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Obamacare is a criminal enterprise as well as a devious imposition of the Moslem
Contract of the Dhimma on innocent, unsuspecting people — Americans.  [The Contract of the Dhimma was established during Mohammad’s Islamification of the Arabian Peninsula.  The Dhimma established that non-Moslems could avoid death or forced conversion to Islam by agreeing to live as second class citizens, Dhimmis,  under the harsh, arbitrary rule of Moslems.  Dhimmis paid (and still pay) tremendous taxes (51% of their annual earnings) to their Moslem “superiors”.]  B. Hussein Obama’s Obamacare served to fulfill Mohammed’s requirement that Moslems find ways to subjugate and to humiliate non-Moslems and to make us pay their bills.

Barak Hussein Obama and his gaggle of followers illegally shoved Obamacare (The UN-Affordable Care Act) down the throats of the American people.  It has proven to be an unmitigated disaster that was ‘deemed’ into existence by the Communist speaker of the House of Representatives.  The House of Representatives never voted yes or no on the legislation – Pelosi just shoved it down people’s throats, an act that should have sent her to prison.

When this beastly, illegal law was being quickly and haphazardly slammed together, I noted with interest that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies were among the first to embrace this major league rip off, shoveling millions of dollars into the creation side of this and in support of Obama.

When this thoughtless socialist plan was being assembled, I wrote a short book – a guideline if you will – giving sane ideas and sensible, pragmatic examples and ideas of how to do a good job.  The book:  Healthcare in America, A Plan that an Honest Obama could Appreciate, is available at amazon and on kindle.  Note that one person submitted a critical review followed by comments from others (worth reading) by an internet stalker and bigot who did not read the book, and who has been restricted by amazon from further commenting on any of my books.  Other sites give this book a five-star rating.

When Obamacare was implemented, insurance rates went through the roof (as did the profits of insurance companies), patient care was reduced and/or restricted, co pays shot up, deductibles went flying off into the blue yonder, and services plummeted leaving people suffering, many without insurance, and even dying from neglect.

The criminal enterprise established several mandates that were designed to give them more money, disrupt people’s lives, and make people pay for things that they don’t want and would not have to pay for with a reasonable, responsive and responsible plan:

The individual Mandate is the unofficial name for the requirement to obtain coverage under the ACA.

Those who decided to not purchase insurance will have to pay an extra tax, a penalty.

There were a variety of exemptions for those who decide not to purchase insurance such as “Religious conscience” which exempted Mennonites who always pay their bills; Moslems who consider any form of insurance as a gamble (gambling is forbidden under Islamic sharia laws); illegal immigrants, Indian tribal members; and a number of other categories.

Language in the ‘law’ allowed for death panels who would determine who would live and who would die.  These actions actually started being implemented in 2016 with hard restrictions on what might be too “costly” remedies for people aged seventy-five or older – you know, those too old to be productive and paying taxes into this enterprise any longer.  These useless old people are to be denied certain care and treatment, be denied care and allowed to die, of course, with counseling and offers of magic “pills” to help them to end their suffering.  This protected the vast amounts of money members of the ‘enterprise’ were ripping off.

Then, there were other immoral and uncivilized mandates requiring churches and religious groups to pay for contraceptives (I guess Obama wanted nuns to take birth control pills so they wouldn’t get pregnant if or when they were raped) or abortions – serious violations of their civil rights requiring them to support murdering babies at Planned Parenthood clinics.

As soon as groups who supported Obama (The Moslem Brotherhood), campaign donors like democrat or communist run unions whined, Obama gifted them with billions of dollars’ worth of exemptions and/or freebies which dumped an even heavier burden on honest people, i.e. taxpayers and rate payers.

Recently, a doctor friend showed me where he had compiled a list of prescription medications’ prices in 2008 when the Obamacare enterprise went into effect, and at the end of 2016.  Clearly the contributions of big pharma have paid off big with the Obama enterprise not saying a thing about price increases.  In the roughly eight years since the Obamacare criminal enterprise went into business, prescription medications have risen by a “modest” 150% in some cases to about 1,500% in others.  (Obama’s government claims the CPI has increased by about 2% annually.)  Most notoriously, the manufacturer of the lifesaving EpiPen (epinephrine injection) raised his product’s prices from about $94 for a two-pack in 2007 to roughly $600 in 2016.  We can certainly hope that soon-to-be President Trump launches an investigation into this abusive usury practice soon after he is sworn in.

A comment – an opinion if you wish – about big pharma:  Dr. Jonas Salk invented a vaccination in 1955 that ended the scourge of Polio.  In the intervening sixty-plus years, the world Health Organization, pharmaceutical companies around the world, America’s National Institute of Health and others have invested trillions of dollars in ‘research’ to find cures.  Would you or any other sensible person actually believe without question that those many years of effort by untold thousands of scientists and technicians in hundreds of sophisticated laboratories, and trillions (taxpayer money included in these figures) have yielded no cures? ? ? ?

Yeah, we have treatments and surgical procedures galore that help many.  We have insulin for diabetics, and other injectables or consumables costing consumers billions in order to keep them functioning and in some cases living quality lives, but they all pay, and pay, and pay – even more trillions to big pharma who have developed never-ending treatments – but never any real cures…  Would you think there might be something stinky with big pharma and big government, like a conspiracy to discover cures and then lock the information away?  If they had a pill or an injection (like the Polio vaccines) that would protect or cure in one stroke, big pharma wouldn’t be making so much money, and consumers would be paying less, living longer, and healthier.  Hmm?!!  Makes one want to ponder that a little.

Yes, President-Elect Trump has an obligation to fulfill this promise to the American people, the American taxpayers, the American voters, and Americans in need to do away with Obamacare.  As it wasn’t properly passed into law, a stroke of a pen (the precedent has been established by Obama himself) can eliminate it.  The pen stroke must be applied.

While there may be a couple of small elements of the Obama plan (coverage for pre-existing conditions) that help a few, these can be amalgamated into a new plan, one that would work better, cost far less, be less cumbersome, and serve real people with respect and dignity.


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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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