the 45th President of the United States of America.  Period.  But, the discussion, the whining, the complaining, and the lying continues.

Donald Trump will be the first “citizen” President – to have never served in an elective political office or in the armed forces.  He is therefore unique and special.

The collective left, the Democrats, the Islamists, the Communists, and the Socialists (DICS) went off, over the edge spewing their vitriol, shrill lies, and hatred, and doing all that they can to denigrate his remarkable accomplishment.  Before he has even been sworn in, these unwise, sorrowful, hateful losers (cupcakes) are trying to plant seeds to hinder his presidency before it has even begun.  They are an unpleasant shameful lot who don’t understand the meaning of respect or how to be gracious losers.

We must take note that Samuel L. Jackson, Cher, Rosie O’Donnell, and others have broken their promises to leave America after Trump’s victory.  This is a stale, work out repeat of earlier elections’ renditions of false promises that many of us sincerely wish they’d all keep.

Currently, the Clinton mafia, their lapdog MSM and slimy fellow traveler pundits are swooning at the thought that Trump with his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson may change our relationships with the Russians with a genuinely positive reset, not a silly, meaningless red button from Hillary.

I have pointed out earlier that Russia’s Putin extended the olive branch of better relations and even partnerships with the United states, an offer shunned by Obama.  Putin, in a widely-circulated TV interview (about a year ago) explained that the United States and Russia need to work together as partners in the coming wars with Islam. SecState Designate Tillerson is kindly disposed towards Russia (not Communism) and has forged friendly bonds with Putin that will play an important role in establishing trust between us.

The Clinton mafia and the MSM are trying desperately to make an issue of what they claim was Russian interference on our election.  They claim that the Russians hacked computers, emails, and files to change the outcome of the election.  Obama’s CIA lapdog has waffled back and forth about confirming these acts.  The FBI says it didn’t happen, and the NSA is mute.  Reportedly, The MSM is terrified of the CONTENTS of those “hacked” emails. Many DICS, some Republicans and the MSM, itself, are all involved negatively in some of those emails. This is a big COVER-UP of the contents. This seriously has nothing to do with Russia and they know it. GO READ THEM at WIKILEAKS before they mysteriously disappear.

Clinton herself needs to look into the mirror to see the reason for the election loss.  It has been opined that Hillary doesn’t or flat refuses to acknowledge that the exposure of her plotting and related activities really hurt her.  The attempts to deny that she was having health issues with seizures, staggering up short flights of stairs, episodes of confusion, collapsing into a special Secret Service van (low step threshold), an ever-present personage with an injectable in hand were mere distractions.  Hillary’s lies about Benghazi and her role in abandoning people, her lies about emails and compromising vital national security issues, her secret speeches to wall street, and much more.

As regards “foreign” influence in the election process, Hillary received multiple millions of donation$$$$ from Arab oil interests (who expected a huge return on their investments in her), and daily counseling and instructions from America hating Moslem Brotherhood operatives.  Yeah, the MSM is ignoring all of this while they desperately try to derail a legitimately elected Donald Trump.

Speaking of foreign intervention in elections, Barak Obama (with Hillary’s acquiescence) went way out trying to derail the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, shoveling money (illegally) into the coffers of those opposing Netanyahu.  The Clintons have put money into elections in Africa, Haiti, and other places in order to sway outcomes and improve the Clinton fortunes$$$.


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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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