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How the Hell Did This Happen?
James E. Horn

The headline reads: “The Department of Justice has arrested 25-year-old left-wing activist “Reality Leigh Winner“, aka “Reality Winner” aka “Sara Winner“, aka “Sara Winners“, for leaking classified NSA intelligence to online media The Intercept.

I am outraged by this report and the meanings behind it.

I retired from the Department of State when things functioned after a fashion.

When I earlier left the Navy, I had a DOD security clearance for TOP SECRET. When I joined the Department of State they proceeded to re-investigate, to conduct a full field (complete, and comprehensive) backroad check on me. It took eight (8) months, and I was not hired until the vetting was complete.

Most TOP SECRET security background (investigations) checks for the National Security Agency are conducted either by the FBI or Department of Defense, and the process if done properly is involved and time consuming, as well as costly.

How did this piece of swamp muck (Winner)get hired? The report continues:
Reality Leigh “Sara” Winner is a Georgia resident and an employee of NSA contractor Pluribus International Corp. She has held a top secret security clearance since at least February. She made her first federal court appearance in Augusta, Georgia, Monday afternoon.

The federal contractor was arrested in Georgia Monday in connection with a classified NSA report on Russian election interference published by the online publication The Intercept.

[…] After the Intercept story was published, the Justice Department announced the arrest of a 25-year-old federal contractor from Georgia in connection with the disclosure.

A review of Ms. Winner’s social media and on-line presence shows her ideology is rabidly anti-President Trump. She is a vocal advocate for Black Lives Matter and various left-wing (Communist, etc.) organizations. Her social media is that of a typically well indoctrinated leftist.

Ms. Winner will likely spend a minimum of 10 to 20 years in a federal penitentiary; and be considered a domestic terrorist upon release.

Her social media accounts are reportedly replete with all manner of vulgar, racist, hateful comments about President Trump, statements that she stands with Iran and against America, and so forth. This goes back, too. She is clearly a traitorous person who didn’t slip in under the radar. She was not properly or thoroughly vetted – she was …….planted!

Who in the Obama administration opened the door wide for her in the first place? Then, who in the Obama administration failed to pay attention to what this person with access to highly sensitive classified data was doing?

I can state with near 100% accuracy that she was likely found to be really bad news, and that her employer and (Obama administration?) investigators intentionally gave her a ‘bye’ to get her job, a TOP SECRET security classification, and access to sensitive intelligence.

I have been writing for a dozen years about how thoroughly our national security agencies and services have been sabotaged by traitors like James Comey and seriously nasty anti-American infiltrators. Author and expert, Paul Sperry offers an excellent analysis and report in his very highly rated INFILTRATION: HOW MUSLIM SPIES AND SUBVERSIVES HAVE PENETRATED WASHINGTON. This is a must read for anyone seriously interested or concerned about the future of our increasingly fragile republic. There are many hundreds of Islamofascist Constitution haters in important, sensitive positions where they exert bad influence, assure that people are not provided accurate intelligence information, and more. They are in the FBI, CIA, DOD, DHS, and State Department, throughout our government and are doing all that they can to harm people and damage our republic.

Reality Leigh Winner, aka Reality Winner, aka Sara Winner, aka Sara Winners (a lot of aliases for a 25-year old swamp dweller) is an example of the scum stuck to the side of the quagmire. Those who hired her and approved her access to sensitive materials should likewise be investigated and probably charged for treason and/or for gross dereliction of duty and face harsh consequences.

President Trump has much further to go to get that deep swamp drained. He needs and he can use help from competent people to get that accomplished.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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