By James E. Horn

Christians in Sri Lanka have never before endured such a large-scale attack by fanatic Moslem terrorists such as the ones directed at 13 hotels and Christian churches on Easter Sunday (April 21), 2019, killing at least 290 people and wounding hundreds of other innocent people.

Moslems account for 9.7 percent of Sri Lanka’s population of about 22 million, which is 70% Buddhist, 12.6 percent Hindu and 7.6 percent Christian. In the past, there was trouble and violence between the Buddhists and Hindus while the minority Christians and Muslims tended to stay clear. Things are changing.

Fanaticism is rapidly increasing by what used be moderate, tolerant Moslems in South and South East Asia; in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, etc.
You don’t need to search very deep for the reasons: Growing contact with the Arab Moslem Middle East. Thousands of people from those Asian countries go to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India to study, work or make war and then to return to spread “true” Islam in their homelands while missionaries from the Middle East’s Al-Azhar and other institutions and organizations such as the Moslem Brotherhood, ISIS, etc., go to Asia and practice their dawah to introduce a very intolerant version of Mohammed’s Islam.

For mostly political and ideological reasons, the trend will continue and intensify, and all nations must prepare to deal appropriately with the Islamists or suffer dire consequences.
Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, and Korea are being infiltrated by militant Islamists. A hijra of conquest.

Two countries are standing up to Islamic incursions: Myanmar (Burma) and China, both by pushing back very hard with brutal, deadly force, the only effective thing that Islamists understand.

Increasingly, Thailand finds itself being attacked by militant Moslems who inflict demoralizing damage to Thais. It is imperative that the Thais step up and push back hard against Moslem invaders as Burma and China are doing – to eliminate them.

THE MIDDLE KINGDOM, a 6,000 year old culture. For a thousand years, China has had Sharia Compliant Islamist militants on its western frontier. The Chinese have successfully fought and defeated Islamist invaders such as the Uighurs in Xinjiang again and again in order to preserve and to protect their nation and culture. The Turkic Moslems living within their territory have been radicalized and the non-Moslem Han Chinese are compelled to take harsh measures to “re-educate” and deradicalize those Moslems, or to eliminate them. Islamic Neighbors, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan provide continuing sustenance to their increasingly radical Islamist Uighur partners.

China has prudently taken control of Tibet to protect its southern flank from two enemies, India a lesser foe based on territorial claims, and the Islamists who want to dominate the world. The Tibetans are mild, peaceful people, and would not be able to resist the Moslems. If the Islamists were allowed into Tibet, the culture would be quickly destroyed and its wonderful, gentle people enslaved and forced into Islam; or as dictated in the Koran treated as pagans and enslaved or murdered.

Moslems have been pushing and expanding into Burma (Myanmar) for a couple of centuries and the Buddhist Burmans have been suffering negative consequences on a regular basis. As the formerly xenophobic Burmese leadership has stepped aside and let the country develop, ties with China have become stronger. Following the Chinese lead and with Chinese support, the Burmans have started pushing the Islamist invaders back, out of Burma’s traditional homeland and territory. While this writer lived in Burma 30-years ago, I taught the Burmese about what the Moslem invaders did to Buddhist Afghanistan and Buddhists in the Indian subcontinent starting in the seventh century. The Moslems brutally eliminated Buddhism and the Buddhist culture from Afghanistan and Pakistan. I taught that if the Burmese allowed the Islamic incursions into Burma to continue, their fate would be that of the Buddhists in Afghanistan – brutal enslavement followed by the worst form of genocide.

The Taiwanese, Japanese, and Koreans, Macau and Hong Kong desperately need petroleum and have had to accommodate Islamist inroads by kowtowing, submitting with permission to build Mosques, Islamic centers, and other tools of conquest, allowing them to proselytize – to their own peril.
There should be no wonder that China with the most destructive, hateful ideology on earth working to surround her is working so hard to become a dominant economic and military power. China has been at war with Islam for a thousand years and knows well what the outcome inevitably is when Moslems become dominant in any part of the world. The result is always death, destruction, impoverishment, fear, hate, slavery and more. Nothing good ever comes from Moslem domination of a society. China sees how foolish the Americans and Latinos are regarding Moslem, and knows that when Islamists gain control of America’s nuclear arsenal, they, the Chinese will be compelled to protect themselves with a first strike. Think about that!

Just recently, the following warning was published in, I”Israel Unwired”: Horrendous Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America, By Avi Abelow:
This is happening right under the noses of the American authorities, across the United States. Tzvi Yechezkali, a Jewish Israeli reporter, went undercover as a Muslim across the USA, exposing the Muslim Imams, from New York to California and Texas, who incite their Muslim congregants to hate and murder Jews. Americans should be horrified that this is taking place and nothing is being done to stop it.

Imams in Mosques (across North America) say horrible things about Jews, even calling to murder them. This is exactly what we witnessed in France 15 years ago that is now taking place today in the United States of America.”

When I was putting together this investigation, I asked to meet with American government officials and I was told to meet with the government agency that monitors Mosques across America. The problem is that nobody (in that office) speaks Arabic. So I asked ‘how do you monitor the Mosques (that Preachers mostly preach in Arabic)’? They said they can only monitor what is said in English.

“In America, despite the terrorism they experienced on 9/11, they still lack the ability to adequately grapple with this. even though the writing is on the wall. Americans need to wake up to this reality.”

Yechezkali ends his report with a very surprising fact. He notes that while in the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are cracking down on incitement in Mosques, it is specifically in America where this horrendous incitement is spreading across the Mosques, with no crackdown from the American authorities.

If America does not want to turn into terror prone areas like exist today in Europe, it must crack down on this incitement in the Mosques immediately.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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