Banana Republics Do Better

By James E. Horn

Before electronics became involved, election corruption was local.

Our national security appears to be an utter disaster, a thing of the past. The FBI, the CIA, NASA, the Pentagon, our entire government, our research institutions, our election software, just about everything seems to get hacked, compromised, and rendered useless. Where the hell are our cyber security experts? Is the internet, the world wide web a mortal enemy?

Years ago, we watched elections in Iraq where everyone voted on a paper ballot and dunked their finger into an ink well to assure that they voted – once. Those paper ballots were hand counted and verified. It was a relatively honest election.

This 2020 American Presidential election saw millions of bogus ballots being counted and counted again while genuine ballots were shredded, burned and dumped. Electronic voting machines were reprogrammed to miscount ballots. Vote tabulating machines were further compromised to provide bogus results. Legitimate poll workers and observers were not allowed to review the tabulations as this election outrage took place.

It is obvious to anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together that the Biden/Democratic thugs failed miserably at pulling the wool over America’s eyes as they pulled this election fraud off. More than seventy-five million citizens voted for Trump.  Many of those votes were voided or hijacked and we know it. In all likelihood, more than 100 million voters understand what took place. Washington swamp critters know this but want to sweep it under a tiny rug that won’t cover it up. With over 133 million registered voters and Trump getting 75-million votes, how did Biden get 80-million votes. Do that math.

The majority of we-the-people voted for Trump and he clearly won. Decent people are fed up and will not respect or stand for a bogus government.

The electoral system is no longer serving we-the-people well with the corruption in play. It must be cleaned up.

A look at a map along with an understanding of the way things are will reveal serious flaws. Colorado is an example where the liberal population center of Denver outnumbers everyone else in the state, most of whom chafe at the Communist leadership of their state. Nevada is one where the population centers of Reno and Las Vegas make bad decisions affecting everyone in the state. The same issue holds true for Arizona where Maricopa County dominates. In all three, the Democrats are hopelessly entrenched and woefully corrupt. The same holds true for many other states where isolated population centers dominate state politics. Coastal California, Oregon, and Washington are becoming a pig styes under corrupt and incompetent political leadership while inland communities are compelled to pay the bills. Those coastal areas are occupied by 80% of their populations while statewide 90% of their land is occupied by 20% of the population.

This imbalance affects not only the electoral system, but the majority of other political activities, leaving millions disenfranchised. It boils down to the monied (and corrupted) communities being in control, and money and other benefits often being denied to the lesser populated areas.

The northern and inland counties of California would like to break away and form their own sovereign states (two states) where their people would be governed by their own people, not elitist coastal liberals. The same holds true in Oregon and Washington. This cannot happen when the majority of voters rule the roost. If those areas could hold their own internal vote, they would clearly break away to form states that represent their citizens. I suspect that the same would hold true in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, etc.

We-the-people must stand up and be counted:

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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