Summer is on The Wane
It’s all Heating Up
By James E. Horn, Author, Speaker

So much has been going up, down, or sideways the past few weeks that my head is spinning. How about yours?

Before I unleash, however, I want to go back and recount that I was privileged to be at a gathering featuring Congressman Duncan Hunter a while back. Congressman Hunter nailed it about many so-called Republicans.

Coming forward, what he said applies to the hashtag Never Trump and sore looser Cruz fans: Hunter hit it right smack on the head.

At that earlier meeting, Congressman Hunter was spot on about so many “Republicans” who want it all, as in 100%, and if they don’t get their 100%,, they scream, shout, stamp their feet and have hissy fits and go off pouting, withholding needed funds for campaigns, stumping for the wrong people, sabotaging others, and disgustingly making general fools out of themselves. They can’t abide by getting 95%.

So, who or what do the shrill, pouting Republican foot stomping gang want? They need to settle down, cogitate, and decide what is truly best for our America.
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Animal Farm: George Orwell’s animated movie is coming true with Moonbeam’s just signing the authorization enabling felons to vote from prison. I guess he’s paving the way for himself to be able to vote after he leaves office.

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The Presidential debates were followed by about 100 million people. Hillary apparently had a piece of hardware attached to her back considered by many to do one or more things – keep her standing, control her Parkinson’s shaking, regulate remotely controlled injections of uppers and downers to keep her functioning, and possibly for audio devices to prompt her responses to questions. At the beginning, she was clearly doped up and could barely keep her eyes open, but I guess a remote button pumped her up to apparently overcome her load of tranquilizers to get her going.

Trump was right on when he declared that Hillary created ISIS. He should have pushed it further. Bush won the war and left Hillary and Obama with one unfinished task — the responsibility to establish a standard SoFA (Status of Forces Agreement) to protect American forces from illegal arrest. [A SoFA is a part and parcel of every treaty where US troops are stationed in a country.] Hillary (probably under direction of her Saudi paymasters) and Obama simply scuttled these talks which forced the Pentagon to bring home combat troops to protect them from a hostile Iraqi legal system. So, yes, ISIS/ISIL (who receive tons of funds and support from fellow Sunni Saudis, Arabs, Turks, etc.) grew out of Saddam’s old Republican Guard (discussed at length in my essay EXPERIENCING ISLAM) to become the hydra headed monster we face today. Thanks, Hillary. It’s all of your making, Hillary. Trump was right on that.

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Moving on: An FBI Data leak shows 7,000 Terrorist Encounters from July 2015-July 2016. California ranks up there with states with the highest numbers of encounters. And this 7,000 count is likely about 10% of known incursions across our borders, no information is available on those who got through undetected.

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Europe: Germany seems to be headed for an internal (civil) war with ISIS’ so-called “Syrian” refugee Islamofascist hijra (invasion). Moronic and willfully ignorant socialist Chancellor Merkel has opened Germany up to this scourge and wants to welcome more. (Germany is at risk of the Germans being treated by their burgeoning Moslem population as they treated Jews eight decades ago – facing extermination.) We, in America know of only about 10% of the violence, crime, and all else that is tearing the country apart. Today, some European countries are actively blocking the hijra with electric fences, razor ribbon and barbed wire, guard dogs, walls, moats and more. Other European nations are beginning to stand up and push back. Norway has vacated some of their prisons and cut their crime rate by up to 80% by deporting thousands of Moslems. (The Swedes seem to be too stupefied to understand the depth of their own crisis.) Will the wussified French and Spaniards stand up?

# # # # #

Another report indicates that the Moslem Brotherhood, the Capo de Tuti Capo of all of the alphabet acronyms of their many subordinate Islamofascist groups in America is ramping up its game (as I have reported in other columns). The post Obama period of rampaging bigoted, biased Moslem racial, cultural, political hatred inspired violence against the civil society of legitimate citizens and honest residents in America which some hope will break down into a series of civil wars. This will make Obama and his Moslem partners most pleased.

We have only been going through the warm-up period of getting organized and established rioting activities going with Ferguson, Missouri; then Baltimore, Maryland; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Charlotte, North Carolina; and anybody’s guess where this senseless violence will strike next. Perhaps Obama’s Chicago will burn. It is fairly well established that these tragic riots are inspired using the death of thugs as an excuse because they sadly died during the commission of law breaking activities. In most cases the dead thugs have long rap sheets, but this doesn’t matter to the BLM group, many of whom are the rioters and are thugs themselves. The Moslem Brotherhood controlled SPLC is an accomplice in this with their remaining silent along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other race baiters.

And then, ISIS, al Shabab, and Taliban inspired fascists have been making their individual marks:
-An ISIS inspired Moslem (Turk) murderer at the Cascade mall in Washington State was first portrayed by the liberal media as a Mexican. (Blame it on Mexicans…) A misogynist, he targeted women at a cosmetics counter (In my book, MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN, I discuss the hatred of Moslem men towards women extensively);
-The Orlando slaughter in a gay nightclub was portrayed as a mere hate crime by the media until word emerged that the shooter, Omar Mateen, was inspired by ISIS, famous for tossing bound gays off of high buildings;
-During a peaceful anti-police demonstration in Dallas, Texas, a former National Guardsman with Islamist affiliations picked off five police officers before he was put down.
-Gavin Long, a white hating member of the Nation of Islam killed three white (he targeted whites specifically) police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
-In St Cloud, Minnesota, an al Shabab/ISIS affiliated Moslem drew a knife in a crowded mall and started slicing and stabbing anyone he could reach before a hero with a gun ended his spree.
-In my neighborhood, a Husband/Wife team of ISIS/Taliban inspired terrorists slaughtered 14 innocents at a San Bernardino, California government office. Later, on a return run, police were able to put them out of their misery.

Nearly all of the above happened within a period of just months, and by the time this is in print, there may likely be more such acts of terrorism taking place.

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Seemingly, on a daily or weekly basis, Americans awaken to more reports of such terrible violence committed by disparate but mutually committed monsters, Islamist terrorists. A few years ago, when anything like this happened, Americans were surprised and shocked. Now, such regular acts of hatred and violence is becoming so common that Americans are becoming inured to this. This is terrible. Is America becoming a battlefield like so many other Islamist pits of depravity?

And, of course Obama is proudly importing more and more of these future terrorists by the shipload. And, Hillary has boasted that she wants to outdo Obama by 600%.

Americans are increasingly wary of going out to a movie, or going shopping, or just hanging out someplace, even at home fearful that their “nice” Moslem neighbor may erupt at any moment. This is all an Islamofascist success – causing Americans to hunker down, to cower in place, to become submissive. This is NOT America.

This is the psychological beginning of causing major changes in the ways that we think and act, how we live, that we should feel more and more vulnerable and helpless. Americans need to stop cowering, arm up, prepare to defend their families, themselves, and stop the terrorists dead in their tracks. “Do or die” time is rapidly approaching.

And then, those aiding and abetting the terrorizing of America, Obama, Hillary, and substantial portions of our National Security apparatus which have been compromised by the Moslem Brotherhood, and their witting and even unwitting Democratic and socialist allies are panting at the chance to disarm all decent, honest, law abiding Americans in one way or another. That ain’t gonna happen! There aren’t enough America hating police, military, and Guardsmen around to take on us 200+ million gun owning patriots in America. Most of them are in fact an integral part of us.

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Obama has just outlawed patriotism. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer permitted in our schools. Trump, with a stroke of his pen can/must reverse this.

# # # # #

The demo-rats are fleeing the stinking hulk of Obama’s faltering reign. Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost: His veto of allowing Americans to sue the Saudi government as well as individual Saudis for acts of terrorism (9/11/2001) was overridden by the Congress. Only one Senate Democrat voted to support Obama, Dingy Harry.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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